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2015 - another superb year for epm: technology As the end of 2015 approaches, it’s time to reflect. Day 2 at #advengshow 2015 It’s been a busy but rewarding few days for team epm: technology as we exhibited once again at Advanced Engineering UK. Bespoke marine furniture As part of a yacht fit-out, epm: technology was tasked with creating a piece of bespoke furniture.
Face mask for DCFC and Royal Derby Hospital We worked with Royal Derby Hospital to create a custom protective face mask for a Derby County football player. In the aerospace industry, timing is everything and capability, capacity and innovations are key drivers.
Bulldog Autogyro epm: technology partnered with an entrepreneurial ambition to create the Bulldog Autogyro.

F1 2015 Season Highlights In a year where Lewis Hamilton won his third F1 title, we recap the key moments of the 2015 season. Day 1 at #advengshow 2015 It’s been a fantastic day here at the NEC, as the team exhibit once again at Advanced Engineering UK - one of the most important events on the industry calendar. Concept cars, engineering case studies, test vehicles and supporting production builds are all part of epm’s support for the automotive industry.
Working with niche applications through to supporting line side requirements of the OE suppliers gives epm greater scope to the understanding of this important and growing sector for composite component requirements. Oh, just an all American story about a medical student whose mounting student loan debt forces her to drop out, join up with a salacious underground gentlemen’s club and suddently find herself performing illegal body modification surgeries to a myriad of bizarre, goth-esque clientele.
At epm: technology we have invested and built a technology-focused, high-performance engineering business understanding the challenges of specifying, testing and manufacturing complex composite components and sub-systems for aerospace uses.

Or game-changing, production processes are all helping the automotive industry move forward. Patterns, tooling, components, jigs and bonded, complex sub-systems are all key functions we engineer daily to meet the growing needs of each unique customer’s requirements.

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