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Above: USSR Test ‘184’ on 22 October 1962, ‘Operation K’ (ABM System A proof tests) 300-kt burst at 290-km altitude near Dzhezkazgan. The Atomic Weapons Establishment site also showed a Monte Carlo model of STARFISH radiation belt development, indicating that the electron belt stretched a third of the way around the earth's equator at 3 minutes, and encircled the earth at 10 minutes. Above: the conjugate region aurora from STARFISH, 4,200 km from the detonation, as seen from Tongatapu 11 minutes after detonation. Above: raw data released by America so far on the Starfish EMP consists of the graph on the left based on a measurement by Richard L. Above: locations of test aircraft which suffered EMP damage during Operation Fishbowl in 1962.
Above: if we ignore the late-time MHD-EMP mechanism (which takes seconds to minutes to peak and has extremely low frequencies) there are three EMP mechanisms at play in determining the radiated EMP as a function of burst altitude. Above: EMP waveform for all times (logarithmic axes) and frequency spectra for a nominal high altitude detonation (P.
Above: the measured late-time MHD-EMP at Hawaii, 1,500 km from the Starfish test, was stronger than at Johnston Island (directly below the burst!) because of the ionized X-ray patch of conductive air below the bomb, which shielded Johnston Island. Above: the incendiary effects of a relatively weak but natural MHD-EMP from the geomagnetic solar storm of 13 March 1989 in saturating the core of a transformer in the Hydro-Quebec electric power grid. Above: area coverage by the first (fast or 'magnetic dipole mechanism') peak EMP and by the second (slow or 'magneto-hydrodynamic, MHD-EMP, mechanism') for a 10-20 kt single stage (pure fission) thin-cased burst at 150 km altitude. Above: the 2004 Commission report on EMP includes this map of the EMP from the solar storm on 13 March 1989 which had effects similar to a weak MHD-EMP and the auroral EMP (caused by a fraction of the debris fireball and charged particle radiation which moves along magnetic field lines between conjugate points in different hemispheres). Of all of the reasons to prepare, one that we all need to take seriously is the possibility of a catastrophic EMP, or electromagnetic pulse. To be blunt about it, an EMP, if large enough, would affect the entire planet.A  In an instant, civilization as we know it would change as we get swept backward in time by a century or two. So what would life be like following a massive EMP event or episode?A  There would be no power, no transportation systems, no communication systems, no banking, no internet, and, no surprise, no food and no water delivery systems.A  This would truly be an End of The World As We Know it situation. How would you keep yourself healthy if sanitation systems were no longer functional and medicine could no longer be manufactured.
An electromagnetic pulse could potentially fry the vast majority of all the microchips in the United States. With that introduction, today I would like to introduce you to the Faraday cage, and further, how toA build a simple Faraday cage. More elaborate structures can be custom built from sheet metal but for the home user, why bother?A  As a matter of fact, I suspect that wrapping your devices in plain, ordinary, aluminum foil will work as well. Factoid: Faraday cages are named after English scientist Michael Faraday, who invented them in 1836.
In my research I read that a microwave oven, new or used,A  can be used as an effective Faraday cage.A  On the surface, that seems logical since, by design, a microwave oven keeps the energy it creates confined to the interior which likewise, should prevent strong electrical pulses from getting back inside.
Granted, cell phones operate at various radio frequencies so while one cell phone may not work, another one will.A  Still, with this being so easy to test, why chance it?
Aside from calling a cell phone, you can test your homemade Faraday cage by putting a portable radio inside the shield after tuning it to a strong FM station.A  If you can hear the FM station while the radio is inside your Faraday cage, then you need to go back to square one to ensure your shield is properly sealed. I asked my friend George UreA to comment and to offer his perspective on Faraday cages since EMP preparedness is something he covered in-depth on his subscriber site, Peoplenomics ($40 a year but worth it for the technical information on the many topics he covers.). So, a quick inspection of the EMP failure modes, George offers, is one way to build a list of items to put in your Faraday cage. He also told meA some personal research hea€™s done that seems to indicate that about 90% of cars will continue to operate after an EMP event of moderate size. The equipment you store in a Faraday cage should encompass those devices that will help you communicate with the world following a devastating loss of the grid.
Multiple 2 meter and 440 MHz ham radios (such as the portable Baofengs), again with charging cables and solar power adapters. A laptop computer with a fresh battery, a charger, solar adapter, and all the key software on CD so if you need to bring up a fresh copy of the operating system, youa€™ll have the product key and then any prepping articles or references you might need. High-capacity USB thumb drive holdingA  pertinent financial information including past year tax records, scanned copies of birth certificates, passports, marriage licenses, deeds, vehicle registrations and medical records.
George also recommends simple insulation for your electronics, so that units do not touch each other, He uses low tech insulation: a combination of cardboard and bubble-wrap works well. Imagine that an EMP is a tidal wave.A  If it approaches a full reservoir (electricity and current) it can keep going.
There are hints of this in the article Electromagnetic Pulse Protection by Jerry Emanuelson. Should a massive EMP occur, stores wona€™t be open, credit cards wona€™t work, and the gas you have in your car may be all the gas youa€™ll ever have for months or even possibly years.
Will the DIY Faraday cage work?A  It is speculation to say for sure.A  My own research plus my limited understanding of electronics tells me it will, but this premise will remain unproven until an actual EMP event occurs. The bottom line is that I hope a catastrophic EMP never happens.A  But if it does, I want to be ready to fend for myself without electronics.
I would like to acknowledge my George Ure for his assistance with this article.A  His research and first hand experience with Faraday cages, along with his perspective, is appreciated. If you enjoyed this article, consider voting for Backdoor Survival daily at Top Prepper Websites!A  In addition, SUBSCRIBE to email updatesA  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyera€™s Guide. Included are broccoli, green peas, tomato chunks, spinach, green beans, and zucchini piecesa€”fantastic in soups, stews, or even in a refreshing salad.
You can read about these and other healing essential oils in 20 All Purpose Remedies Using Essential Oils or other articles on this archive page: Interested in Learning About Essential Oils. For an even broader selection of oils consider this Spark Naturals Health and Wellness Kit which includes a total of 10 oils and blends, nicely packaged on a tin that is perfect for your first aid kit.A  And note that with any purchase from Spark Naturals you will enjoy a 10% discount by using code BACKDOORSURVIVAL at checkout. How to Build a Simple Faraday Cage for EMP Survival by Gaye Levy first appeared on Backdoor Survival. Me acuerdo que en enero vi unos TOGP que se venian abajo y los busologos contaban los dias que le quedaban como empresa independiente. What's your opinion of the gun out of the box?This is probably how I will use it for awhile. What's your opinion of the gun out of the box?This is probably how I will use it for awhile.That sounds like a nice setup you got.I'm curius,how did they make it lighter? It sure doesn't compare to the stuff you guys have on here, but it's a pretty nice little rifle, and it sure is bad news on squirrel heads!! Historically, the Illinois River Flyway has been one of the most important waterfowl migration routes throughout the United States.
Fresh water will be introduced into Gremore Lake to provide adequate dissolved oxygen levels by both dredging and use of a culvert.
Grade approximately 106 acres in the littoral zone of low lying lands to 18 inches below the proposed final water elevation. The Stage II Contract was awarded in September 1999and was substantially completed in July 2001.
The Stage III Contract was awarded in March 2003 and was substantially completed in May 2003..
During his keynote address at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) 2004 in Seattle Tuesday, Microsoft Group Vice President Jim Allchin updated attendees on the company's client and server product plans for the next two years. It's been a while since the last What I Use, but there haven't been many major changes since late last year: Surface Pro 3 has become my go-to travel companion, I've added a third cellphone line for testing Windows Phone, Android and iPhone side-by-side, and have rotated through some new tablets and other devices. Over the past decade there has been an ongoing debate over the threat posed by electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to modern civilization.
Brossant de nombreux destins qui s’entrecroisent de maniere inattendue et etrange, Alexandre Zviaguintsev nous donne un tableau saisissant de la societe russe, a contre-courant des peintures habituelles, trop souvent formatees, a une epoque cruciale de reformes et debouleversements. Le petit Paul Hueur est un sale marmot, insensible a sa chance de vivre dans un cadre idyllique a la campagne.
Carver inspecteur general a Scotland Yard prend quelques jours de repos solitaire sur Holy Island pensant y trouver calme, solitude et reflexion.
Une hypothese nouvelle, plausible et exhaustive pour ceux qui cherchent une explication a la migraine et aux autres maux de tete, et surtout, enfin, une solution pratique pour ceux qui en souffrent. Prompt gamma ray-produced EMP induced a current of 2,500 amps measured by spark gaps in a 570-km stretch of 500 ohm impedance overhead telephone line to Zharyq, blowing all the protective fuses.
The averaged beta particle radiation flux in the belt was 2 x 1014 electrons per square metre per second at 3 minutes after burst, falling to a quarter of that at 10 minutes. Wakefield's curve above, although it suffers from many instrument problems, explained EMP damage on Hawaii some 1,300 km from the burst point - see map below.
Wakefield in a C-130 aircraft 1,400 km East-South-East of the detonation, with a CHAP (code for high altitude pulse) Longmire computer simulation for that curve both with and without instrument response corrections (taken from Figure 9 of the book EMP Interaction, online edition), and the graph on the right which is Longmire's CHAP calculation of the EMP at Honolulu, 1,300 km East-North-East of the detonation (page 7 of Longmire's report EMP technical note 353, March 1985).
In 1958 tests Teak and Orange, there was hardly any information at all due to both this instrumentation problem and missile errors. Dittmer et al., DNA EMP Course Study Guide, Defense Nuclear Agency, DNA Report DNA-H-86-68-V2,May 1986). The first (positive) pulse in each case is due to the ionized (diamagnetic) fireball expanding and pushing out the earth's magnetic field, which cannot penetrate into a conductive cavity such as an ionized fireball. Hydro-Quebec lost electric power, cutting the supply of electricity to 6 million people for several hours, and it took 9 hours to restore 83% (21.5 GW) of the power supply (1 million people were still without electric power then).
For example, the 1989 event overloaded and caused the collapse of Quebec Hydro power supply grid. This is a frequent topic in many post-apocalyptic novels and something that most of us are aware of, even if we do not completely understand the science. The problem, he points out, is that with an EMP, the grid is likely to fail, and with that, power transformers will likely fail, along with the supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) control systems for railroads, power, water, and other utility distribution. Still, the ultimate prepping device would be a metal garbage can which has the top cover sealed to the bottom of the can with aluminized duct tapeA such as the type found at Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot and other hardware stores. If the reservoir is empty (no juice), the tidal wave loses energy navigating the reservoir. This price, by the way, is less than my local Ace Hardware store.A  Also available in this larger size 20 Gallon size. The SunJackA® is able to fully charge its internal battery pack in about 5 hours of direct sunlight, or directly power any USB device. I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here. This is an easy tool for finding products that people are a€?wishinga€? for and in this way you know what the top products are.A  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen.
The original film material, which had already been remastered for the THX release in 1995 and the Special Edition in 1997, was again color-corrected.
The bottomland lakes and marshes provided aquatic food plants and small animals like the fingernail clam that naturally attracted the migrating waterfowl. Allchin also declared the coming product waves to be part of what Microsoft calls "the experience economy," where only those products that think through end-to-end experiences will be wildly successful.
So I pulled the trigger on an unlocked Windows Phone flagship that will hopefully take me through at least the first half of this year. It has been nine years in which the primary focus of the United States has been on the Islamic world.

This debate has been the most heated perhaps in the United States, where the commission appointed by Congress to assess the threat to the United States warned of the dangers posed by EMP in reports released in 2004 and 2008.
Faut-il accepter le port de signes religieux au nom de la tolerance, du multiculturalisme et de la liberte d’expression ? Luytens, une fois de plus, se penche sur le passe avec une malicieuse curiosite et un sens profond de la remise en question. Thomson in 1894 discovered visible evidence of X-rays: glass fluorescence far from a cathode ray tube. Dr Longmire explained Wakefield's curve by a brand new EMP theory called the 'magnetic dipole mechanism' - a fancy name for the deflection at high altitudes of electrons by the Earth's natural magnetic dipole field. 2, had openly published the distant MHD-EMP waveforms from all five 1962 American high altitude detonations Starfish, Bluegill, Kingfish, Checkmate, and Tightrope: 'Recordings made during the high-altitude nuclear explosions over Johnston Island, from July to November 1962, shed new light on the electromagnetic waves associated with nuclear blasts. EMP currents in the power lines set off ‘hundreds’ of household burglar alarms and opened many power line circuit breakers. Consequently, the pushed-out magnetic field lines become bunched up outside the fireball, which means that the magnetic field intensity increases (the magnetic field intensity can be defined by the concentration of the magnetic field lines in space).
Notice that the horizon range for this 150 km burst height is 1,370 km and with the burst location shown that zaps 70 % of the electricity consumption of the United States, but if the burst height were 500 km then the horizon radius would be 2,450 km and would cover the entire United States of America.
Page 12 says:'During the Northeast power blackout of 1965, Consolidated Edison generators, transformers, motors, and auxiliary equipment were damaged by the sudden shutdown. Handy while hiking, traveling, or simply keeping in touch with your partner while out shopping.
The 7-weather channels are pre-programmed and numbered from 1-7, you can easily and conveniently tune into the stations by adjusting the switch.A  Note that not all emergency radios include the NOAA weather band so this is an important feature. Doesn't need to be "5lbs scoped", or have all the gizmo's known to mankind hanging off the sides to be considered a "sweet setup". This wasnt done by LucasFilms but by Lowry Digital, an American-based company specialized in digital film restorations. Not only was the old imperator, who in the old version was a mix between an old woman and the eyes of a chimpanzee, replaced with Ian McDiarmid (Palptine in Episode I, II, III und VI), but their dialogue was altered and extended to match the other parts of the saga, especially the prequels. Banner Marsh has undergone a series of drastic physical changes, from bottomland lake and marsh to leveed agricultural lands and active mining operations, to a reclaimed strip mine. Allchin called out non-tech industry companies such as Starbucks as innovators of the experience economy. In addition to a massive investment in homeland security, the United States has engaged in two multi-year, multi-divisional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, inserted forces in other countries in smaller operations and conducted a global covert campaign against al Qaeda and other radical jihadist groups. The commission also called for a national commitment to address the EMP threat by hardening the national infrastructure. Recueilli par son jeune frere, Gavin, dont il reprouve la facon de vivre, il ne sait pas quelle direction donner a sa vie. Carver se lance alors dans une enquete melant histoire religieuse, torture medieval et decouverte historique dans le semi huit clos de l’ile accessible au gre des marees.
Le fils de la victime charge alors son ancienne maitresse, Lydia Brooke, de rediger les derniers chapitres du manuscrit de sa mere, consacre a l’activite alchimique du grand scientifique. Jean-Marie Combe, ornemaniste provencal a integre parfaitement cette tradition avec ses creations d’Armoires Creches qui evoquent la Provence aux quatre coins du monde. Defence Nuclear Agency spent $288,500 on contracting 200 Russian scientists to produce a 17-chapter analysis of effects from the Soviet Union’s nuclear tests, which included vital data on three underwater nuclear tests in the arctic, as well three 300 kt high altitude tests at altitudes of 59-290 km over Kazakhstan. The original plan for the Starfish test is declassified here, and the first report on the effects is declassified here.
On the island of Kauai, EMP closed down telephone calls to the other islands despite the 1962 sturdy relay (electromechanical) telephone technology, by damaging the microwave diode in the electronic microwave link used to connect the telephone systems between different Hawaiian islands (because of the depth of the ocean between the islands, the use of undersea cables was impractical).
This motion of charge constitutes a large time-varying electric current which emits the final pulse of EMP, which travels around the world. This distance is very important because the peak signal has a rise time of typically 20 ns, which implies a VHF frequency on the order of 50 MHz, which cannot extend past the horizon (although lower frequencies will obviously bounce off the ionosphere and refract and therefore extend past the horizon). In particular, the #3 unit at the Ravenswood power plant in New York City suffered damage when the blackout caused loss of oil pressure to the main turbine bearing.
Lowry Digital also restored the legendary moon landing footage from the ?Apollo 11?-mission. Despite immense efforts to present the old saga in the best way possible, not all fans were happy with the DVD release.
Sur un coup de tete, il s’installe dans une vieille maison du bush sud-africain que Gavin a achetee, pour y ecrire mollement des poemes. If the Starfish Prime warhead had been detonated over the northern continental United States, the magnitude of the EMP would have been about 2.4 times larger because of the stronger magnetic field over the USA which deflects Compton electrons to produce EMP, while the much longer power lines over the USA would pick up a lot more EMP energy than the short power lines in Hawaiian islands, and finally the 1962 commonplace electronic 'vacuum tubes' or 'triode valves' (used before transistors and microchips became common) which could survive 1-2 Joules of EMP, have now been completely replaced by modern semiconductor microchips which are millions of times times more sensitive to EMP (burning out at typically 1 microJoule of EMP energy or less), simply because they pack millions of times more components into the same space, so the over-heating problem is far worse for a very sudden EMP power surge (rising within a microsecond). The second (negative) pulse of the late-time EMP is bigger in the case of the Starfish test, because it is unshielded: this large negative pulse is simply due to the auroral effect of the ionized fireball rising and moving along the earth's magnetic field lines.
MHD-EMP has serious effects for long conductors because its extremely low frequencies (ELF) can penetrate a lot further into the ground than higher frequencies can, as proved by its effect on a long buried power line during the nuclear test of a 300 kt warhead at 290 km altitude on 22 October 1962 near Dzhezkazgan in Kazakhstan (as part of some Russian ABM system proof tests).
Fortunately, a replacement transformer was readily available; otherwise the plant would have been down for a year, which is the normal delivery time for larger power transformers. However if you simply increase the burst altitude, you would then need a megaton explosion, to avoid diluting the energy and hence the effects by increasing the area coverage. The DVD edition is based on the special edition, which was released in theaters and on video in 1997 and has been the cause of much debate among fans ever since. Peter Godman a ete l’un des premiers historiens a explorer ce nouveau fonds et ses revelations sont troublantes, parfois surprenantes. This motion of ionized fission product debris constitutes a large varying electric current for a high yield burst like Starfish, and as a result of this varying current, the accelerating charges radiate an EMP signal which can peak at a minute or so after detonation.
In this test, prompt gamma ray-produced EMP induced a current of 2,500 amps measured by spark gaps in a 570-km stretch of overhead telephone line out to Zharyq, blowing all the protective fuses. NOBEL LAUREATE FAILED TO PREDICT THE SEVERE EMP MECHANISMIn October 1957, Nobel Laureate Dr Hans A. Only after massive protests by die-hard Star Wars fans and two years after the first remastered trilogy did Lucas Film decide to also release the original trilogy (the movies without digital effects). At 4 months the altitude for this average flux (plus or minus a factor of 4) is confined to altitudes of 1,100-1,500 km, and it is covering a smaller latitude range around the magnetic equator, from about 20 degrees north to about 20 degrees south. But the late-time MHD-EMP was of special interest because it was of low enough frequency to enable it to penetrate the 90 cm into the ground, overloading a shallow buried lead and steel tape-protected 1,000-km long power cable between Aqmola and Almaty, firing circuit breakers and setting the Karaganda power plant on fire. Similar effects from the Russian 300 kt nuclear test at 290 km altitude over Dzhezkazgan in Kazakhstan on 22 October 1962 induced enough current in a 1,000 km long protected underground cable to burn the Karaganda power plant to the ground. Bethe's report, "Electromagnetic Signal Expected from High-Altitude Test" (Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-2173, secret-restricted data), predicted incorrectly that only a weak electromagnetic pulse (EMP) would be produced by a nuclear detonation in space or at very high altitude, due to vertical oscillations resulting from the downward-travelling hemisphere of radiation. Riddle online: NUCLEAR HIGH ALTITUDE ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE – IMPLICATIONS FOR HOMELAND SECURITY AND HOMELAND DEFENSE.
However, besides smaller changes, the second release is not anamorph but presented in 4:3, including the obligatory black bars. Dr Lowell Wood testified on 8 March 2005 during Senate Hearings 109-30 that these MHD-EMP effects are: 'the type of damage which is seen with transformers in the core of geomagnetic storms. A1-27.The illustration of Richard Wakefield's EMP measurement from the Starfish test is based on the unclassified reference is K.
The geomagnetic storm, in turn, is a very tepid, weak flavor of the so-called slow component of EMP.
As early as 1991 it was discovered that the complete material was in an extremely bad condition.
Then, after those neutrons are slowed down a lot by successive inelastic scattering in the air (releasing gamma rays each time), they are finally captured by the nuclei of nitrogen atoms, which causes gamma rays to be emitted and a further EMP signal which adds to the gamma rays from decaying fission product debris. So when those transformers are subjected to the slow component of the EMP, they basically burn, not due to the EMP itself but due to the interaction of the EMP and normal power system operation.
Williamson who was at Kwajalein Atoll when Starfish was detonated in 1962, has an informed page about EMP protection here.But it is not even all one-sided doom and gloom!
Kennedy, in a live TV broadcast, warned the Soviet Union’s Premier Khrushchev of nuclear war if a nuclear missile was launched against the West, even by an accident: ‘It shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United States, requiring a full retalitory response upon the Soviet Union.’ That Russian space missile nuclear test during the Cuban missiles crisis deliberately instrumented the civilian power infrastructure of populated areas, unwarned, in Kazakhstan to assess EMP effects on a 570 km long civilian telephone line and a 1,000 km civilian electric power cable! Transformers burn, and when they burn, sir, they go and they are not repairable, and they get replaced, as you very aptly pointed out, from only foreign sources.
The United States, as part of its comparative advantage, no longer makes big power transformers anywhere at all. At 0900 GMT a brilliant while flash burned through the clouds rapidly changing to an expanding green ball of irradiance extending into the clear sky above the overcast.
The material that was left was meticulously restored and thus, the THX-versions from 1995 are the only remaining original versions. From its surface extruded great white fingers, resembling cirro-stratus clouds, which rose to 40 degrees above the horizon in sweeping arcs turning downward toward the poles and disappearing in seconds to be replaced by spectacular concentric cirrus like rings moving out from the blast at tremendous initial velocity, finally stopping when the outermost ring was 50 degrees overhead. On those, the Special Edition, which was again thoroughly remastered by Lowry Digital, is based.
Full calculations of EMP as a function of burst altitude are also online in pages 33 and 36 of Louis W.
And when you want a new one, you order it and it is delivered - it is, first of all, manufactured.
Department of Defense Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Nuclear Weapon Effects Test, Evaluation, and Simulation, page 29.). Wakefield's measurement - the only one at the extremely high frequency that measured the peak EMP with some degree of success, was an attempt to measure the time-interval between the first and secondary stage explosions in the weapon (the fission primary produces one pulse of gamma rays, which subsides before the final thermonuclear stage signal). As the greenish light turned to purple and began to fade at the point of burst, a bright red glow began to develop on the horizon at a direction 50 degrees north of east and simultaneously 50 degrees south of east expanding inward and upward until the whole eastern sky was a dull burning red semicircle 100 degrees north to south and halfway to the zenith obliterating some of the lesser stars. The difference in picture quality is considerable, but since it does not result in running-time differences or changes in the story, it is not mentioned in this censorship-report. First, Microsoft plans a Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) release in late summer that will focus on what Allchin calls "safety" features, primarily security updates that will make the underlying system more resilient and reliable.
It is manufactured, it is shipped, and then it is delivered by very complex and tedious means within the U.S.
This condition, interspersed with tremendous white rainbows, persisted no less than seven minutes.'At zero time at Johnston, a white flash occurred, but as soon as one could remove his goggles, no intense light was present.
XP SP2 will beget three major new client releases, XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 (codenamed Lonestar), XP Media Center Edition 2005 (codenamed Symphony), and XP 64-Bit Edition for 64-bit Extended Systems, the latter of which targets AMD-64 and upcoming Intel-based x86-64 systems. The longitude of the measurement is clearly in error as it doesn't correspond to the stated distance from ground zero. Signals were picked up by short probe-type antennas, and fed via cathode followers and delay lines to high-frequency oscilloscopes. A second after shot time a mottled red disc was observed directly overhead and covered the sky down to about 45 degrees from the zenith. Microsoft will also ship Windows CE 5.0 and new versions of the Smartphone and Pocket PC operating systems in 2004, Allchin said.
Due to the mirroring of the original shot the emblem on the uniform was also mirror-inverted in the old version. Additionally, the company is planning a "media experiences wave" this year that will include a major new version of Windows Media Player that supports "Janus" subscription-content synchronization with portable devices, a major revamp of MSN Music, Portable Media Centers from a variety of third party hardware makers, and Windows Media Center support for Media Center Extenders, set-top boxes that will remotely access Media Center Content.
Typical sort of delays from the time that you order until the time that you have a transformer in service are one to 2 years, and that is with everything working great.

Along the magnetic north-south line through the burst, a white-yellow streak extended and grew to the north from near zenith. The width of the white streaked region grew from a few degrees at a few seconds to about 5-10 degrees in 30 seconds.
Growth of the auroral region to the north was by addition of new lines developing from west to east. Longhorn, Allchin said will integrate the "three magic ingredients" of fundamentals, scenarios, and people. The white-yellow auroral streamers receded upward from the horizon to the north and grew to the south and at about 2 minutes the white-yellow bands were still about 10 degrees wide and extended mainly from near zenith to the south. Three of the payloads were located in the cavity during its expansion and collapse, one payload was below, and the fifth was above the fully expanded cavity. By about two minutes, the red disc region had completed disappearance in the west and was rapidly fading on the eastern portion of the overhead disc.
During a demo, he showed Longhorn playing 6 high-resolution videos simultaneously while playing Quake III Arena in the background; a comparable XP system was unable to play four of the videos simultaneously.
This multipoint data set shows that the cavity expanded into an elongated shape 1,840 km along the magnetic field lines and 680 km vertically across in 1.2 s and required an unexpectedly long time of about 16 s to collapse.
At 400 seconds essentially all major visible phenomena had disappeared except for possibly some faint red glow along the north-south line and on the horizon to the north. This scream was taken from an alternative take of the imperator in "Return of the Jedi" but again removed for the DVD-edition. Allchin also demonstrated an interesting migration tool that can optionally use an upcoming smart USB cable to transfer personal data from an existing PC to a new Longhorn-based PC.
Defense Threat Reduction Agency who states that either the 1958 Teak or Orange shot caused unexpected EMP induced power cuts on Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands:'As it was, one of those two high altitude shots [Teak and Orange, August 1958] did affect the power grid on Oahu, knocking out quite a bit of it. That was unexpected.'Oahu is 71 km long by 48 km wide, and power cables could have picked up significant EMP, especially the MHD-EMP effect caused by fireball expansion. Windows 2003 SP1 will be followed by Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP1 and Windows Server 2003 64-Bit Edition for 64-Bit Extended Systems, and Virtual Server 2005. The detonation point was around 32 km south-south-west of Johnston Island, as well as being 400 km up.
In 2005, Microsoft will deliver Windows Server 2003 Release 2 (R2, which he referred to as "Windows Server 2003 Update"), Windows Small Business Server 2003 Update, a new version of Windows Storage Server (codenamed "Storm"), and Longhorn Server Beta 1. Air Force Weapons Laboratory, Kirkland Air Force Base, New Mexico, POR-2026 (WT-2026), AD-A995428, December 1965:'This experiment was designed to measure the interaction of expanding nuclear weapon debris with the ion-loaded geomagnetic field.
It is however true as Rabinowitz records that the 300 streetlights fused in the Hawaiian Islands by Starfish were only 1-3% of the total number. But I shall have more to say about this later on, particularly after reviewing extensive Russian EMP experiences with long shallow-buried power lines and long overhead telephone lines which Dr Rabinowitz did not know about in 1987 when writing the critical report. Croom, ‘VLF radiation from the high altitude nuclear explosions at Johnston Island, August 1958,’ J. Expansion is at less than the local Alfven speed, and so energy is radiated as hydromagnetic waves. Why secrecy?Obviously the one factor against 3.8 Mt TEAK causing damage in Hawaii was that the burst altitude of only 77 km was below the horizon as seen from Hawaii, cutting off the highest frequencies of the EMP from reaching Hawaii, although the rising fireball later appeared over the horizon as it gained sufficient altitude. Furthermore, Microsoft revealed details of Longhorn's so-called tiered user experience, dubbed Aero.
111 (1965).]The expanding ionised (thus conductive, and hence diamagnetic) fireball excluded and thus ‘pushed out’ the Earth’s natural magnetic field as it expanded, an effect called ‘magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)-EMP’. But it was on the 9 July 1962, during the American Starfish shot, a 1.4 Mt warhead missile-carried to an altitude of 400 km, that EMP damage at over 1300 km east was seen, and the Starfish space burst EMP waveform was measured by Richard Wakefield.
Cameras were used to photograph oscilloscope screens, showing the EMP pickup in small aerials. Neither Dr Bethe’s downward current model, nor the MHD-EMP model, explained the immense peak EMP. The default Aero user experience is built on the low-level Longhorn graphics application programming interface (API) dubbed Avalon, and will require a DirectX 9-compliant 3D graphics processor with at least 32 MB of RAM and an AGP 4x bus; Aero will require a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 (XGA), compared to 640 x 480 (VGA) for today's Windows versions.
In 1963, Dr Conrad Longmire at Los Alamos argued that, in low-density air, electrons knocked from air molecules by gamma rays travel far enough to be greatly deflected by the earth’s magnetic dipole field. Last year, Microsoft announced DirectX 7 compliance as a baseline for Longhorn, but Hammil defended the change. Longmire's theory is therefore called the 'magnetic dipole' EMP mechanism, to distinguish it from Bethe's 'electric dipole' mechanism. Transparencies and animations will be hallmarks of the Aero Glass user experience, with more modern, high quality visualizations than with [standard] Aero." Aero Glass will require a DirectX 9-compliant 3D graphics processor with at least 64 MB of RAM, though 128-256 MB of RAM will be recommended. This mode will support all of the non-UI-related Longhorn technologies, so Longhorn applications will still run fine in Classic mode. Microsoft is providing this mode for upgrades that don't meet the minimum requirements for Aero, and for corporations that would prefer not to retrain users as they migrate to Longhorn. That's the new plan at Microsoft, anyway: Once seen as a laptop alternative, Tablet PCs will soon give way to a range of mobile PCs that meet all customers needs, a sharp departure from the niche products PC makers released until recently.
What we found working on the Tablet PC is that much of the platform work we were doing was benefiting all mobile PCs. We're still the same group, and we have one team focused on mobile PC fundamentals, and one that's very focused on pen and ink." Fish laid out Microsoft's mobile PC schedule for the next three years.
Tablet PCs, he said, had evolved from premium ultra-portable notebooks PCs in 2003 to being more of a feature of notebook PCs, a trend that will continue through 2005. Starting in 2006 with the Longhorn product wave, mobile PCs will adapt to meet every customer need and will slowly overtake the desktop PC form factor. PC makers shipped 38 million mobile PCs in 2003, but Microsoft expects that figure to grow to 63 million units by 2006. Late this summer, Microsoft will ship Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 (code-named Lonestar), a free update for all Tablet PC users that adds a dramatically enhanced Text Input Panel (TIP), with context-sensitive handwriting recognition and other new features. Though Microsoft hasn't yet determined which of these features will be included in the base Longhorn product line, and which will only be available on Tablet PCs and notebook computers, the list is dizzying. The company will beef up the product's fundamental features, such as power management, multi-monitor support, and the like. But it will also be working on a slew of new functionality, including: Auxiliary Displays. Next-generation mobile devices will include small external displays on their covers that will let users view personal information management (PIM) data at a glance, without having to open or turn on the device. Using Longhorn's integrated Synchronization control panel, users will be able to synchronize data between their PC and Tablet PC, notebook computer, PDA, portable audio devices, and other portable devices. Longhorn will make it easy for users to quickly set-up ad-hoc wireless networks for file sharing, and discover people who are connected near you. It will also provide a way to connect with wireless projectors, with one-to-one and one-to-many support for wireless connections between PCs whose users wish to collaborate in real time. Microsoft is planning an Activity Center called Mobility Center for Longhorn that will include all of the mobility tuning features in the OS, all in a central location. Though the details of how the system will accomplish this are currently in flux, Microsoft plans to add location awareness to PCs with Longhorn, so that your system will behave and look differently when you're at home, at work, at school, or at other locations. Longhorn will natively support ink files names: Click on an icon's name with the stylus, and just write the file name normally in your own handwriting. A simple wizard will let you supply examples of your handwriting so that the handwriting recognition engine only compares created file names against your writing, and not the millions of samples the engine currently uses. A a new pen gestures feature (codenamed Flick) will allow you to perform certain actions with a Tablet PC stylus that aren't writing or control selection activities.
For example, you could set up gestures for copy, paste, back, forward, undo, and delete activities.
Another pen utility, codenamed Snipper, will bring the Microsoft Snipping Utility Powertoy into the base OS.\ Pen Optimized Skin.
For a new generation of small, 5-inch to 8-inch, Tablet PC devices that will begin shipping this year, Microsoft is developing a dashboard page that will provide access to PIM information that users need, all in a single, handy page. The Pen Optimized Skin presents time and calendar information, links to recently accessed documents and applications, the 7 most recent unread email messages, the most recent uncompleted tasks, and the links to your most often used applications.
This skin is designed to sit on top of, and generally replace, the basic Windows user interface on devices whose screens are too small for a desktop UI. I've got the first two of what will likely be many Longhorn build 4074 screenshot galleries available now on the SuperSite for Windows, and of course I'll have a full review as soon as possible. What's changed is that Microsoft originally planned to have separate marketing campaigns for XP SP2 and XP Reloaded; now SP2 will be marketed as part of the XP Reloaded campaign. Both OSes will target AMD-64 and Intel x86-64-based hardware, and will for the first time offer all of the features of their 32-bit brethren (previous 64-Bit Windows versions didn't, dropping features like Windows Media Player). However, these new 64-bit OSes versions will have one major limitations that will, for the time being at least, limit their appeal: Hardware driver support will be minimal until third party manufacturers step up to the plate and get going with 64-bit drivers (Today's 32-bit drivers won't work). And that means 64-bit systems will be pretty useless for mainstream users, again, at least for the short term. The technology will still be an optional piece of Longhorn, and will require specially-made PCs, which include security-oriented chipsets. Part of the problem, I suspect is the constant delays Microsoft faces with XP SP2, which was original due in the first half of 2004, but was recently set back to late summer 2004 (though I'm hearing "July" might be the new date). XP SP2 will solve a lot of security problems--and bring a host of compatibility problems as well--but like Longhorn, it's still mired in "future technology" territory as I write this. Then, in November, the companies showed off a second-generation Athens PC design that actually utilized real-world HP hardware, showing that the prototype was quickly on the way to becoming a reality.
This year, at WinHEC 2004, the companies showed off Athens PC generation three, dubbed "Troy," which now features a Longhorn user interface, but still retains the prototypical elements of past designs, like a breakout box for currently unassigned functionality, like a docking bay for a PDA.
There was also a "Hermes" mobile PC prototype, basically a notebook version of the Athens design. It's Your Fault I've been stressing for months over Microsoft's refusal to improve Internet Explorer (IE) by embracing modern Web standards and adding user-requested features like tabbed browsing, but I think I've finally figured out the problem: Microsoft isn't going to fix IE when it is still the most-often-used Web browser by far, with its next nearest competitor bringing in Mac-like market share numbers.
And that, folks, is the problem: By continuing to use IE, every one of you are allowing Microsoft to continue its policy of ignoring a product that, frankly, needs a lot of work. So if you're serious about seeing Microsoft improve this aging clunker, maybe the best solution is to start using something else. Because Gates is on the board of directors for the company, he's required to comply with federal antitrust premerger notification requirements. In case it's not clear, this fine has nothing to do with Microsoft's antitrust woes, though people often seem to have trouble separating Gates from the company. Here's how you tell the difference: Gates is the Bond villain, and Microsoft is the death ray he uses to threaten humanity. Y05 and Beyond (WinHEC Session) Tablet PC release schedule.

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