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I rode on dusty trails today for two hours today following closely behind a friend riding a Sportsman 500 with the windshields in a variety of configurations. I then reinstalled the front windshield and rode for another hour and a half in my friend's dust cloud. On other observation, with the windshields in place you do not get a lot of air movement in the cab area. I guess where they seem to install and remove fairly easily I will look at both then depending on weather leave in or remove.
I just pulled the Ace into the garage and noticed one other thing with the rear windshield. I just installed my EMP front and rear windshields and went of about an hour's ride in fairly dusty conditions. It was kind of windy today and I noticed it was refreshing when I would get a side wind through the cab. I also used tie-wraps to stop the excessive length of the side nets from flapping in the breeze. April 2011 Commander of the Month Voting is Open!This is a discussion on April 2011 Commander of the Month Voting is Open! 888.541.7223Facebook \ Twitter \ Instagram \ YouTube Forum members receive 10% off retail! This Rear Shield also features a lower 16 guage steel portion that covers the bottom opening of the Ranger and gives it extra protection from unfortunate mishaps. Please take a second, Click here to register and in a few simple steps, you will be able to enjoy all the many features of our fine community. I have arthritis in my hands and the only difficulty that I had assembling the windshield was getting the Rubber Edge trim to stay in the proper position.

It fits nicely under the poly top and without a top I believe it would smooth out the air flow over the top of the windshield. The box contained a section of Rubber Edge trim, the four rubber mounting strips and the EMP decal. I still had no problem with dust in my eyes but I again noticed the warm temperature on my shins and upper body. I had no problem with dust in my eyes but there was a fine coating of dust on the black interior parts including the seat.
From personal experience I can say that you should not ride with the windshields installed if you have eaten beans. This rear Dust Shield is installed with quick connect clamps so tools aren't required for installation or to take your Dust Shield on or off.
The bottom of the windshield has a lot of contours and the Rubber Edge trim did not want to stay in place.
With both the front and rear windshield in place I had absolutely no problem with dust in my eyes.
Then I the rode without the rear Polaris storage compartment to see if there was better airflow and better temperature dissipation and there was not any discernible difference. I checked the rear windshield and there was a very small amount of detectable dust on the inside of the windshield. I could feel only a small amount of dust on the inside surfaces of the windshield but there was dust on both outside surfaces.
I noticed that the cargo box and windshield were very close together when I installed the windshield. The products were packaged in separate boxes that were taped together as a single shipment.

Once the windshield is mounted the Rubber Edge trim rests on the top of the Ace and stays in place. My shins were still warmed by the radiator but my upper body was cooler without the windshield. I had treated both windshields with the sample of All Kleer and it seemed to cut down on the amount of dust adhering to the windshield. Getting ready for long trip and the front one is cakewalk to get off, but the rear I have is Lock & Ride and it is a lot harder to get off. There was also a plastic bag that had assembly instructions, a section of Rubber Edge trim that fits on the bottom of the windshield and four rubber straps for securing the windshield to the ROPS. I expected that in extreme dusty conditions the driver would also get dusty, particularly on the back of the head. I will wash the ACE in the morning before I ride and do it with only the rear windshield and post that result tomorrow. I don't know for sure if the windshield was keeping the dust off my back or if the windshield was blocking the air flow and causing the dust to collect on the back of the windshield. I think that I will put a strip of vinyl school bus seat tape across the windshield where they are touching to hide the abrasion and protect the windshield from further damage.

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