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Eon supply all types of businesses with electric and gas energy services mainly on fixed priced contracts. Being one of the UK’s largest energy providers Eon currently supplies over 500,000 business customers.
The company generate their own power through coal fired generators together with various offshore wind farms for their renewable energy commitment.
They are one of the few companies that place a contract end date on business invoices which is key to avoid so called roll over contracts. Much like the other energy companies comparing prices for business energy supplies is more complex than domestic properties.
Guaranteed pricing for the length of the contract means your bills will not increase due to pricing alone. Additional discounts are always offered if you pay via monthly direct debit rather than pay when you receive your invoice.
Free access to their energy savings advice website which could save up to 20% per year through reduced consumption.
UK based call centres with knowledgeable business advisors if you require additional help and information about the best deals. Contract end dates are now featured on all invoices so you can terminate your contract in good time to avoid roll over contract increases. Reduced invoicing errors through improved billing software meaning more accurate bills and less over charging. Free smart meters for qualified customers if you don’t already have a half hourly meter. The competitive nature of the UK energy industry ensures that each company is committed to competing for your business. A named dedicated business account manager to manage your switching process from your current supplier. At a meeting organized by the Institution for Energy and Technology (IET), representatives from the industry examined the role for hydrogen and fuel cells in rapidly growing world markets. Dr Graham Cooley of ITM Power asked the question ‘Why use hydrogen vehicles?’ According to the McKinsey report entitled Portfolio of Power Trains for Europe, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are best used in urban areas and Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) will be more suitable for longer distance driving, with long range, high speed and fast refuelling. A major UK renewable energy project, called EcoIsland, is taking place on the Isle of Wight. UK peak winter demand for electricity is 60GW, of which about half is provided by continuously operating base load generators shown in blue.
Richard Kemp-Harper of the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB) said that they have announced a schedule for manufacturing, including scaling up and cost reduction.
Marge Ryan of Fuel Cell Today outlined the rapid developments taking place in global markets for hydrogen and fuel cells.  They are meeting the need for better back-up power to replace diesels, which are dirty and batteries, which have limited storage capacity.
Ian Williamson of AFC Energy said that fuel cells are a disruptive technology which will displace conventional power generation They are more efficient at all levels of utilisation as there is no combustion or intermediary mechanical steps. The aim is to cover the whole of the UK by 2030, by which time it is expected to have 6 million hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the UK roads.   In reply to a question, Dennis Hayter said that the cost of hydrogen is projected to be equivalent to that of gasoline by 2018, as the hydrogen is increasingly obtained from waste and also by load levelling for renewables. Transport is changing, with problems of congestion, resource depletion and the need to reduce emissions. John Lidderdale said that Logan Energy has been installing fuel cells around the world since 1995.
In Cologne this 200kW PAFC powered by anaerobic digester gas has operated for eight years with availability of 93%.   Logan Energy has current contracts to install two 300kW MCFC in London, one in Regent Street and the other in Fenchurch Street. The UK is not doing enough about air quality.  The non-domestic use of electricity is rising by 11% per year, which could be generated with extremely low emissions by fuel cells. Fuel cells have the highest efficiency of any technology and Logan Energy has the experience to achieve the best results for their customers.

The peak winter demand for heat is up to three times greater than that for electricity, requiring nearly 120 gigawatts. For the electricity generators, the wide deployment of mCHP adds value to the energy system. Ben Todd outlined the role of Arcola Energy, which supplies fuel cells from 1W up to 10kW, as well as hydrogen.
To know more about the IET’s future Fuel cell events please contact Veena Gupta at The IET. Additionally the Eon Powerdown IntelliPlug features built-in surge protection to protect your devices. This product is guaranteed to save you money by cutting out the standby waste from all the peripheral devices. If you are looking for a device which totally eliminates all standby power to your TV and peripheral devices, we recommend you check out the PowerSafer PS1.1 PowerDown Plug which is the same price. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This clever computer multi plug will save you money and hassle, automatically switching off any equipment linked to your computer, such as your printer, scanner or speakers, when you shut down. For small business owners with an annual consumption level below 100,000 kWh, tariffs are geared towards one or three yearly fixed priced contracts. It is now part of the German owned Eon Corporation and now supplies any customer in any region. Their fuel mix relies mostly on gas fired power stations at 49% of their generation against a UK average of 40% as shown in the graphic below.
It’s always best to compare prices from at least the big 6 power companies using a comparison service or broker. Variable rates are generally not offered to small business although larger corporations may be able to negotiate variable pricing contracts. You receive all the benefits of a forward thinking company and are able to obtain gas prices from their website. Business customers are generally easier to service than residential and you’ll receive additional benefits to make informed decisions. If you feel you need to operate the promise guaranteed you need to communicate this within three working days.
If you receive a cheaper quote from one of their competitors within three days you get ?50.
They offer some of the lowest prices in the industry especially to current British Gas customers wanting to switch. So if you are looking for a quote this year complete our online form or call us direct to get the best deal.
A total of twenty FCEVs will be operating on EcoIsland, which will include four from the UK based company Riversimple and four from Hyundai.  Hyundai started limited production of 1,000 FCEVs this year and they plan to increase this to 10,000 per annum from 2013.
Variable demand is met mainly by ‘mid-merit’ generators which function inefficiently, rather like traffic stopping and starting in a jam.   The peak generators shown in red are hardly ever used. If more than two hours storage is required, hydrogen can be more cost effective than batteries. California’s roadmap is for sixty-eight hydrogen fuelling stations in key locations supplying 20,000 vehicles by 2015.  Germany leads in the EU, with fifty refuelling stations announced, around two hundred retail stations planned for 2015 and over seven hundred for 2020. Microcab’s latest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is the H2EV, which is based on 12 years of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle development. We are starting the electrification of drive trains, with new models of ownership and new ways of planning for the journey. They are not manufacturers but are technology neutral and have installed Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells (PAFC), Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC), PEM units from various manufacturers, a single SOFC and they have a new project with Ballard to install their 1MWe Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells.

Four of Logan’s recent large scale projects and two at the design stage are not dependent on subsidy.
They not only generate electricity and heat, but quad generation can also provide cooling and hydrogen production.
They cut energy use and reduce carbon emissions by between 40% and 100%, depending on the fuel.
Central power plant generates 45% of useful energy, combined heat and power systems 80% and micro CHP up to 90%. It contributes to the Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) enables carbon displacement, improves frequency response and avoids network costs.
There has been a 60% cost reduction since 2008 and lifetime operation has increased to 40,000 hours. For transport,     they have 40 buses and 300 cars in operation with lower total costs and lower environmental impact. Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies supplies 12Wh hydrosticks, which can store hydrogen from onsite renewable energy sources, from wind or solar power.
Plug and play connectivity ( automatically configures to your set up ) Massive energy saving when peripherals not in use.
PowerDown also helps to protect your sensitive computer equipment from the hazards of voltage spikes and power surges. It's fine range of products include a wide variety of garden furniture, wormeries, composters, water butts and seeds, all designed to help you be greener in the garden. Similar contract lengths and terms are offered for gas in line with their electric tariffs. Although this is of limited value in real terms we believe it incentivises the company to provide excellent prices. Fuel cells for 4,000 forklift trucks have been supplied by GenDrive and applications for road transport have started with scooters, buses and cars.
The changing transport system will include alternative business models, non-motorized transport, more cycling and walking, autonomous vehicles, smaller cars and car clubs.
One click operation - turn your PC off on desk top and all peripherals are powered down without any further input. For all types, stationary, portable and transport, there was 39% growth in 2011 to 24,600 and 220% growth to 78,000 is expected in 2012.    Europe is focussing on fuel cells for transport and Asia and America on stationary fuel cells.
We also stock a wide variety of fair trade products, including fairtrade scarves, bags, jewellery, coffee and more. This tariff is currently only available for one year at fixed prices which are slightly higher than their standard tariff.
Microcab’s on road trials start with ten vehicles in October 2013, when a total of ninety hydrogen fuel cell vehicles take part in a European demonstration. UAV applications are for surveying, border patrol and security.  In the UAV industry, combustion is being replaced by electrics but at present flight is limited to one hour.
Our energy saving gadgets, gizmos and electricity meters are designed to help you save money and energy in the home. There are limitless supplies of hydrogen in the UK – Scotland is the Saudi Arabia of renewables!
Liquid hydrogen is suitable for large planes, but for UAVs propane with SOFC provides the best performance, with a lithium battery to give peak power for take-off. And to ensure that you can do the same on the move too, browse our great selection of solar chargers and portable gadgets.

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