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Infolink – This augmentation allows an individual (or AI) to contact you vocally through an electronic transmission. IFF – This augmentation utilizes the cross hairs in front of you to distinguish between friend, foe or otherwise. Light – This is a short and long-range flashlight that, given the abundance of dark areas in the game, is possibly one of the most useful augmentations. Microfibral Muscle – This allows to lift heavy objects, such as those large metal crates that one encounters periodically in the game. Speed Enhancement – This augmentation is the most versatile of them all, and is very useful for combat and stealth players alike. Cloak – This augmentation makes you invisible to organic enemies, such as people, animals and mutants. EMP Shield – This protects you from EMP attacks, whether it be from the enemy or your own EMP grenades. Energy Shield – This is in the same canister as Regeneration, and so can be obtained very easily. Aqualung – This augmentation decreases oxygen usage during swimming, allowing the player to stay underwater for longer periods of time. Environmental Resistance – This augmentation protects you from toxins and radiation, and this protection increases with each level.
Power Recirculator – This augmentation decreases the energy usage of other augmentations, and is particularly useful for energy-intensive augmentations like the Cloak and Radar Transparency augmentations. Synthetic Heart – This augmentation increases another active augmentation with a level of Tech three or less by one level. Aggressive Defense System – This destroys missiles, darts, bombs, plasma attacks and flame attacks before they reach the player.
Spy Drone – This neat little augmentation creates a hovering robot upon activation which can allow you to see areas beyond your reach. Targeting – This increases the accuracy of your attacks, as well as giving you information about your target, including health. As nanotechnologically-augmented agent JC Denton, the player can further enhance their abilities with augmentations which, once installed, grant the player special abilities, such as increased strength, health regeneration, invisibility or toxic resistance, to name a few. Not including 'Default', augmentations fit into six different categories: Cranial, Eyes, Torso, Subdermal, Arms, and Legs. One-way micro-transceiver array allows agents in the field to receive messages from Control, and to store and later retrieve relevant maps, conversations, and notes. Automatic friend or foe identification uses advanced heuristic algorithms to associate visible objects with known threat categories. Targeting reticule highlights RED over enemies, GREEN over allies, and WHITE over neutrals.
Bioluminescent cells within the retina provide coherent illumination of the agent's field of view. This most useful tool is available from the start and - besides flares and flare darts, which are of limited use - is the player's only reliable source of light. Aerosol nanoparticles are released upon the detection of objects fitting the electromagnetic threat profile of missiles and grenades; these nanoparticles will prematurely detonate such objects prior to reaching the agent. This augmentation is far more useful than it appears to be at first glance, as the description doesn't mention that in addition to rockets and grenades, the system also tracks and deflects a whole host of other incoming munitions. Advanced nanofactories can assemble a spy drone upon demand which can then be remotely controlled by the agent until released or destroyed, at which a point a new drone will be assembled.
A clever device, but it comes with a high energy cost, so it's best paired with Power Recirculator. Image-scaling and recognition provided by multiplexing the optic nerve with doped polyacetylene 'quantum wires' not only increases accuracy, but also delivers limited situational info about a target.
A helpful marksmanship aid, but the situational info is more or less useless and the picture-in-picture display, while novel, is impractical. By bleaching selected rod photoreceptors and saturating them with metarhodopsin XII, the 'nightvision' present in most nocturnal animals can be duplicated. Nightvision is identical in function to the tech goggles, which can save some inventory space, but it should be kept in mind that this functions as light amplification, meaning that if an area is sufficiently dark (and many are) you still won't be able to see anything without a light.
Soda lime exostructures imbedded in the alveoli of the lungs convert CO2 to O2, extending the time an agent can remain underwater. Programmable polymerase automatically directs construction of proteins in injured cells, restoring an agent to full health over time. This synthetic heart circulates not only blood but a steady concentration of mechanochemical power cells, smart phagocytes, and liposomes containing prefab diamondoid machine parts, resulting in upgraded performance for all installed augmentations.
If you can never seem to find enough augmentation upgrades this is the solution to your problems. Induced keratin production strengthens all epithelial tissues and reduces the agent's vulnerability to radiation and other toxins. A reasonably useful augmentation which, especially once it is upgraded, acts as an integrated hazmat suit. Polyanilene capacitors below the skin absorb heat and electricity, reducing the damage received from flame, electrical, and plasma attacks.
Energy Shield provides protection against flame, electricity and plasma attacks, making you less vulnerable to such weapons. Power consumption for all augmentations is reduced by polyanilene circuits, plugged directly into cell membranes, that allow nanite particles to interconnect electronically without leaving their host cells. This augmentation is a must if you plan to make much use of any of the energy intensive augmentations (such as the Cloak.). Monomolecular plates reinforce the skin's epithelial membrane, reducing the damage an agent receives from projectiles and bladed weapons. Ballistic Shield provides additional protection against projectile weapons, such as bullets, darts, and melee weapons such as knives, swords, batons and crowbars.
Nanoscale EMP generators partially protect individual nanites and reduce bioelectrical drain by canceling incoming pulses.

Besides spider bots, few enemies use EMP attacks, so Ballistic Protection is generally the better choice. Subdermal pigmentation cells allow the agent to blend with their surrounding environment, rendering them effectively invisible to observation by organic hostiles. Cloak renders you completely invisible to organics - but, unfortunately, robots, turrets and cameras can still detect you. Radar-absorbent resin augments epithelial proteins; microprojection units distort agent's visual signature. Sorting rotors accelerate calcium ion concentration in the sarcoplasmic reticulum, increasing an agent's muscle speed several-fold and multiplying the damage they inflict in melee combat. Combat Strength multiplies the damage you deal with melee weapons such as batons, crowbars, knives and swords. Also, having the "Advanced" training level on low-tech weapons and this augmentation on upgrade level 4 (or, alternatively, the training on "Master" and the augmentation on at least level 2) permit you to use the DragonTooth Sword to destroy electronical devices such as cameras, turrets and alarm buttons.
Muscle strength is amplified with ionic polymeric gel myofibrils that allow the agent to push and lift extraordinarily heavy objects.
Microfibral Muscle increases lifting strength, allowing you to lift heavier objects than normal, and push them with greater ease. The necessary muscle movements for complete silence when walking or running are determined continuously with reactive kinematics equations produced by embedded nanocomputers. Perfect for stealth scenarios, this augmentation, once upgraded to level 4, makes walking and running completely silent, allowing the player to move quickly in hostile territory without drawing any unnecessary attention to themselves. Speed and jumping are increased significantly, while falling damage is substantially reduced. Speed Enhancement also functions while crouched, which means at max upgrade level you can crouch (which is silent movement) at near normal run speed. Each augmentation canister contains two augmentation options, and the player must choose one. This cannot be upgraded, If you install Shifter, however, It can be upgraded for increased light output. This augmentation allows the player to run faster, jump higher and farther and it reduces the damage from falls.
It makes you invisible to bots and security devices, but does not hide you from organic beings. This period increases with each upgrade, and according to the augmentation info in the game, Aqualung at Tech four allows the player to stay underwater indefinitely. This augmentation, however, is not very necessary, as Hazmat suits are normally found near toxic and radioactive areas, but it can be handy if you have not invested in the Environmental Training skill. In addition, the drone can fire EMP attacks to permanently disable bots and temporarily disable security cameras and turrets, without you having to incur any damage yourself.
This information allows you to choose the appropriate weapon, and allows you to keep track of your attacks as you watch your enemy's health decrease.
On this nearby table are Plasma Clips, a Bioelectric Cell and the key to the bathroom mirror upstairs.
The player starts the game with three default augmentations, and can add up to nine more as they become available.
Active augmentations draw on the player's reserve of bioelectric energy at varying rates (IFF and Infolink are the only exceptions to these rules, they are always on and draw no power). The beam reaches out to about 20 meters and automatically turns on during conversations for some reason. The spy drone can be used to recce hostile areas without exposing yourself, and its EMP pulse can disable everything from proximity explosives and cameras to {At maximum level} military bots. Subsequent upgrades and modifications add infravision and sonar-resonance imaging that effectively allows an agent to see through walls. Upgrading to level 2 yields infrared vision, which can be useful for spotting targets over a large and dark area or underwater. You rarely spend extended periods underwater; when you do, it's usually an optional alternate route, and you usually have access to one or more rebreathers.
At level 2 this replaces health as fast as you lose it from drowning, effectively allowing you to stay underwater as long as your power supply permits.
When this augmentation is activated, all other active augmentations will run as if they've been upgraded by one level.
Since projectile weapons are far more common than energy weapons, Ballistic Protection is more useful. At maximum level, Power Recirculator, while activated, doubles the amount of time you can use any one augmentation on the same amount of power.
This is extremely useful in combat situations, and at maximum level makes you almost invulnerable to such weapons. This augmentation is very useful in stealth game play and allows you to dash across open ground unobserved or lose pursuers by rounding a corner and then disappearing. Provides highly effective concealment from automated detection systems - bots, cameras, turrets.
The Cloak is arguably more useful since electronic security systems can be bypassed and robots are neither as common nor as intelligent as most organic opponents (for example, bots can't hear). Aside from the obvious advantage of allowing easier one-hit kills against stronger opponents; this augmentation, when combined with an already-powerful melee weapon such as a sword, can destroy some doors and lockers, saving the use of precious lockpicks or explosives. If you don't plan to use much low-tech weapons this is obviously a waste of resources but if you plan a wide usage of low-tech weapons (such as in a non-lethal playthrough) then this trick can spare you many troubles.
You can use this aug to move large crates around, creating alternate routes through areas or allowing easier access to high places. Besides saving time running from place to place, at higher levels the enhanced jumping ability allows you to jump straight over many adversaries and access all kinds of normally inaccessible alternative routes into buildings, while the reduced fall damage facilitates quick escapes off of rooftops.
Combined with the extra access it gives you this can make it enormously handy to a stealthy player. This choice is permanent, so once the augmentation is installed, it cannot be undone in the remainder of the game.

If the cross hairs turn into a white target, the object can be destroyed, but it is neutral. This ability can be used to remove large obstacles from alternative pathways around potential confrontations, or to reach items of value.
These abilities increase as the augmentation is upgraded by one level, Speed Enhancement can also imitate the Run Silent augmentation, Enable it and crouch, You will walk completely silent, although when you jump it still makes sound.
This augmentation uses a large amount of energy, and so should be used with caution, It is also recommended that you install the Power Recirculator augmentation. Its energy usage is just as debilitating as the Cloak, and is also decreased with each upgrade.
This, however, does not protect you from flamethrowers, Tranquilizer darts, plasma slugs and explosives. This healing increases with each upgrade, and this augmentation is highly recommended for any player.
Given this, it is highly useful in combat, especially against Gunther Hermann and Walton Simons, who use the flamethrower and plasma rifle respectively. Due to the pathways around danger waterways provide (one good example are the canals in Hong Kong that give you an alternative approach to the VersaLife Universal Constructor; taking the main entrance puts you face to face with Commandos), Aqualung is very useful for stealth players. Augmentation upgrade canisters are fairly plentiful, but are found in scattered locations, so this augmentation can prove very useful. Grab the Bioelectric Cell off the table behind it then enter the code 8001 in the keypad visible to the right. Talk to Morpheus repeatedly to learn of his function, JC's origins, and his philosophy of man's need for gods.
You are awarded a Subject Acquisition Bonus of 500 skill points for finding Morgan Everett. Augmentations are stored in cylindrical augmentation canisters, which, once picked up, can be taken to a medical bot for installation.
Bioelectric energy can be replenished by recharging at a repair bot, or from portable bioelectric cells. Important note: Be wary of using the light in enemy territory, enemies can spot the beam and follow it to its origin.
The sonar imaging outlines organic and robotic targets, and is useful for checking for enemies around corners.
If you plan to go for a dip often, invest a few skill points in the swimming and environmental skills instead to increase your lung capacity and the rebreather duration, respectively. Toxic damage absorption starts at 25% and increases by 25% with each upgrade up to a maximum of 100%, at which point you become invulnerable from toxic damage.
Furthermore, the Regeneration augmentation (which is coupled to this one) will heal all damage, not just from heat or electricity.
This utility comes at the cost of very high power usage, however, making prolonged use impractical.
Like the Cloak, this augmentation has a very high energy cost, making prolonged use impractical.
The only way to see what the Men in Black have on them is to use a non-lethal takedown a la baton, riot prod, etc. Unfortunately, this augmentation does not improve movement speed while carrying heavy weapons.
It also allows for creative maneuvers, such as jumping onto a door frame above a patrol path, which gives you opportunities for quick kills or incapacitations. If they turn into a green target, the person, animal or bot is friendly; if they turn into a red target, the person, animal or bot is an enemy.
Stealth players seem to find more use of this augmentation than combat players for fairly obvious reasons. Rebreathers are the item alternatives to this augmentation, and are rare, so this augmentation has its value. The drone will last until you stop the augmentation, your bio energy runs out, or you fire its EMP attack.
Notice the corner cabinet in the reflection -- you'll find a Medkit and Aquarium Hatch key there.
Talk to Everett repeatedly to learn that Daedalus is Everett's creation, and that Morpheus is a Daedalus prototype.
It has a relatively high energy cost, though, so if you intend to use it actively it may be wise to combine it with Power Recirculator.
With this augmentation leveled up, you will have no trouble knocking them out to pilfer their belongings.
All augmentations (except the pre-installed ones and Synthetic Heart) have four "Tech" levels. However, if you do not upgrade it, you will find it is of limited use past the initial stages of the game. The power of the EMP attack and the amount of energy the drone consumes will both improve with each upgrade.
Sonar vision (because it uses sound, which can travel through solid materials) allows the player to see through solid objects, so at Tech three, you gain the ability to see through walls. At lower levels the range at which incoming explosives are detonated is short, which is fine for low-payload explosives such as GEP rockets (which MJ12 Commandos use), but at the same range the explosion of heavier explosives (such as LAMs or LAW rockets) will kill you instantly, so if you're on the receiving end of such munitions, leave the system off unless it's upgraded to level 3 or 4 and simply dodge them. Again, due to its high power usage, this augmentation is best combined with Power Recirculator.
So it's a choice of one or the other, not both, in which case the Power Recirculator is recommended over this.
Run Silent also complements this nicely, as it combines your invisibility with silent movement, allowing you to run straight past enemies without alerting them, which also means it takes much less time to sneak past enemies, meaning you can turn Cloak off sooner, saving even more power.

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