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User with this ability either is or can transform into a demon, an evil spirit, fallen angel or Satanic divinity. Spiritual Demons are completely spiritual beings, and thus far less bound to the laws of physics or single form. Ethereal Demons are often both the most powerful and ancient demons, in some ways closer to sentient concepts than anything else. R cards with archwitch skill and think this the first card i come across with resurrection skill.
On the first day, we know that SR Aphrodite can evolution into HSR Astaroth via Evolution Accident.
Hey guys, I am new to the forums but not to the game, I am a level 82 TH9, Clans name is Farm Ops, But I have an awesome troop idea that many of you might like?

Now the favorite target would be anything and it would be a single target attack that only attacks ground. As such, they possess a fraction of his demonic powers, as well as the ability to transform into full fledged demons. Many of them think in ways that are only tangentially relatable to humans, and their forms are both transient and often downright surreal. It would be a dark elixir troop and it would be a troll, Now this troll would be big, ugly, and hairy.
Basically, there are no ground units that have a ranged attack which can also tank (besides the AQ), so this could be really useful at protecting wizards and witches.
Note that demons of this group aren't necessarily any weaker than those of the other groups, they are simply more "solid" in mind and body.

There are no other units that target resources besides the goblin, so I was thinking the Troll could also target resources and its build would be kind of like a ranged Valkyrie without splash damage.
Woo imagine have 5 of that in your team for duel match and upcoming alliance battle, the proc rate will be even much better than my current team of max skill level beelz.
And guess what on the second day of event, someone already got his full team of HSR Astaroth. Might encounter issue of cost to slot in all 5 HSR Astaroth though more max level barracks needed.

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