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Each week we always find screenshots that we really like, but can't find a perfect fit for either weekly title.
If you’re playing on EUR PVE, then you should definitely try to make it to the upcoming Monocycle race this weekend. Subscribe to the GRAV email newsletter for useful tips, dev updates, fan art and random awesomeness. All you have to do is comment on the Community Update #10.5 post (we will include these instructions on the actual post) and tell us why you would like a GRAV Steam key. With that being said, let’s check out the Shutterbug and Creator Overlord for this week.
As always, we found a ton of excellent screenshots, so we have included some extra screenshots this week as runner ups. This week’s title of Creator Overlord of The Week goes to Murdersauce for their really really ridiculously good looking base that has survived 5 raids and includes public stargates, facilities, crafting services, and protection for new players! This week’s title of Creator Overlord of The Week goes to KatFrog for their really intricate main base that even includes an indoor race track! Jon S – I was curious as to where i might have the best chance to find a Unicorn hat?
It was very tough deciding who deserves the first ever title of Creator Overlord of the week!
As stated above, it was really tough choosing the best base of the week, so here are a couple more bases that definitely deserve some love. We love seeing the community help each other out and YouTuber, Elite has created some really good how-to videos for players that are starting out. Looks like Palandrone14 is having fun racing through one of the new biomes on the new starter planet. Just to be extra clear about what this means, all characters, resources and structures will be wiped. BaronVonGamez also covered GRAV in a 3 video series that includes some funny commentary and gameplay. Starsnipe’s videos on GRAV are excellent and they do a good job of showing off the soundtrack and some of the more relaxing aspects of GRAV. BriSciFi recently uploaded an excellent 9 part series of GRAV that covers some of the more recent additions to the game. Before we close this edition of community updates, we would like to share a really cool music mashup that was sent to us by YouTuber VJspacecat. For those of you that haven’t heard, we have recently released a new program we call the Streamer Starter Kit.
There are six maps available: Gearhead Valley, Reactor, Prime, Southern Highway, Meteor, and Abandoned.
The vehicles come equipped with a handbrake as well as a Boost ability that, in addition to presumably providing a temporary speed increase, can straighten out the vehicle if it's over rotating during a turn using the handbrake. There are five types of vehicles available in Road Rage, which differ in vehicle's characteristics and starting loadout, as well as default paint jobs.
While players participate in Vehicle Combat matches, they earn experience points which, at certain levels, will allow them to choose upgrades, such as better vehicles, better weapons for their vehicle, and quick-use items.
The announcer is the same as the announcer from Quake 3, another popular game from id Software. We released GRAV in January and have been constantly pushing out patches, updates and recently, a major update, Reborn.
We also want to have some fun before the year is over, so we are giving away 16 GRAV Steam keys to end the year!
We will be giving away 4 keys on these sites: Twitter, Facebook, Steam and our brand new Instagram. All you have to do is follow our PlayGRAV Twitter account and retweet the official New Years Eve tweet. If you haven’t already heard, overflow servers from our recent free weekend will be merging to their new official homes. We also want to note that this week’s Creator Overlord and Shutterbug will be forever immortalized on our Facebook page in their own album of champions. It looks very practical and definitely deserves to be included in this weeks Community Update. We absolutely love this kind of stuff and we strongly encourage any artists in our community to post any cool art you may have! For those of you that don’t know, player surveys are a way for us to get structured feedback from you. With that being said, we are going to try and get out at least one community update post per week. There were plenty of excellent bases to choose from, but after closing analyzing the submitted bases, the title of Creator Overlord of the week goes to…NekoValkyrie! We plan to show rotation times in the stargate, as well as adding a timer for players that are on the planet. We have done exactly one wipe since the game launched and that was for Reborn where we changed the whole progression of the game. We simply couldn’t make a major change like Reborn without doing a complete server wipe. There is no need to break down your structures to keep resources, they will be disappearing with everything else.
First, we would like to thank all of you for your patience as we continue to work hard on the upcoming update.

We are currently in the process of converting the original post to a page that includes a form, so you can more easily and quickly reach out to us about receiving a GRAV Steam key. As we come closer to releasing the next update, we want to make sure that streamers with larger audiences have an opportunity to share what the update has to offer in hopes of growing our community. This series includes solo gameplay, multiplayer gameplay and a survival guide for new players.
We’re going to continue to power through the upcoming update and get news out as soon as possible. In this post, we will take a look at some excellent community screenshots, say thanks to streamers that have taken part in the Streamer Starter Kit, shine a spotlight on a YouTuber covering GRAV in an excellent let’s play series and lastly, we will leave you with a new armor set coming soon in our next major update.
We are working really hard on the upcoming major update and will have some more information soon. Not only can you get GRAV for 66% off, we are also working on a pretty huge update that will be launching soon. Up to four players compete in a free-for-all match that takes place in an arena designed to make use of vehicles. The Gearhead Valley, Prime, Southern Highway and Meteor maps are based on the Campaign Rally maps, which are in turn based on the locations featured in the Campaign. There is also Air Burst available, which allows players to control the vehicle in the air to a certain extent and adjust their landings. In Carnage, killing the opponents is the only goal, while the other Rally types require the participants to pick up different "collectibles" that appear around the arena while killing the opponents to steal any Rally Points or Meteors they may have.
Some vehicle types can be based on different chassis that are well-known to those who played the Campaign. There are four types of upgrades: weapons, primary and secondary, and quick-use items, left and right. With that being said, here's an excellent screenshot submitted by PvPenny that we absolutely loved!
We love seeing community created events like this and we strongly encourage more events like this. We will be making a separate album on our Facebook page for fan art, so it can live on forever! We look at every question submitted in this thread, so don’t not post because of the possibility of not being seen. Elite also has some other really helpful videos, so definitely check out his channel if you’re just getting started on your GRAV journey.
We need to think through the ramifications very carefully and come up with a good solution but it’s definitely on the list.
Since the launch of Reborn, we’ve had an increase in players, so if you’re new here, we would like to give you a warm welcome and for GRAV veterans, welcome back! With a major update like this, we had no other option than to come to the conclusion that we will have to do a complete server wipe. With that being said, we will be providing resource packs, titles, and a hat to players who were around before the wipe.
The Reactor and Abandoned maps are based on locations that aren't present in any other RAGE gameplay mode. While the Rally Points provide somewhat of a course to follow, the arenas are open enough that the players can pick their own path. We look forward to 2016 and continuing our dedication to listening to our community and continuing to improve GRAV.
We are committed to constantly improving GRAV and all of you have been excellent at giving us constant feedback.
Since the alpha launch back in January, we have introduced many small patches to the game and have not had to do any major server wipes. We have been humbled by some of the stats we’ve seen from the dedicated GRAV community (some players with well over 1,000 hours of gameplay!). We are still accepting survey submissions and I'm pleased to let all of you know that from now on, we will be randomly picking 1 survey participant each week to receive a free GRAV Steam key.
We want to thank all of you for being such an awesome community and we look forward to bringing you more substantial updates next year.
If you’re new to GRAV, we ran player surveys before the Reborn update and many of the additions to Reborn were directly influenced by these surveys. It doesn't have to be a huge following, we just want to make sure that when you say something, there is a group of people who listen. At the moment, we are especially looking for survey results from players ages 18 – 24. We were able to quickly release these updates because of the immediate feedback you’ve giving us. However, we are committed to making GRAV the best possible game it can be and server wipes are a part of the process. Today, we would like to share some cool screenshots of the new Reborn update and take a look at some new YouTube videos covering Reborn. However, we had a lot of excellent base submissions this week, so let’s get this show on the road.
It’s cool if you can answer some questions in the QA thread, but please only do so if you have facts.

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