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Use gun shows or department and a piece of property you really require is someone who can communicate. If you have firearms, keep them with you, as many desperate people will potentially get violent. In times of need you either stick to your morals and die, or survive, so be ready to do anything to protect yourself and family. Remember that an EMP doesna€™t always come from a detonating warhead, coronal mass ejections can cause this too. The likeliness that every person youa€™ve ever known whoa€™s friend or family will survive is not 100%.

Dona€™t try to ride a horse without proper training, it can result in serious injury or even death. If you are serious about having a good contingency plan when It HTF, then you should be able to build a survival shelter in the wilderness. There may be many reasons for you to leave you home and head for a safer place like the wilderness. Planes in the air will fall, since they are controlled by computers and electronic circuits.
Dona€™t let anyone you dona€™t know well and dona€™t know if they wona€™t do anything bad into your BOL.

It only makes sense to build a survival shelter that is away from it all; one that can get you through the rough times especially if your main house is destroyed. Choosing the right area in the wilderness to build your survival shelter is therefore a critical decision.
Once you decide on the location for the shelter you will need to build a protective shelter.

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