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In watching the coverage of how life has changed since the 9-11 disasters, it reminded me of the importance of having a family disaster plan.  Having a plan is especially important since cell phone service is often disrupted during a disaster. In the case of a tornado, designate the safest place in your home to meet and hunker down.  Review and practice your escape plans often. In addition, if applicable for your family, you may want to include diapers and baby formula, medications or diabetic supplies.  Also, antibacterial wipes or soap.
I found a handy fill-in-the-blank family emergency plan which also includes wallet-size cards that can be given to each family member.  These are especially helpful for children and elderly people. In the event of a disaster, people in the disaster zone can provide information about their well-being and status. Following the 2005 hurricane season, the Red Cross developed the Safe and Well website, which enables people within a disaster area to let their friends and loved ones outside of the affected region know of their well-being.
Nobody wants to experience a disaster, but being prepared can improve safety and chances of survival.  Take some time with your family members to make a disaster plan today and share this article with your friends and family!
All the preparation in the world will not matter if you do not also plan out the specific course of action you will take when a disaster strikes.
The Family and Youth Services Bureau and its National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth work to end youth homelessness, teen pregnancy, and family violence. And here are some practice worksheets to see if you have understood the concepts.  DO THEM! Look through your notes from class, and go back through all the blog posts on atomic structure, the Periodic Table, electron configuration, metals vs non-metals, ionic and covalent bonding, Lewis structures, writing formulae, balancing equations et al. Hooray!  You did such a good job on the first glogster assignment, your teachers have decided to give you another one. Here is the link to the video demonstrating what happens when you mix the more reactive alkali metals with water.  We will do Li and Na in class, but nothing quite as exciting as this!
The article goes over some problems that have developed with the glazing units in a 1980's sunspace, and then details the full repair and a better way to mount the glazing units.

This greenhouse uses a blower located in the peak to blow hot air through a water to air heat exchanger. Detailed description of a scheme to collect heat from a large compost pile -- somewhat similar to the Jean Pain piles.
By logging onto the Red Cross public website, a person affected by disaster may post messages indicating that they are safe and well at a shelter, hotel, or at home, and that they will contact their friends and family as soon as possible. It basically covers most of what is in this section on Low Thermal Mass sunspaces in a very readable form -- a good place to start learning about the LTMS. This appears to be mostly in the conversions between English and Metric units when they give both, but there may be other problems as well. During large-scale disasters, there will be telephone-based assistance via the 1-866-GET-INFO hotline for people who live within the affected areas and do not have Internet access, but wish to register on the Safe and Well website.
The most effective way to combat these destructive elements is to have a clear, comprehensive, well-practiced response plan in place.
It may, in the event of a blizzard or large-scale power outage, simply require that everyone should stay put and wait for the crisis to pass. It may also require aggressive action on the part of facility staff (for example, to put out a fire or resolve a medical emergency). Consider the large-scale disasters that you selected in the previous chapter-which ones would require evacuation, and which ones would have you sheltering within the facility?On the next page, you will see a completed disaster response plan that uses the template found in Appendix H.
This space is for breaking down, in as much detail as possible, the steps that you, your staff, and youth will take in response to the disaster at hand. The answer to the big question, in this case, is to remain in place—the staff and youth will take shelter in the facility safe room.
While the on-duty support staff take responsibility for moving youth there and handing out critical supplies, the director (or lead staff person) takes responsibility for turning off the gas, closing exterior doors and windows, and shutting off lights.
Once the entire facility population is in the safe room, they use their battery-powered radio to listen for weather updates; when the all-clear is announced, they leave the safe room and check the facility for damage.

If the facility is no longer habitable, the local or regional evacuation plan comes into play.Below the procedures area is a space to list the critical supplies and resources that the specific disaster scenario demands.
Since there is a possibility that an evacuation will be necessary in the wake of a tornado, this plan calls for distribution of all the facility’s Go-Bags.
The first aid kit, if not already in the safe room, would be brought there as well, in addition to extra flashlights and a battery-powered radio for listening to weather updates as they are broadcast.The area below the supplies and resources section is for listing emergency contact information that applies to the specific disaster scenario.
For example, a response plan for a medical emergency might list the local fire, rescue squad, and police emergency numbers. Since the only real response to a tornado involves sheltering and riding it out, there is no number listed here.The final area on the form is for detailing the recovery processes that will help return life to normal when the disaster is over.
Review everything you’ve done so far and consider your facility, your resources, and your staff.
No one plan can account for every possible nuance of every disaster—the best you can hope for is that, by taking the time to anticipate your response, you will be prepared to handle any situation when it arises.
But take a few moments now to walk through the fire response plan above.Obviously, the answer to the big question here is evacuation. The first step requires the person responding to the fire to pull the fire alarm, which is the facility’s signal for an immediate building evacuation, the plan for which is referenced in the procedures.
This plan, already designed, specifies who is responsible for gathering needed supplies, what the procedures are for getting to the rally point, and so on.Next, the responder must evaluate the situation. Depending on the extent of the fire, he or she would either attempt to extinguish it using a portable fire extinguisher (step 3) or seal off the affected area to help prevent the fire’s spread to other parts of the facility (step 4). Make additional copies of the disaster response plan template (Appendix H) and begin drafting response plans for each one.

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