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So I was out walking with my sister last night and walking passed this house when I saw tracks I have NEVER seen before, and I'm an outdoorsy type raised by outdoorsy parents. They were shaped like the capital letter Y (bird is what came to mind) but they were between 8-10 inches long and they were alternating strides, left, right, left, right, except there were 5 or 6 feet between strides. I had considered great blue herons, but the stride is too long and herons have one toe too many. Rayzorblades wrote: There are no ostriches (at least native ones) in south western British Columbia. I would agree, if the prints were Y shaped, I would think that they were a bird, or at least something bipedal if there were alternating every 5 or 6 feet. Okay so the tracks I originally saw were snowed over by last night, however I found some new ones that I'll post pics of later on today. The night after these were taken I saw smaller ones that were a few feet apart like the first ones.

It was probably out looking for a small green frog, and a grouchy blue creature that inhabits garbage cans. I don't know any animals with four Y shaped feet, since the Y shaped feet usually implies a bird (although often it's a Y with a third bird-toe at the top in the middle). I'd be interested in seeing photographs, and GT asks some really good questions that I'd also like to know the answer too. I'd be interested in seeing photographs, and GT asks some really good questions that I'd also like to know the answer too.I don't know of any birds, especially locally with Y shaped feet. The original 5 feet apart ones had been snowed over but I found these ones that were closer together near these people's garage. I'd put the rest up but the flash off the snow kinda messed with the contrast so I'm going to run them through photoshop or something to try and clean them up. I should mention these tracks were in the snow and were fresh so there was no other footprints from people who could be pranksters.

There is a tremendous skill in deliberately directing your own thoughts that will yield results that cannot be compared with results that mere action can provide. If the tracks cross pavement, I'd chalk it up to man-made, as upu can leap just about 5 feet. I hope they're still there, it hasn't snowed at all today yet and it's the lawn of old people so no one ever walks on it.

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