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Follow the men and women of the Army, Navy, Drug Enforcement Administration, Coast Guard and other forces through the chaos of battle with real-life, first-person footage.
Specialist Travis Staats is part of the route clearance team – their job is to go ahead of the convoys in specialized vehicles known as HUSKYs to make sure there are no IEDs on the road ahead. The relationship between a military person and their camera has existed for generations, since the advent of cameras small enough to carry on one’s person [WWII].
When you do go through significant footage, how does the video compare to the real life experience? These days, like with my last deployment to Afghanistan, I would say about 50 percent, if not more than that, of our guys had helmet cameras, or a camera of some sorts to video tape things.  A few years ago, 2006, and so not many people had helmet cams, nobody even thought about it.
The show is great but I am hearing impaired and the closed captions on the show flash by so fast you cannot read it. Also the video that is used is of other soldiers material which was not given consent to use for this series. We are extremely proud to have our music featured in the latest Buffalo Wild Wings commecial about true champions!
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Happy to announce that our music is featured on Discovery's Alaskan Bush People, on the NFL Channel, in Nat Geo's How Human Are You, and in Barabara Walters Her Story!!! Check out our Music on The Science Of  Interstellar on Discovery,Science, and AHC Channel and BBC's Crimewatch!!! In other news, we are delighted to be back on Season 2 of Billa's Bilderbuchkarriere, providing all music and mixes for the videos. Our music is featured throughout Season 2 of the popular game show Total Blackout and on Haunted Collector, both on the Syfy Channel!!! REELTRACKS is extremely proud to announce that our latest action trailer tracks will now be available exclusively through Immediate Music - best known for virtually all high octane music placed in blockbuster film trailers. A somewhat thankless job that is known by few but saves hundreds of service men and women’s lives every day. Today helmet cameras are enabling audiences around the world to experience military combat in an extremely personal way. The video and events that are told in this are from completely different times and days throughout the deployment. Not to mention that there is possible classified information given in this interview with Spc Staats.
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Eyewitness War: Bomb Squad Boom follows the first-hand account of Specialist Travis Staats’ fatal encounter with an explosive IED device and the rescue mission that saved his life. Also, happy to announce that once again our latest trailer music will be represented exclusively by industry heavy- weight Immediate Music! Through the point-of-view perspective of his helmet cam, it is apparent that it is one thing to hear these stories but to witness them from a soldier’s perspective is a totally different experience.
Check out our trailer track 'Fight The Machines' on Hollywood heavy-weight Immediate Music's latest release!!! Segment Producer Trey Bozillieri and Specialist Staats talk further about war photography and the use of new technologies such as the helmet cam below.

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