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First of all, no one really knows what will or will not survive a massive EMP such as the type in the hugely popular book, One Second After.  Second, and more to the point, I am not well versed on the technical side of electronics even though I am a techy nerdy type when in comes to computers.
Now, as to what’s going to “give” first (in the event of an actual emergency, eh?) that becomes anyone’s guess. You talk about turning ol’ George into a True Believer in the best surge protection you can afford!  Making a major commitment to solar and keeping it online during [whatever] involves a number of subtle design attributes and your readers are wise to think of these up front. If you’re looking at a couple of discrete panels and a small $200-class inverter and a few car batteries?  Simply keep the charge controller in your metal (Faraday cage) garbage can and short the solar panel leads (not in bright sun, of course!) and don’t worry. In addition, when you sign up to receive email updates you will receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide. Bargain Bin: Getting the goods you need to in place to be comfortable during a power outage when the grid is down can be daunting when you are just getting started. Ambient Weather Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio: This is becoming a popular choice with Backdoor Survival readers. EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove: Burning twigs and pinecones, this stove will cook a big pot of rice in under 20 minutes.
Coleman Rugged Battery Powered Lantern: This sturdy Coleman has a runtime of up to 28 hours on the low setting and 18 hours on the high setting but does require D cell batteries.
Dorcy LED Wireless Motion Sensor Flood Lite: Don’t let the $20 price lead you to think this wireless flood light is wimpy. I too have heard that lightening protectors will probably not protect against the rapid EMP pulse. Cable Innovations makes surge protectors that are much faster than gas tube, mov, fuse type surge protectors. Are you sure that solar panel arrays can be protected from an EMP with transparent conductive coatings ? I would really like to know how this can be verified as I am looking into purchasing my panels soon and really want to get to the bottom of this first.
Even so, a person who puts in solar panels is still likely well-advised to install transient surge protection.
Further note: Advanced regulation is when charging is managed according to time, current, and temperature. Solar panels like all semiconductor devices are not protected against EMP, check the solar event in the 1800s, telegraph wires were melted, fires were started, anything a quarter inch long or longer will be a good antenna for an EMP Burst, so even if the solar cells themselves were not damaged, the leads to each cell will probably be destroyed. We are seriously considering buying a solar battery and panels to run a small refrigerator in case we go off grid.
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The L-1500 has no carbon footprint and does not affect the environment, as it produces no fumes and no greenhouse gases. Cigarette Adapter: At a maximum of 10A, the L-1500 can power many DC 12V devices commonly used in cars with the Cigarette Lighter Adapter. The L-1500 will output 1500W continuously for roughly 15 minutes or a 7W LED bulb for 54 hours! Built in Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter mimics AC power naturally to prevent damage to your electronics and appliances. What I can tell you is that lightning plays havoc (and is a very likely enemy of any off-grid installation, particularly in the South during spring tornado and thunderstorms). Always, start with food then branch out from there.  Here is a list of some gear to help you along the way. This unit will charge up to 2 pairs of AA or 1 pair of AAA batteries via USB or solar power. My guess is that I have 8 or 9 of these Tripp Lite SUPER7 Surge Protector Strips scattered throughout the house. I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here. My understanding was that EMP hit too fast for most lightning protection devices and commercially available surge suppressors.
When I was writing After the Blackout I researched it and found it’s hard to get a straight answer.
Conductors unshielded otherwise (such as wiring) can be somewhat self shielded by forming into twisted pairs. Our grandson is a Type 1 Diabetic and it is necessary to keep his insulin and other meds in a refrigerator.
Using the regular 120V AC input, such as from a wall outlet, the L-1500 allows a maximum of 15A input on the AC side.
The L-1500 may be charged with AC input and DC input at the same time with a total of 40A going into the battery. Just remember to give it a few weeks after an EMP before you drag out the spare, they just may hit with a second EMP to make sure! Some of the older ones used on telephone lines, particularly the real old ones with the spark gap between 2 graphite blocks seemed really effective. One thing I learned is if there is no current running through the system at the time of the blast, you’re probably OK, but otherwise it depends on how long the wires are and how much shielding you have. Regardless of how much current is connected, it is safety-limited to 25A total input to the battery from all inputs.

The USB ports will self-regulate to evenly provide the devices connected with the highest healthy charge possible.
As an added safety feature, the L-1500 AC output will run at 1599W for 5 seconds before decreasing the output to 1500W. Not that we should ignore lightning protection, I’m just not sure it protects us from EMP.
Many solar arrays have a blocking diode and it may blow, then by replacing the diode you have a fully functioning solar array. You can turn a seldom used room or attic space into a faraday cage, build faraday cages within it…. It has no carbon footprint and does not affect the environment, as it produces no fumes and no greenhouse gases.
The display screen will show a flashing battery symbol showing the percentage charged, as well as the charge time, until it reaches 00:01. Wheat grinders and washing machines require a higher peak for several milliseconds while the device regulates to its operating wattage within the 1500W range. We hope it is good enough, can’t be sure until the real thing happens, tests say it will work, but the energy level of the tests are not nearly as high as the real thing.
Charge via AC plug or DC input from a variety of sources such as solar panels, hand crank generators, etc. At this point, the unit may take up to 20 minutes to balance the charge of the cells for optimal battery performance and overall life.
Windmills, solar panels and kinetic energy converters are all excellent DC input sources, provided the voltage range is maintained. The L-1500 also governs the power output to protect against internal heat build-up that may harm the components and battery. When the unit is completely finishes the charging cycle, the display screen will read FU:LL. Includes: Generator & Battery Unit, AC Charging Power Cord, 2 100 Watt 12 Volt Folding Solar Panel, 20' Solar Panel Extension Cord, Hand Crank Generator, EMP Bag.
Includes: Generator & Battery Unit, AC Charging Power Cord, 1 100 Watt 12 Volt Folding Solar Panel, 20' Solar Panel Extension Cord, Hand Crank Generator, EMP Bag.

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