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Similarly, severe weather in space caused by explosions on the Suna€™s surface could create electrical currents which would destroy crucial power networks.Both scenarios would pose a a€?significant riska€™ to national security, warns the alarming report.
A blackout across large parts of the country would raise the prospect of the collapse of the national infrastructure, financial meltdown and a breakdown of civil order, with emergency services struggling to cope. The report also claims that despite Britaina€™s vulnerability to attack, the Government appears a€?complacenta€™ and a€?unwilling to take the threats seriouslya€™.
Eventually terror groups including Al Qaeda could get their hands on such a weapon, it predicts. Changes in the Suna€™s atmosphere to create a a€?space weather eventa€™ could have a similar effect.
Ministers claim the likelihood of a severe space weather event hitting Britain in the next five years is a€?moderate to higha€™. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. October 21, 2014 Short of natural localized disasters, I believe the biggest threat we should be prepared for is an EMP (Electro-Magnetic-Pulse), caused by a large solar flare.

June 2, 2014 First I should clarify – there are solar panels, solar chargers and solar generators.
November 11, 2013 So we have posted before about DIY solar panels that track the sun for maximum performance, see: DIY Solar Panel That Follows The Sun. October 28, 2013 For most people the dream of living off-the-grid can only be accomplished by utilizing solar power, but this doesn’t always have to mean purchasing $10,000 solar system to power your home. October 4, 2013 We have featured several DIY solar chargers in the past, some large scale with others being small USB chargers like this one.
September 27, 2013 The great thing about using a still, or in this case, a solar still to purify water is that any water source can be used, even dirty unfiltered water and sea water!
September 11, 2013 If you truly want to live off-the-grid or insulate yourself against rising energy prices, you have to embrace and utilize solar power (unless you have running water source, in which case you could utilize hydro power instead).
According to NASA, “A solar flare occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released.
The electromagnetic radiation from a particularly large solar flare could possibly damage satellites in orbit as well as electrical systems on the ground.

These solar flares happen somewhat frequently but have to intersect Earths orbit and then that small part of space Earth inhabits at the time.
This might seem like science fiction to some, but it has already happened before in 1859, but luckily we didn’t have the huge dependence of electricity or electrical products. However there are loads of DIY heating and insulating projects you can undertake that can dramatically cut your heating costs.
We are currently near the maximum of that cycle, when flare are more common and more intense. But highly charged particles take much longer, from 12 to 40 hours, depending on how energetic the flare might be.

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