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For an overview of combat shotgun models in the Fallout series of games, see combat shotgun. The Terrible Shotgun is a unique variant of the combat shotgun and has the second highest damage of all weapons in the Small Guns category. The Terrible Shotgun can fire a total of about 146 rounds, the equivalent of 13 reloads, from full condition before breaking. Like all other Mojave Wasteland plants, ripe banana yucca plants found in the wasteland will eventually regrow after the Courier picks them, making them an unlimited supply of free food.
Banana yucca fruit can be found in various places throughout the wastes, especially around packs of bighorners, as the bulls prefer to spawn or graze nearby them.
Several of them are located alongside the road that leads to Jacobstown, the area starts at Ruby Hill Mine and ends near Silver Peak Mine, All of the spawn points can be easily spotted from the road if walking between the two mines.
There are four plants growing in Westside, in the northeast corner (near the entrance to the North cistern). Old World Blues (add-on) Dried version, one of the items converted from the seed package north of Dionaea Muscipula, across the pipe.
Old World Blues (add-on) One can be acquired every 3 in-game days after the completion of Field Research, once you have upgraded the biological research station. Old World Blues (add-on) A large amount can be acquired by converting the plant matter found in The Sink into Salient Green at the upgraded biological research station, and then using an electric hot plate to convert it to banana yucca fruit. Hydra appears as a "Supa Yum"-brand soda bottle with three sealed glass vials of liquid taped around its middle, each one with a thin rubber tube feeding their contents up to the mouth of the bottle.
Like a doctor's bag, hydra is used to restore health to crippled limbs, making it especially useful in Hardcore mode where stimpaks or sleeping in a bed one doesn't own (from having rented or being given the room) won't heal these injuries.
One can be found in the NCR Correctional Facility in the first room on the left in cell block A, on the floor in front of the second bed on the left.

One can be found on a table inside Pretty Sarah's room, 2nd floor of Casa Madrid Apartments. The only reliable source present in all versions of the game is Jack, one of the drug dealers working at the Red Rock Drug Lab.
Lonesome Road (add-on) Tunnelers frequently drop two cave fungi upon death, making them a reliable source of cave fungus next to the Zion Canyon that does not risk Legion Infamy. This chem is named after the Hydra in Greek mythology, which regrew two heads in place of every one head severed. For the squirrel on a stick that appears in the Fallout series of games, see squirrel on a stick.
A squirrel on a stick is a squirrel that has been skewered with a stick and roasted over an open flame. Classic boxed Cram with a bit more kick to it.[citation needed] It is also slightly more filling than the regular variety.
3 can be found in the Searchlight fire station, upstairs in the kitchen with various other irradiated food. Lonesome Road (add-on) Can be found in the Courier's Mile along with other irradiated food. The weapon has a far larger spread than normal shotguns, and full damage is only done if all pellets hit, making it most effective in close-quarters.
If all nine pellets critical hit at the same time (such as in a point-blank sneak attack critical attack), the weapon's total critical damage is 9 x 40 =360. There are another 3 growing due west (still within Westside), halfway between Klamath Bob's, and Miguel's.
Due to the Legion's disapproval of using modern medicine, some Legionaries attempted to develop a different means to help them heal damaged limbs.

It has the advantage over doctor's bags in that it is weightless and it will continue to slowly heal the crippled wounds over 60 seconds. If this happens one will suffer a negative hit to statistics (-3 Endurance) unless more hydra is used, Fixer is used, or a doctor is seen. If one has a high enough Survival skill to make the drug, a positive reputation with the Great Khans and has convinced Jack or Diane to start making medical supplies through either a Speech or Barter check (66 in both cases) he can be taught the recipe for hydra and he'll begin stocking it for sale.
After the patch, the cave fungus drop rate was significantly increased, especially on Legionary scouts, and the requirement was changed to only one cave fungus. Given that you do not reload until the current magazine is expired you will have 10 reloads before the gun begins to jam, but the gun will only have three chances to jam before it breaks. To do that, they combined cave fungus with antivenom, developing hydra - a curative agent which both anesthetizes and restores crippled limbs over time. In a tough fight, where one might receive crippling wounds several times, a single dose of hydra can heal them as they are received. Add in the base 80 power of the weapon, and then double the damage because of the sneak attack bonus, and the weapon's total damage turns 1240, quite close to that of the Fat Man.
Despite its origins in the Legion, this drug has since seen extensive use throughout the entire Mojave Wasteland, including NCR field hospitals. In fact, if the damage is increased further with a head shot, this weapon's destructive power against a single target becomes even greater than the Fat Man, being able to kill even a super mutant behemoth with a single sneak attack critical head shot.

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