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This evening Marilyn Stowe had the great honour of delivering the prestigious Mark Bailey Lecture 2016 at the Grammar School at Leeds.
The title of my lecture is Family Law Practice and Procedure in the 21st Century –Fit for purpose? What I intend to do in this lecture is explain about the people and their problems we family lawyers routinely come across, the laws to be applied and then consider what happens in practise.
The thinking behind keeping the little woman covered, was over time, genuinely paternalistic.
But because of the injustices suffered by women, the Judges began to act, first through the ecclesiastical courts and thereafter from 1857 when the Family Division in the High Court began.
It took until 1882 for women to achieve property rights in a law called the Married Women’s Property Act  which still exists today.
It can certainly be seen that for a woman, typically the child carer, the homemaker, the lower earner, it has taken over 1000 years for her to achieve equality in family law and to be able to freely access the courts. During my lifetime, there have been greater changes to society than ever before, mainly I suppose, because in 1960 of the availability of the contraceptive pill.
We the Baby Boomers, are the first post war generation of achievers who have said “yes, we can” and untroubled by war, we’ve worked hard and had fun along the way, to get it.
Back when I was growing up, not far from here, I lived in a crescent of semi-detached houses off Street Lane, and in each house on the street there lived two married opposite sex parents and their two or three children.
That means 30 per cent of all families in this country no longer include a married family and the fastest growing family of all is the unmarried, cohabiting family. They include families where the parents have been divorced and chosen to either cohabit or marry another partner. What of the children in all these assorted families, whether living with a single parent or several parents or people acting in loco parentis? The figures include children who have been born to married or unmarried cohabiting or separated parents, and children who are living with a step parent and parent.
The children of a family might be adopted, by their parent and step parent who are married or unmarried. The family might not be originally from this country, they may lead truly transnational lives and it is difficult to pinpoint where they permanently reside.
The family might be comprised of parents in what we call a “limping marriage” divorced in one legal system, yet considered still married in another. It is now possible for single people and couples whether same sex or opposite sex to have a child which biologically may or may not be genetically related to them.
In some cases a child will have genetic parents, who may not have any legal relationship with each other, but whose gametes are used to create a child in a test tube, then implanted into a host mother, a surrogate. She will give birth to a child, in this country or abroad.
But has the law kept up with the pace of this tsunami of change in our society which created more family law problems to be solved than ever could have been foreseen fifty years ago? Let’s take a quick look at the range of family law which now exists for our 21st Century families.
We have law that enables certain types of marriage and law that regulates the breakdown of any marriage. There is law that regulates the treatment of children in the public law sector, and in private disputes. Disagreements constantly arise;- for example in private children cases how time should be divided between parents, (and I have had my runins with Fathers for Justice), but in my opinion the Children Act 1989, still in force today, gives the court wide discretion to determine the best interests of the child and despite concern as to whether it is too child-focussed rather than family focussed, overall it does work.
There is now law to regulate surrogacy that too has its modernisers because in only a few years surrogacy has become more mainstream and there is also specific law to regulate treatment by IVF. We have also signed worldwide treaties so as to regulate the abduction of children to and from a vast number of countries worldwide. The Hague Conventions of 1980 and 1996 come to mind. EU law is not the same I should point out as the European Convention on Human Rights which came into force in 2010 as a result of which there was added yet another complimentary layer to our jurisprudence. When this happened, I was invited to give a speech at the family law conference held by the University of Staffordshire in Stoke and I chose for my subject the tension between certain articles in the ECHR.
I was concerned by the tendency to keep private, public law cases involving local authorities and children, yet widely publicise private family law cases, particularly in relation to money. In my own particular field, finances in divorce, I have been amazed at how the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 can still govern finances, and still work, in such changed circumstances, for all couples, no matter their circumstances – but it does. That is because the court must take into account the relevant factors, all of which are set out at Section 25, and apply them to each case as it thinks fit. Even though times have changed the law has stayed the same but its interpretation has changed.
And applying the same factors of the same law, it works too for all those whose wealth is modest. In all cases no matter the level, full frank honest and continuing disclosure is required and stringently enforced by the court, so justice is not only done but seen to be done. For the short marriage, the long marriage, young and old, the very poorest and the billionaires, all those with different needs, obligations and responsibilities, for those with disabilities, those who do work and don’t want to work, for those with matrimonial and non-matrimonial assets, there is law.
What we strikingly don’t yet have, is law about cohabitation, despite all those cohabiting families and it being the fastest growing type of family in our country.
I was a member of the Legal Advisory Group to the Law Commission in 2007, which called upon Government to provide specific cohabitation law -not, I stress, the same as divorce but some recompense for qualifying couples in a suitably long relationship or where there were children. My lecture this evening is not only about family law in the 21st Century, but also about practice and procedure. But that brings me to where things have begun to go horribly wrong and we are starting to go full circle back to the injustices of the past. Access to lawyers and thus informed legal advice has been steadily eroded as divorces have risen. Legal aid was a way to get all those modern people into court to deal with all their issues I mentioned this evening.
And at the end of the case, legal aid might be repayable, either immediately out of the assets recovered or by a statutory charge which carried interest and was repaid when a house was sold.
Faced with literally clogged courts under great pressure, and a protesting Judiciary, the government has announced its response- the closure of 86 courts across the country. If there is a smooth transition, planned to handle the disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of poorer litigants from the law and now physically from the courts themselves, it isn’t immediately obvious. But undeniably, whilst the Government ignores what the public do want and foists on them manifestly what they don’t, miscarriages of justice abound. Recently my firm acted for a mother who over a year later, couldn’t even get the ashes of her  dead son released from the undertaker for burial as his killer father refused her them. If I get a call from Good Morning Britain or This Morning, it will usually be a story of a miscarriage of justice or a system swamped by people with legal problems but no access to legal advice. I mentioned earlier the lack of cohabitation law, constantly ignored by governments, which causes injustice all round. So in conclusion, let’s stand back and take a look at what is happening right now, in the 21st Century, over 1000 years after rights were forcibly removed by law from Anglo Saxon women. The senior partner at Stowe Family Law, Marilyn Stowe is one of Britain’s best known divorce lawyers with clients throughout the country, in Europe, the Far East and the USA.
Furthermore, an interesting article but somewhat disappointing it is firmly touches on injustices and wrongs but then does n’t really seem to learn from them looking towards the future. Very much grab a gender label and use it to prejudge those who have that label, indeed hold the current guilty for the crimes going back millennia.
I feel very sorry for the individual that has does nothing wrong yet is guilty by statistical weight and pre-judgement.
With the myth of common law marriage, the law further enshrines the ideas that ignorance, not obtaining clarity, a lack of action, should be rewarded. I can only assume, that actually it is the establishment’s intention to keep the common law marriage myth going for the moment. It implies that any form of cohabitation or sexual relationship should result in an absolute moral justification that it should n’t be allowed to maintain separate assets or not have one individual become dependent on the other. Marriage takes very little account of what individuals bring into the matrimonial pot when dividing up during a divorce. At the same time (as mentioned in other threads) there is an absolute zero effort to educate people about the legal implications of getting married. Founded by Marilyn Stowe in 1982, Stowe Family Law has grown to become the UK’s largest standalone family law firm with offices in Central London, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester & Hertfordshire. Divorce & Splitting Up by Marilyn Stowe is the essential how-to book for anyone who is getting divorced or splitting up from a partner. Marilyn Stowe One of the UK’s best-known family lawyers, Marilyn Stowe has helped more than 12,000 clients.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Around 40 per cent of married couples in Canada are projected to divorce before they reach their 30th anniversaries.
But the authors of The New I Do, Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels say that a quiet marital revolution is already underway. You may know the term in its pejorative sense — a way to dismiss a marriage that lasts barely long enough to use the china from the wedding registry.
The new starter marriage is a time-limited agreement with the option to renew vows down the road and create a different kind of union going forward. There’s also a growing trend of people coming together for the primary purpose of having and raising children, not for romantic love. Marriage has been called a greedy institution because it sucks up so much of your time and energy, says Larson. Couples with this sort of arrangement have uninterrupted time to focus on their careers and they don’t fall into gendered patterns of chores, she adds. Instead of sitting in front of the TV or on their computers, they’re actually engaging with one another other when they see each other, she says. Marriage began as an economic arrangement between two families and, from a historical perspective, only recently became about love. News Corp executives spent Tuesday night celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Australian - a paper that has spent most of its life awash in red ink.
If you're looking for a terrarium to add a little greenery to your mid-century decor, then look no further. The wood version uses locally sourced lumber and simple Japanese joinery for construction, and might include bark or live-edge. If you would like more information or to view photos of Huy Bui's large scale installations, head over to Plant-in City. Two major political revolutions took place in the Western Hemisphere in the 18th century--the American War for Independence (1776-1782) and the French Revolution (1789-1815).

Advances in scientific knowledge, technology, and education in the 16th and 17th centuries had led the nations of Europe to a more expanded and sophisticated view of the world and to new understandings of the natural, inalienable rights of mankind. Corruption and reliance upon unquestioned, absolutist governing traditions in several of the major European monarchies in the 18th century led to political revolutions in America and France. Many historians make the mistake of linking the American Revolution and the French Revolution together, as if they were one in spirit and foundation. The american War for Independence of 1776 and its example in England, the Glorious Revolution of 1689, were both based upon biblical principles of government and the inalienable rights of persons created in the image of God. The French Revolution was guided by the more humanistic philosophies of the French philosophes of a century earlier who insisted that mankind could chart a new course to personal freedom in a just society quite apart from reference to religious principles. The American Revolution looked to historical, biblical foundations for its guidance and legitimacy. Three major Christian documents that guided the Founding Fathers of America were the Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos from the French Huguenots, and Lex Rex from Samuel Rutherford and the Scottish Covenanters. The American war for independence also was steeped in a long political tradition in England that cherished the inalienable rights of the individual person.
The French Revolution was based upon arbitrary principles drawn from what the ruling elite thought to be best at the moment. The French Revolution of 1789, because it was based upon arbitrary principles held by a ruling, humanistic elite, produced a constitution that experienced numerous writings and rewritings, adoptions and new adoptions, because the opinions of those governing the revolution, who were operating from a mere human point of view, were subject to trial and error.
Much later in Europe the same thing occurred in the Russian Revolution of 1917-1921 because it, too, was founded upon the faulty basis of human reason as articulated in Marxism. It is not technically correct to refer to the war between the American Colonies and Great Britain, which resulted in the formation of the United States of America, as a revolutionary war. The French learned much about the American War for Independence through their contacts with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, both who lived for a time in France as representatives of the new American nation. In the centuries leading up to the 18th centuries the two nations had been frequently at war. Previously, through an alliance with the royal house of Scotland, the French royal family virtually raised Mary, the young daughter of the king of Scotland, who had been promised as a virtual infant in marriage to their son of the same age. Although Scotland was a Calvinist nation, Mary was raised in Paris as a Roman Catholic and was thoroughly schooled in French monarchial absolutism.
Later as the banished queen of Scotland, Mary eventually was executed in England by royal decree after she was involved in several assassination attempts against Queen Elizabeth I, her cousin.
Earlier Louis XIV (1638-1715) of France, known as the War King, fought frequent wars in Europe, often against allied armies including the British.
During this same period of time the intense struggles between the Parliament in England and the Stuart Kings were taking place. And just prior to both revolutions in America and France, the Seven Years War (1754-1763) in Europe between France and Great Britain spilled over into the American colonies, and on the American scene the war was known as the French and Indian War.
13 independent colonies or commonwealths banned together to gain independence from a despotic king.
With roots deep in Biblical principles encoded in centuries of English law, an American Constitution was produced that has remained firm and constant with few amendments for over 200 hundred years. The French under King Louis XVI also had given heavy military and financial support to the Americans in their conflict with Great Britain and thus were heavily involved in the American struggle for independence. Later as the banished queen of Scotland, Mary eventually was executed inA  England by royal decree after she was involved in several assassination attempts against Queen Elizabeth I, her cousin. I may not appear to be an obvious champion of social justice but as this school knows, the only comment worth repeating on my school leaver’s report is that I had an interest in social work. I thought I was swimming alone against the tide with opinions which I don’t hesitate to publish on my blog, but I have been greatly encouraged by a book entitled Delivering Justice in the 21st Century edited by Maclean Eekelaar and Bastard, leading academics in the family justice field. The wonderful (and I use that adjective advisedly) current Supreme Court family Judge, Lord Wilson, gave an address entitled Out of his shadow, the long struggle for wives under English Law in Oxford in 2012.
He is a pragmatic, decent, fair judge and can be relied upon to always come up with the right decision. She could own her own property and she had the right to the keys of “the storeroom, the chest and the coffer” – she had the cash and the power. The last vestiges of the femme couverte remain even today, when on marriage a wife usually takes her husband’s surname.
On a recent trip to India, I learned that for Charles II that included on his marriage to Catherine of Braganza, Bombay.
Treatment of women was so unfair the courts found ways of mitigating against couverture, although divorce itself wasn’t permitted until 1837, except for the very rich who could obtain an Act of Parliament. In 1925 the Guardianship of Infants Act was passed so that issues about children were resolved in a child’s best interests. Sir Tom Jones recently gave an interview on the BBC when he said his underage girl friend became pregnant in the 1950s.
Civil partnership has the same effect as marriage, but there is a different procedure for entry into one. One parent might live in another country or also perhaps in another town or city, and his or her children move between the family units here or abroad. Or sadly, the parent living elsewhere may have deliberately chosen not to see his or child at all, or worse is being prevented from seeing his child.
They might be living in a marriage which we call void perhaps because they had no capacity to enter into it being too closely related.
We live in a material age of “we can have it all” and that applies too even to designer babies. Thus some families will have children growing up completely unaware they are not biologically related to their parents.
In English law despite her having no genetic relationship to the child she carried, she is nevertheless legally the child’s mother and if she is married, and he agreed to the treatment, her husband is the legal father. Lord Wilson gave another excellent speech entitled Marriage is Made for Man not Man for Marriage in February 2014, available on the Supreme Court website, when same sex marriage was about to become legal in this country. The right to respect for private and family life in Article 8 balanced against the right to freedom of expression in Article 10.
That has got much better recently for public law cases as a result of the work done by the President of the Family Division Sir James Munby – judgements can be widely read, albeit anonymised as it should be, but even worse in private cases, with one judge openly declaring that if parties in a financial dispute do not settle, he will publish warts and all.
But overall with this vast body of law, it requires skill and knowledge of the law to ensure fairness is done by the arguments of lawyers on both sides and ultimately by the Judge for each family. A woman who has lived with a man for 20 years can make no claim against him if he decides to trade her in for another model. Who do members of modern families approach for advice and help to resolve their host of legal problems? We have to meet stringent standards to practice and advise clients, which is unsurprising given the variety of client and work that comes their way. Legal aid used to be available too not only to those on state benefits but also to the middle classes who were assessed as eligible albeit with a contribution, so no one, no matter their financial circumstances, was denied access to the courts. It was extremely useful acting for a woman who wanted to stay in her home with the children but with her low or nil income had no obvious means of paying her legal fees. Mediation was heavily spun on the basis that it was cheaper than the courts and a panacea to all ills.
Despite all the best efforts of the Government, mediation as a replacement for the court process continues to fail.
We are told a digitalised online family law system is envisaged that can be accessed by the people without lawyers, but with reduced numbers of Judges, and it will focus on encouraging settlement as early as possible, albeit without access to legal advice.
As the Inspectors of the criminal digital system discovered, it simply isn’t possible to remove human beings from the provision of legal services. Recently I appeared on TV to discuss a couple whose child was wrongly adopted away from them. Can we be surprised at the lack of willingness to introduce more litigation, to further increase the strain on the courts, because of potential claims by desperate women, many with children, at the end of a marriage in all but name? That is why desperate wives of wealthy plutocrats flock here to our courts for their divorce. You may not see that as a reason for making the distinction but you can hardly deny that the difference exists. The very specific cliched, slightly bigoted example of a man going for a younger model is consistent with a one side argument.
Possibly the biggest decision you will every make in terms of legalities, property and further impact on your life. I like the point about the single parents and how can negatively affect their children’s lives. I just looked it up and he says the only thing he has against his partner is that he hasn’t just met her and he stays with her, which I think is a fair enough answer to this question (of trading in for either sex), I agree with you. Please note that due to the volume of questions now received by this blog, we regret that we cannot guarantee a reply to every one. What to do next if you don’t have a solicitorDebs on Grandparents: can’t see your grandchildren? But why must her representation of an alternative to the nuclear family be so boringly and bone-wearyingly conventional? That’s not terribly surprising, though, when you consider that the custom actually predates recorded history when hardly anyone lived into their 40s. Therapist Susan Pease Gadoua and journalist Vicki Larson uncovered a number of alternative marriage models while researching their book.
This only works if the relationship isn’t toxic and the couple co-parents well together, says Pease Gadoua. In fact, research shows that married people tend to do less for their communities and spend less time with friends and family than single people, she adds. But the recession gave people permission to marry for financial security or to have someone who could take care of the home, says Pease Gadoua. Inalienable rights are those rights granted by God to every individual in virtue of that person having been created by God in His own image.
These two political revolutions in the 18th century were based on entirely different purposes, foundations, and principles. It is true that both found energy and spark in the political writings of the Enlightenment, but they directions they took were very dissimilar.
It has produced a government that has consistently provided the peaceful transition of power from one Congress to the next and from one President to the next. It produced social unrest and political turmoil for almost 200 hundred years until the Fifth Republic was established in 1958.
In America, one constitution, political and social stability, peaceful transition of power through free elections, and one republic since 1788. First encoded in Alfred the Greata€™s Libre Ex Lege Moise (Book of the Law of Moses, or Alberta€™s Code), these inalienable rights found expression in the Magna Carta of 1215 and the English Bill of Rights of 1689--and then in the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the U.

In this revolution tyranny existed within the hands of either the 51% majority (the crowd riots which took place frequently in Paris), or a small ruling elite (the Committee on Public Safety led by Robespierre, and Napoleon). The marriage was arranged by the king of Scotland as insurance against threats of English invasion. As a Roman Catholic she could bring Scotland back into the Roman fold as well as foster the return of absolutism to Scotland.
When James II in 1688 was banished from England, he fled to France where Louis XIV gave him shelter. The British defeated the French and forced the French from all of its holdings east of the Mississippi River.
The American War for Independence was an excellent opportunity for France to weaken the British presence in America and to embarrass Britain in Europe. These two political revolutions in the 18th century were based on entirely differentA  purposes, foundations, and principles. A third document was Adam Smitha€™s Wealth of Nations which helped determine the economic philosophy of the new national--the free enterprise system. I am very willing to answer questions at the end of my lecture which is limited to England and Wales.
Lord Roos thus divorced Lady Roos in 1670, and another practical alternative from 1700 to 1850 was literally the sale of a wife by public auction. In divorce it took until 1973 for the Matrimonial Causes Act to finally set out one sole ground for divorce – the irretrievable breakdown of marriage proved by one of five facts, by either party. Both their parents had to consent to their marriage, but he said in those days there was no choice. The figures include people who are not at odds with their gender, but are cross dressers or transvestites. They might have been adopted from unknown biological parents via a process in this country or abroad. There are families where there are more than two parents, where babies have been created at will. The children may even meet and have relationships with people who are their siblings and they will not know.
Divorce reform is long overdue, but what is undeniable is there is now a vast body of family law and family case law which has developed over the last fifty years because of those changes, that rivals and arguably exceeds any other form of jurisprudence practiced in our courts. It is another brilliant speech in which he demonstrates how across countries and down the ages marriage has been devised to suit social circumstances. Things had to change and thus in White v White what needed to be said was said by Lord Nicholls in the House of Lords, and the principle of equal sharing became the starting point after reasonable needs have been met.
Not only do they mostly study at university, they have to sit professional exams and undergo a period of professional training. It takes two to tango but not every client wants to settle especially in the cases that make the papers, if there is a lot of money involved and it might be worth the costs to take the risk because the general rule in finances is each side pays their own costs. Legal aid was introduced for family matters in the late 1940s as part of the post war welfare state.
He quickly brushed off all my arguments about social responsibility of government to the population. People are ignoring the mandatory mediation route and voting with their feet by going to court, with or without a lawyer.
Or in reality will we develop a two tier justice system, one for the poor to struggle online, if they can, reaching out to someone, anyone, to help them:- and another fit-for-purpose family law system running alongside, for the richer folk who can afford to go to court, with judges and lawyers to advise them at the toughest times of their lives?
Perhaps if we prejudge, treat based on those assumptions… maybe we don’t deserve change? It also flies in the face of stopping the idea of assigning blame to relationship breakdown (no fault divorce; in the case of marriage) and pushes back to entitlement, compensation via a claim. For example; you could be the party not wanting an end to the relationship, have nearly all aspects of the relationship come to an end, yet then be expected to financially support the ex-partner for the rest of your life.
I am not sure which side I am in on the trading your partner in point, probably against and for the article. It’s no wonder the Pew Research Center found that almost half of millennials believe that marriage in its current form is becoming obsolete.
It means reframing the expectations of the marriage romantically, possibly including permission to go and date. The outcome of this investigation poses more of a threat to News Corp's future than the interest levels of the Murdoch family once Rupert steps back. These included the right of free speech, the right for self-determination, the right to own and maintain personal property, and the right to participate in a freely elected and representative government. The Protestant Reformation set forth important principles for the foundation for the revolutions of 1689 and 1776 with its insistence upon the worth and value of the individual in the sight of God and of the position of every Christian as a priest unto God. In France, since 1789, there have been two empires and two emperors, two re establishments of a monarchy, and five republics with several changes in constitutions.
It looked to the theories of the Enlightenment and the philosophes for its guidance and legitimacy. The Americans were fighting against that kind of government and would have fought against the French, had the French been the governing power in the American colonies.
And as a cousin to Henry VIII, she would be a viable candidate for the throne of England should there not be a living male heir at Henrya€™s death. The French had encouraged both Charles II and James II to re establish Roman Catholicism in England.
Fault remained for both sides to get an immediate divorce and this divorce law has endured unchanged from 1973 to the present day. But let’s not overlook that for most women having a family would and still does put them almost back to square one, the homemaker, the child carer and financially dependent on their partner. Some are people you would never imagine for a moment if you saw them in the street, but behind closed doors, husband may dress exactly the same as his wife. Originally intended to assist childless couples, it has gone well beyond that, to cater for everyone who wants a baby. Sexual attraction between close relations who meet out of the blue, is a recognised phenomenon of our modern “have it all” society. And thus the son’s parents transitioned from legal parents to legal grandparents and the child is left with a genetic and adoptive father but he has no mother. From permanently removing a child from its parents, to deciding whether 15 year old Rocco should live with Madonna or Guy Ritchie, to deciding the housing and child support a billionaire should provide for the son he refuses to acknowledge. Article 3 is the cornerstone of jurisdiction on divorce and which requires a race to issue proceedings, and whoever issues first in the EU country will hear a divorce but also the finances. And at the same time pension sharing came into effect which made a vast differences to the future of older women. It was surely a high point for the women or the poorer party (not always the woman by 2000) but it had taken 1000 years to get parity. She usually had the lower income, the children, the greater housing need, the greater maintenance requirement. It seemed to me then, that abolition of legal aid was a long-held, deeply entrenched ideology.
Latest figures show in 2014-15 less than 5,000 people attended a mediation meeting out of 112,000 applications to the family courts. They had no idea how to defend the serious and untrue allegations being made against them in the family and criminal courts.
We are indeed the envy of the world with our statutes and case law for every conceivable situation, with our incorruptible judiciary, with our insistence on doing and being seen to do, fairness and fair play. There are some very convincing arguments against the article and for modern throw it away approach also. The French Revolution ultimately enthroned the Goddess of Reason as its central national religious cult.
The French navy blockaded New York harbor and the peninsula of Yorktown in Virginia against the British navy. In fact it took a thousand years, until the year 2000 for the House of Lords to finally declare in the famous case of White v White that no distinction is to be made in law between the homemaker and the breadwinner. But in the 17th Century, the law changed slightly out of necessity when a wife was deserted. Her husband would literally put a rope around her neck and lead her to auction often for a leg of mutton.
Or it might just be a non-marriage because nothing about the ceremony bears any resemblance to what we would recognise in law as a marriage at all. So in English law a child born abroad to a surrogate may have legal parents in one country and none over here where he is intended to live. Marriage between first cousins in Bangladesh and Pakistan occurs in about half the marriages that take place but is prohibited in other countries, but not ours. How to regulate a pre-nup and a postnup which are becoming common, particularly in transnational cases and second marriages. As a consequence, the pressure on the courts has worsened as litigants clog up the courts because they don’t know what they’re doing.
It removed child support in 1993 from what I saw as its natural home, the court and the law.  Formulaic, regulation heavy, now in yet another reincarnation, it never did. In France he gives an example where it was permitted for a living person to marry someone who was dead.
No time to flee, I could only straighten those wobbly knees, smile and hope all would be well. As yet I don’t know the outcome of their attempts to reverse the adoption order but I do know it’s very difficult. And ultimately the law is applied in each case differently, with the Judges using their discretion. I was appointed in 1998 to head an accreditation system of family lawyers by the Law Society. It was incredibly successful and we had over 5000 accredited members, who had met a demonstrably high standard when I left six years later.
One determined party can string the other out, wear them down and over time oblige them to settle badly, because the weaker party cannot afford the protection of the court.
So mediation in reality is for many, who desperately need help with legal costs, often about the blind leading the blind. Judges are themselves protesting at the additional work load and complaining that there is no useful buffer any longer between them and the lay man, – namely the lawyers trained to administer the court system.

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