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In February we posted an article about Oklahoma’s dramatic rise in earthquakes and that residents should prepare themselves for more earthquakes to come.
If a major earthquake does hit, it is likely to cause catastrophic damage to the major metropolitan areas of Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Wichita, and all areas around these cities, especially within the triangular shape that these three cities create (see the red area on Oklahoma & Kansas in the map above). During the past couple years there has been a lot of debate on what is causing the sudden surge of quakes in Oklahoma and Kansas. If theses earthquakes are human-induced as a result of waste water injection wells from fracking then this problem could be silently growing in other parts of the country as oil & gas fracking is now the industry standard. Lets not talk about the devastation and the doom and gloom that follows a major earthquake, but rather about how this will effect you directly and what you need to do to be prepared. A major quake will make many of the roads impassable and the power will be out for a long period of time. If your home is severely damaged and is unsafe to live in you will need some type of temporary shelter.
So there you have it – your earthquake preparedness plan needs to include food, water, and shelter. Our Family Disaster Survival Kit for the home is the perfect 72 hour Disaster Grab and Go bag for earthquake preparedness for the family. We never sell, share or rent your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances. That morning I was in Managua, Nicaragua, with a group of students from John Carroll University. Below are a few reflections from members of the Ignatian family on experiences of challenge and solidarity they experienced in connection with the Haiti earthquake.
May the Haitian people and all those who lost their lives as a result of the 2010 earthquake continue to be in our hearts and prayers.
In July 2010, I travelled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, leading a group of three others on a service-learning trip for International Samaritan, a non profit organization based out of Ann Arbor, MI and founded by a Jesuit priest with the mission to improve the lives and living conditions of people residing in garbage dump communities throughout the world.
When I saw these young men enter our volunteer house, I knew that there was hope for Haiti.  Working side by side with the Haitians, I realized they have both the motivation to succeed and a persistent hope their lives will get better.
Even though I have been home for about a month now, I cannot stop thinking about what I saw, felt, heard, and experienced.
Despite the suffering I witnessed, I am extremely grateful for the work of the Jesuits in Haiti and for the Foi et Joie school system. If you are interested in volunteering in Haiti or would like to donate to help Haiti, please contact International Samaritan at or 734-222-0701 (614 S.
Immokalee, Florida is a town in southwest Florida that consists of a large, migrant farming population of folks from mainly from Mexico, Guatemala, and Haiti.
One experience I particularly had was emotionally supporting and standing in solidarity with a Haitian high school student I was privileged to call my friend. I think the best way to honor the legacy of the people who lost their lives or their livelihoods in Haiti in the 2010 earthquake is to continue to question what systemic inequalities and oppressions continue to exist in the country today that contributed to much of the man-made devastation that accompanied the earthquake.
About:The Ignatian Solidarity Network (ISN) is a national social justice network inspired by the spirituality of St. On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, a catastrophic 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, killing over 200,000 people.
We take the hands of our brothers and sisters in Haiti and we offer them our love and support. So, for those of you who can make donations, here is a list of outstanding charities that specialize in disaster relief. View full sizeCHRIS KNIGHT, The Patriot-NewsHaitian family Vonette and Wesler Angerville, with their kids Chrystelle, 4, Wesley, 11, Waynette, 15, and Vanessa, 21, at their home in Susquehanna Township.
Lebanon, the mood was somber at Caribbean Food and Wings restaurant, where Haitians gather, said Sandra Simon, who owns the restaurant with her husband.
Are you prepared to be self sufficient for days, weeks, or even months depending upon the severity of the earthquake? We also touched a little on whether or not the quakes are human-induced or a result of mother nature. Then on the next day, Monday the 28th, the USGS released the first-ever hazard map for human induced earthquakes.

Never before in our recorded history has there been such a large scale upsurge of continuous earthquakes and never before has the USGS released a human-induced earthquake hazard map. According to some articles there has been enough science that suggests that the upsurge in quakes is human-induced mainly due to waste water injection wells from the sheer volume of oil & gas fracking in the area combined with high-angle faults. There are shale formations all across the country that contain prime reserves of natural gas. If you live anywhere near an earthquake risk area, your family earthquake preparedness plan will need to include three basic but very important items – food, water, and shelter.
You will not be able to travel to find supplies and stores will not be able to restock their shelves as the supply trucks can’t get through.
The first thing that usually comes to mind is canned food and boxed goods from the grocery store. Chances are that if the roads are impassible you will not be able to travel to a community shelter facility and even if you did it may be full by the time you get there. Army Veteran and has a decade of experience with natural disasters as a catastrophe claims adjuster.
Store in your bedroom to have your disaster preparedness supplies at your fingertips when you are most vulnerable. We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation. Working in the tent camps, I have seen a poverty I cannot even describe, with thousands of people living in unbelievable conditions.
But sure enough, the Haitian workers (who I can call my own brothers) made their way through the storm, arriving completely drenched at the volunteer house but excited nonetheless to spend the evening with us.
Not only were they skilled in their professions, they were motivated to make their lives better. It is through this work and this school system that I see Haiti moving toward a hopeful future. I was living in Immokalee when the 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, and the sense of urgency, compassion, and loss for the Haitian population in the town weighed heavy on many hearts. He waited for almost a week from hearing from his mother who was still in Port-au-Prince, and his faith was astounding — while many would be scared to death, he prayed everyday that his mother was alright and knew that she was. Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere amongst many developed nations, most notably our own. Well, it happened again, more earthquakes have struck this area and other areas of the country are now at high risk according to the Unites States Geological Survey (USGS).
Right now the quakes are still relatively minor in terms of the magnitude it takes to create a major disaster; however, some experts believe these quakes are the warning signs (like the rumbling before an erupting volcano) leading up to a major catastrophic event. Many of these shale formations have already been tapped into and others will be getting tapped as the years go by.
With the road infrastructure damaged and power grid down it will be a while before stores will be able to provide basic supplies to the general public.
This may be a cheaper short term fix for the time being but will end up costing you in the long run. If you live within walking distance to a water source (creek, river, lake, pond, etc.) you can simply filter the water as you need it. During Darren’s catastrophe experience he has seen the toll it takes on families who are unprepared. This emergency Family kit is packed with same first aid supplies as in the ''Real'' First Aid kit. Most tents measure 8 ft x 8 ft, have no electricity or running water, and bathrooms are scarce.
For example, Francois (the leader of the Carpentry team) is 22 years old and lives with his mother and two brothers in a tent, which I had the privilege of seeing. I distinctly recall the entire community coming together to support all of their loved ones and the loved ones of their friends by collecting food, clothing, and money to send to Haiti, which was such a touching experience as many folks in Immokalee have very little as it is. Several of his other family members suffered tragic losses, specifically his aunt who lost her leg and was hospitalized for several days and several cousins who were tragically killed. In terms of solidarity, we should continue to reflect on and to question how our actions have been affecting the people of Haiti and contributing to this devastation.

ISN was founded in 2004 and is a lay-led 501(c)3 organization working in partnership with Jesuit universities, high schools, and parishes, along with many other Catholic institutions and social justice partners. For this reason he created this blogA  to help educate and spread awareness for disaster preparedness. Francois is extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn carpentry and is even more thrilled to earn a decent wage to help pay for his brothers’ education. I wonder if the hope I saw in the eyes of the Haitian workers will spread to those around them, even to those crowded into makeshift camps.
To be able to pray with him, support him during that loss, and learn the happy news of his mother being safe and well was such a humbling experience, and I will never forget him, or what all of the Haitian folks in Immokalee, went through and are still going through today.
What trade agreements, practices, or international relations do we have with them that are contributing to their socioeconomic discrepancies and poverty? The first half of this article talks about what is currently going on in one part of the country and is a good example of why you may be at risk where you live.
Canned food and boxed goods typically expire within a few years and don’t contain much in the way of nutrition due to the canning or manufacturing process. The CDC recommends 1 gallon of water needed per person per day for preparation of food, drinking, and personal hygiene.
I still to this day feel a sense of solidarity with him and that community during that extremely difficult and tragic time.
What medical resources are available to have aided or acted as a preventative for the cholera outbreak?
The second half of the article talks about the most important items to include in a preparedness plan. It is a good idea to have water stored away but to also having a water filtration system as a backup in case you run out of water.
If you haven’t been camping then pick up a tent and take your family camping to get a feel for it.
Concerned about being trapped in your bedroom by a door that has jammed following an earthquake?
What forms or oppression exist both nationally within Haiti and internationally that contribute to its people’s marginalization, and what can we do about it? If water filtration is your primary water option then be sure to have a second water filtration system on hand in case the first one gets damaged or malfunctions for any reason. Our solution is to pack a 15 inch pry bar in every Family Disaster Survival kit to enable you to quickly pry open any jammed door to reach your family. Even though the earthquake is no longer in the headlines, solidarity is remaining bound up in the people of Haiti’s journeys and working together to overcome this great natural disaster but also man-made tragedy. Your tenting accommodations need to be somewhat comfortable so you don’t end up pulling each others hair out.
Be sure to camp at a site that doesn’t have running water or electricity as this will mimic a realistic survival situation. You can get an idea of what it is like to try to conserve water when cleaning dishes, brushing your teeth, personal hygiene, etc. Our kits are custom and well thought out by disaster preparedness expert Captain Wayne Bennett.Of course the Family Kit comes with four high energy Food Bars, each with 2400 calories providing each family member with 800 calories of food per day for proper energy and nutrition. Over and over, they called their families and friends in Haiti, hoping for some word of their survival. During your camping trip take notes on things you need to work on or other supplies you may need to make life more comfortable for you. Rodrigue Mortel worried for his cousin and nieces in Port-au-Prince, near the epicenter of the worst earthquake there in 200 years.
On Wednesday, he was trying to find the quickest way to get there to lend medical assistance.

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