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A hot drink, when reaching the campsite after a long day's walk, is also a great morale booster (put kettle on whilst putting tent up). A constant supply of energy is needed during the day and you can select from a range of track snacks such as flapjack, cereal bars, Clif bars, chocolate, dried fruit, mixed nuts and raisins, trail mix etc.
Be-Well has considerable experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke military rations and emergency rations using both wet RTE meals and light weight freeze dried food. Experience: Be-Well started making freeze dried ration in 1979 for the polar expeditions for Sir Ranulph Fiennes.
Getting your food and cooking right can really make a big difference to how much you enjoy your DofE expedition. Make sure you keep your food in something waterproof like a plastic bag (Ziploc bags work well). Tip: Emergency rations can be a treat at the end of an expedition, but to save money reuse the one from the practice expeditions for the qualifying expedition. Cooking on your expedition can be a great challenge and a way to make your expedition stand out. Expedition ready meals are designed to be high energy, low weight, easy to cook and easy to fit into your rucksack.
To help you cook, you can add scratch marks on the inside of your drinking mug to turn it into a measuring jug. By purchasing from DofEShopping.org, it helps us keep costs down which allows more young people to do their DofE. Drinking mugs can be converted into handy measures by scratching a few lines in the right place.
Please complete and submit the form below to register to receive news updates and great deals from DofE Shopping. The expedition team have reviewed and updated the kit list issued to Award participants and hope that the advice given here will help parents to equip their child properly but at minimum cost.
Mandatory kit is very much safety related and your child cannot be allowed to go on an expedition without all these items. Recommended kit is the minimum necessary to ensure acceptable levels of comfort given the variability of our weather and countryside conditions. The school carries a stock of kit that can be hired at modest cost but more personal items will need to be bought or borrowed. This is the perfect system for clothing which is an excellent way to be comfortable in a wide range of outdoor conditions. A good base layer is crucial to being comfortable throughout your expedition in all weather conditions. Long sleeve base layers work well as you stay dry and warm in cooler conditions and don't get sunburnt in hot. Sometimes called a 'cagoule' or 'cag', this is a vital item since it keeps out rain and wind.
Many materials are classed as 'breathable' in that sweat passes from layers underneath through the Jacket into the open air so inner layers stay dry. What will not do is a thin shower proof jacket such as those issued by BTYFC, or cheap single skin jackets. A good method of quickly judging whether a 'cag' if the right quality is whether or not the outer fabric has many smaller squares in it. Jeans are banned since they become stiff and heavy when wet, take ages to dry and ultimately can contribute to hypothermia.
Lightweight and cheap will do as it is not vital to have the same quality of material as you need in a jacket. These are vital for use on expeditions, and pupils may not take part in a trip without them! Boots can be hired from Countryside in Stevenage Old Town (tel 01438 353086), borrowed from the school (although we have limited stock), or bought.
Boots need to be comfortable but sturdy enough to do their job, and should be tried on with the socks that will be worn.
A spare pair will mean that if your feet get wet you can at least start off comfortably on the next day. The bulky bags used in caravans or frame tents are best avoided since they take up so much space in the rucksack. An ordinary polythene or traditional enamel mug will do, or you can splash out on an insulated stainless steel item.

In addition to the team first aid kit a small bag of plasters, blister kit, personal medicines, lipsalve, and maybe a small bandage.
Preferably things like cereal bars or dates that you won't be too tempted to eat unless you need to.
Useful if you need to know the time, which you will do if you want to know how early you can get up in the morning, and more importantly, how long it takes you to complete certain 'legs' of your walk. The sun is stronger than you might think, and when you are out of doors for the whole day sun cream is a necessity in Spring and Summer.
Factor 20 or more is best, even if you are fairly dark skinned and think you burn less than others. These are given to each Award participant prior to their practice expedition and it is expected that they will keep this to use for their assessment. Nutritious and energy providing, much more useful than chocolate, and they won't melt either!
Important since pupils will be away from adult help for some time should a problem occur which needs immediate action. The school has high quality Trangia stoves for hire which burn meths and are very safe to use. Gas or "Gaz" stoves are OK although not great in windy conditions, and are not very stable. If using your own liquid fuel stove the fuel must be carried in a purpose made container such as a Sigg fuel bottle, and in the case of meths, not the plastic bottle in which it is bought. If you are using a stove other than a Trangia, you may need separate pans to cook with and eat from. Half a roll or less, squashed flat and kept in a plastic bag (zipped freezer bags are good), is perfect for a few days. Food needs to be cooked within the tent group to make the most efficient use of the stove, pans and fuel. Dried meals are good for backpacking, but if carrying tins, remember the opener (see pocket knife) and the fact that it is heavy.
If buying, get a version with a good baseplate (as apart from a simple circular compass), and a rotating bezel. A 'brew' is important part of any trip and a hot drink can be helpful for cheering people up. For example, a measured amount of porridge together with the milk powder and the sugar in a plastic bag makes for a quick and efficient breakfast. If you are going on an Assessment Expedition away from North Herts., you will also have to bring food for the journey up, the first nights evening meal, and following morning's breakfast. These can be anything suitable for cooking on an outdoor stove but not necessarily suitable for carrying in a rucksack as you will never have to carry it in a rucksack! Since then we have become the main supplier of light weight rations to the UK MOD and several international military and emergency organisations. It is one of the best team activities of your Expedition section and is an opportunity to think creatively and impress your Assessor.
You'll get much more out of cooking from scratch, but you are allowed to use light weight ready-made expedition meals.
Depending on the length of your expedition and how big you are, you'll need to get through between three, four or even five thousand calories every day.
Some teams who want a more project focused expedition have made cooking their aim and then prepared elaborate three course meals for lunch and a posh afternoon tea break with the assessor being the food critic (you’ll still need to have a full evening meal too though).
The kit list is designed to ensure safety and comfort during outdoor expeditions, but not everything has to be obtained by every participant.
Look at clothes you already have as sports clothing or a thermal top will do the job perfectly if it is made of Polyester. In addition it must transport perspiration away from the base layer to keep you dry and warm. They provide support for feet and ankles, and much better grip on wet and rough ground than other footwear. If buying, remember that the feet of Bronze participants are still growing and boots may not get the wear to justify the cost.
They make the walking comfortable and, importantly, they help prevent blisters and chaffing of the feet that can make walking unpleasant or even unbearable!
It is also possible that you may not get to your campsite until after sunset, and you will be spending some of your waking hours in your tent after dark.

Any properly sealed metal or plastic bottle of about 500 ml capacity will do, such as a soft drinks bottle. Do not use for the actual rucksack liner however, as they are simply not strong enough for this. A small bottle of shampoo or shower gel for washing, a nearly finished tube of toothpaste, and a toothbrush are the basics.
The internationally recognised signal is 6 short blasts followed by a minute's silence followed by another six blasts until help arrives. The school has a large range of rucksacks, chosen by the KT expedition team to be perfect for the job. The lower end of the price range will be adequate for Bronze, but do try the sack on with some weight or bulk inside it.
Burning and being very sore is a real problem during the journey, as is heat exhaustion if you don't wear a hat.
However, wearing wet boots that have made your feet sore during the day can be a pain in the campsite at night. By all means bring some chocolate to make you feel good but do not rely on it for sustained energy. They contain many small tools which are useful in the right situations, including scissors, tin opener, blades, file. These should be light, and comprise at least two pans and a lid (which can double as a plate) for either two or three people. Matches can be stored in an old film canister to keep them dry, along with 2 striking edges cut from the matchbox. On wild camps some matches kept with the toilet roll ensures the ability to burn it responsibly. Today we manufacture meals and rations for the major brands in the extreme adventure sports world and we have been able to maintain a leading position in providing military organisations with light weight, high calorie rations. These meals from Beyond The Beaten Track will provide you with all the nutrition and energy you need to keep going. Some items are mandatory , some are recommended , and some can be shared amongst camping or walking groups. Fleece is perfect for this, again made from polyester, it can be worn as the outer layer unless rain or wind is encountered. However, as long as it is genuinely waterproof and of a robust construction it will be adequate. There is lots of choice from the highly priced Petzl torches to perfectly adequate head torches from places like Lidl. A small towel means about 30x40 cms or so - not a bath towel which is heavy and will takes ages to dry! If someone hears you, they will answer with three short blasts followed by a minute's silence and so-on. It is sensible therefore to have some coins specifically put aside for use in a public telephone box in an emergency. They don't soak up water and so can be placed under the groundsheet of the tent, still providing insulation but also protecting the groundsheet. They should have sufficient guying points to ensure that the tent is stable in high wind and also ensure that the fly sheet does not touch the inner which will encourage leaking.
You can change into dry clothing at the end of the second day which you have left in the mini-bus so you do not need to carry more than you actually need. The weather is unpredictable in this country and unless the participant is suitably equipped any resulting discomfort could in poor conditions lead to danger for the whole group.
You can also put up with most things for just one night and do without the little 'gismos' for that time. If even one person is not suitably equipped they may have a problem which could stop the other members of the team from completing the expedition, or worse, having to deal with a person who has fallen ill or had an accident.
Another characteristic is that there will be no snow baffles around the inside of the lower part of the coat and the fact that it will NOT be lined with fleece or other insulation.
It is imperative therefore, that each member of the party is suitably equipped for the journey, with the expectation of poor weather and rugged terrain.

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