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From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom. I hope that by now, you can see that a specialized protective container specifically suited for EMP survivability should be used in place of the Faraday cage.
Protection by means of complete and nu-penetrated enclosure is far more important than the ready ability to open the container. All genuine ammo cans use a rubber gasket between the lid and body flange to create the air tight seal. An alternative to a commercial gasket, which will need to form a solid union where each end comes together, is a home built crush gasket. A second method is to flip the EMP Box over onto it top, and melt plumber’s solder into the gap.
A third method allows you to get into the box quickly, but might not work against a very strong pulse. A larger metal container used solely as a large EMP box will need to include, in its preparation, the usual sealing methods.
If you were to settle on a shipping container as a storage building, the shorter ones might make a whole lot of sense.
EMP survivalEMP Bomb DiagramUnlike the strike of lightening, an EMP attack is not the same. Hand held radios will not work afte ran EMP scenario because the battery current will try to go backwards and the moment the radio is used will be fried. The EMP in addition to extra gamma rays also puts a back EMF pulse that reverses polarity of batteries and anything else electro magnetic. What would work is to have EXTRA hand held radios stored in a Faraday Cage until after the energy of an EMP passes thru and the atmosphere is cleared but I am not sure how long that would take. Empress Of Drac, A Frugal Cebuana Blogger A true-blue Cebuana, blogging about Frugal Living, Self-Reliance, Prepping, Freelance Life and of course Cebu. SHTF blog (“Sewage” Hits The Fan blog) offers preparedness news, information, commentary – and other awesome stuff. The thought of an EMP happening when I am NOT at home, maybe not with my spouse and children, it scares me.  I just want to be as prepared as I can be, because who knows when something like this could happen — 2 minutes from now or 2 years from now? Once you’re aware of a power grid failure due to an EMP, cyberterrorism, or a solar event, you can’t help but share Mallory’s worries. This past month I’ve been reading Ted Koppel’s newest book, Lights Out, and, frankly, it has done nothing to ease my concerns. He knows because as part of his research, he interviewed those who should know, such as Janet Napolitano, Leon Panetta, and Admiral William Gortney, who provided a Pentagon news briefing earlier this year on the topic of power grid vulnerability. One memorable example from Lights Out that might provide at least one solution for Mallory and others in her position is Craig Kephart’s plan.
Craig’s plan might be a very effective one for him, in the case of a cyberterrorist attack.
Craig has realized that getting home from hundreds of miles away when the world has erupted into chaos won’t be easy and he’s come up with a plan and is training for that possibility. Shelter.  Putting up a lean-to is one thing, but surviving the elements within that shelter is quite another. Head home regardless, carrying with you the basics for survival, or whatever you can acquire.
A number of my readers mentioned seeing Ted Koppel on various news shows discussing his book and the very likely event of a significant cyberterror attack on the power grid.
I recommend Lights Out as an informative and very well researched book on the topic of grid failure and the likelihood of cyberterrorism. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. I'm the original Survival Mom, and have been helping moms worry less and enjoy their homes and families more for 5 years. 3 low yield atmospheric nukes detonated in the atmosphere could knock the USA back to the 1800’s.
If one transformer goes down due to sabotage, the grid’s computers will reconnect your home within minutes.
Diesel trucks may continue to operate (but without lights) because diesel engines do not use electricity to cause the fuel to explode within the cylinders. There are tens of thousands of possibilities too numerous to examine – just don’t think that EVERYTHING will be dead! While a lot can be said on this subject, you need to remember to plan ahead and lay in supplies for each problem you can think of, EMP, Pandemic, War, Marshal Law and so on . Always remember baby steps so you don’t over load your self or your checking account. Something that hasn’t been mentioned anywhere I know of is whether the batteries in a vehicle can survive an EMP. Here’s something to think about, okay so an emp happens-lights go out, halfway charged cell phone is dead with no reception and the car will not start.
One of the scarier survival events that preppers need to be concerned about is an attack involving a High-altitude ElectroMagnetic Pulse, also called HEMP.  All nuclear weapons create EMP, but when detonated high in the atmosphere, the EMP generated is so massive that it can destroy electronics and permanently knock out the power grid across the entire country. However, unlike EMP, a CME event does not destroy electronic devices, unless they happen to be connected to the power grid or long lines that will collect the induced current.  For more on the differences between EMP and CME, you can read about it here.
One test involved being on top of a mountain that was filled with radio antennas.  The collective power of all these radio towers was 9,000,000 watts of RF (Radio Frequency) energy!  Another test was standing at the base of a 50,000 watt AM station.
This means that you should be able to easily protect your electronic gear from EMP simply by wrapping it in aluminum foil.  I also found that placing the foil-wrapped radio inside a galvanized steel trash can greatly increased the effectiveness of the shielding.
There needs to be a minimum of 3 layers of aluminum foil completely surrounding the device.
When you wrap your electronic device, it’s important to prevent it from touching the foil. If the device has a removable battery, remove it and store it separately.  The last thing you want is to find out that the batteries leaked and ruined the equipment that you went to so much trouble to protect. I know a guy that insists that simply disconnecting a cars battery will protect the cars computer from an EMP.

For Anne, battery backups, solar power tied to battery banks and generators will still run a lot of electronic equipment. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
Because an EMP (used here on to stand in for all three) event is seen as an electronics killer due to high current and voltages frequently mentioned, the concept of a protective cage standing against the monster surges becomes an automatic connection in the minds of many. You see, the energy from an EMP doesn’t directly correlate to electricity as commonly known. It takes but a little time to read to understand that this threat is a different beast altogether, and has only little resemblance to a 120v outlet short circuit applied to a computer, TV or phone. This gasket is trapped in the lid, and when the can is closed, it serves as a stand-off between the body and lid mating surfaces. Aluminum foil, folder over and over, with enough material to lay over the edges of the can, will work. To do adverse damage, it only requires one nuclear bomb detonated only 300 miles above the center of the United States or from a container ship in the Gulf of Mexico. I have a couple more business trips planned for the rest of 2015, and some are quite a distance from home. In fact, in this book, he clearly lays out how our nation’s leaders have done virtually nothing to protect our power grid from any type of attack, nor are there effective plans in place to help the millions of citizens who will be completely unprepared. This type of attack on our power grid would disable the grid itself but wouldn’t be as devastating as an electro-magnetic pulse. If this should happen, there will be countless scenarios which he may not have anticipated, but at least he has a plan for getting home.
Where you’re stranded and the terrain between you and home will determine if you will be able to find a plentiful supply of water on a regular basis.
As part of my own research into EMP survival, here are a few viable options in case the worst really does happen and you are dozens, if not hundreds, of miles from home.
Survival novels are full of tales of determined men, making their way home to their families over hundreds of miles.
If you have the skills and knowledge, set up a wilderness camp and use your ingenuity and Boy Scout skills to live off the land. If you have a bank of life-saving skills, such as knowing how to grow and preserve food, medical training, or can help guard your new group of fellow survivors. Combine stints on the road, always heading homeward, with time spent staying with a community or with a family. My guess is that this weekend there are thousands of new “preppers” who suddenly realize their comfortable lives are built on a very shaky foundation and that the very government they pay taxes to, has no plan to save them if the worst happens. Come join me on my journey to becoming more prepared to handle everyday emergencies and worst case scenarios. This is achieved through providing multiple electrical pathways between the interconnected generating stations, and your home. Make a list of what you will need in each case and see what items are common to each and start buying those items first( food ,water, protection, first aid, shelter)and then branch out. Considering the position of the tranny comp, an EMP may or may not have any effect considering its location and that there is 8000 pounds of truck above it.
It is possible, considering the voltages and amperages being generated by the EMP that the batteries would either be shorted out or drained.
Airplane engines and the structure itself have been designed to survive lightning strikes, which have much in common with an EMP. Thinking back to the Civil War soldiers who were discharged wherever they happened to be when the war ended, many of them did this to get back home. Because of this, many preppers are interested in EMP protection measures for their electronics. Followed closely, I think, by how to manage those devices that don’t have removable batteries, but you want to store anyway. There has been no hard-core conclusive testing on vehicles, so a lot of what scientists and engineers talk about are only educated guesses. The problem arises in the fact that I am not so sure modern day gasoline pumps have manual capabilities. The assumption is that such a barrier will block all effects of the three events mentioned previously.
For those that don’t make the seemingly obvious connection, there are always others ready to supply it for them. There is no socket, no power strip and no extension cord connected to a power source with evil intentions for our electronics. This stand off creates an nearly perfect uniform gap that is transparent to the pulse effect. When rolled correctly, it will crush and resist crushing – pressing up against the lid and forcing you to apply a good amount of downward pressure just to close it. If you lay a solder wire along the gap as a barricade, it will help hold the melting solder near where it should be, and join into the effort.
After the box is closed, with its rubber gasket remaining in place, tape the box closed with 2″ aluminum duct tape. And yet, few American lawmakers seriously think about this.A comparison to this would be the existent aircraft carriers in 1941 that few people had seen as a real threat to the country. I wondered if you could give any advice at all on what I should prep for, gear-wise or even mentally? This option might work if you are in good physical shape, have no health issues, and are blessed with an enormous amount of luck. They might be grateful for the additional help with physical labor and whatever practical skills you possess may help get them through a difficult time until you’re able to travel again. While the ECM is wrapped in a metal housing, the mother board is not protected with a rubber shielding. However, when it comes to knowing, for certain, if an EMP will affect planes, causing them to suddenly drop to the ground, there isn’t a consensus.
Granted, these are very educated guesses, but there’s enough dispute among them to be able to derive a conclusive answer from it.

We can not stand in where a current seeks to fry our gadgets, and direct it out and around. Depending on the environment, it might even act as a slot antenna, which will actually assist a pulse in penetrating the can.
If you go that route, consider the operating specs for the gasket, and be sure the one you buy will operate as designed within the gap you place it. As an option, the smaller boxes can be stacked against the back wall, and a false wall, metal of course, sealed against it.
Any seams can be closed off with typical conductive gaskets used in higher end computer equipment chassis. Most military and civilian personnel viewed the role of these carriers as a platform to launch targets, planes and to support battleships. Do you know of alternate routes that might be easier or would allow you to avoid populated areas?
It wouldn’t hurt if the terrain between you and your family has multiple supplies of water. This time in 2012 that it hit towards the Earth’s orbit, the good old Earth was in a different place in orbit so it missed us. Tall buildings in coastal cities (thousands of miles away from Kansas) may shade smaller buildings and vehicles. Also it takes the same power to run the head lights and the electronics, note: there is nothing in a head light that a EMP will effect unless its the battery of the truck. The only electronics on the engine is a crank sensor, which is actually a mechanical switch opened and closed by a magnet. Having replaced both of these items at various times, the crank position sensor is a 20 minute job if the engine is cool and the alternator is not much more. As far as your apartment is concerned, I personally would head in that direction and hope for the best. For these devices, I think it’s just a matter of having to have the discipline to take these out every 30 to 60 days and charge them up. Every circuit board trace, electrical circuit, and wire in your car will act like an antenna and must be enclosed in a Faraday cage to protect from EMP. EMP energy is created and delivered in manners unrelated to a power company suddenly turned vicious with the electronics-taser-of-death. It may not be reusable without a reforming, so be careful about opening the can to inspect things. But the end result is a PERFECT seal that will allow you to use a desiccant in the can to control moisture. In this way, the stock doors at the other end can be closed and secured as always, giving you easy access, and hopefully keeping most bad guys out. There was no one who considered this as a serious and potential threat of possibly grouping six of these carriers and launching a full-fledged attack at the beginning of a war.We now know that this belief was changed forever when it became too late for the lives of approximately 3,000 Americans on the Day of Infamy.
The purpose of this crank sensor is to tell the transmissions how fast the engine is running.
You could always pack up the most necessary supplies and gear and head for another location, further away.
In effect, the tape is held slightly above the can’s surface by a measurement equal to the thickness of the glue. Do you know how to start a small fire for cooking and purifying water, and, if so, what will you use for a cooking pot? From my reading on EMPs, either man made (blast at 300 mile high over Kansas) or nature( sun solar flare), it will go through anything that is not protected with a metal shield and surrounded by rubber.
Because of the hatred and extremism displayed in the past, we should be actively cautious by taking measures to develop EMP survival methods that will save the masses.Here is what would happen with the threat of a solitary EMP weapon and why it is extremely dangerous to the fiber of our country. I can’t speak for everyplace, but in rual areas it will be a different story as large cities.
I would have concerns if it were the only shielding, and also regarding interior condensation from stagnant and humid air. If you are decent at fabrication, that false wall may have its own resealable door built into it. There is the severe possibility that we may never be able to reestablish our infrastructure. If you wish to go one extra mile, remove the paint between the lid and body just outside the rubber gasket, press rolled foil into that space, and seal with the tape. The EMP from Solar Flares is my biggest worry of all of the disasters possible that could effect our life as we know it.
The vast and delicate infrastructure in the United States that we have spent so much time and money to create would be adversely affected.
Those in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices will feel the effect soon after because the attack would trigger heart attacks, and severe illness for those waiting on transplants, dialysis and other ailments.Essential steps to takeThere are specific things that can be done to counteract or get ready for anything like this happening.
These include:Simple training – Americans have become so dependent on others passing orders down to them. First responders should be highly trained to detect an EMP strike and have a contingency plan to know what they should do first and consecutively after. One of the steps should be grabbing the supplies at all vet’s office across the nation, for example. The Katrina hurricane should teach us a lesson of how confusing and disorganized it can get when a disaster happens. No longer is it the steel plants or mills that are important to secure, but our communication systems, computer systems and electrical power.Citizens should contact their local congressmen and demand attention to being prepared for possibleIf our enemies are able to obtain one nuclear bomb, it goes without saying that they will attempt to use it – without a second thought.

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