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Tags: Faraday Bag, iPhone Case, iPhone Faraday Case, Mobile Phone Signal Blocking Faraday Bag, Signal Blocking Case. With the NSA now tracking phones even while they are completely turned off,  as well as governments using cellphone signals to identify protesters, Having the ability to fully block any signals to and from your cell phone is now a must! The Mobile Phone Signal Blocking Faraday Case works with all networks and is extremely easy to use. Front pocket works as regular case allowing for standard phone operation while shielding you from harmful radiation.

RFID Blocking~Protect your Credit Cards, Passport, & SmartKeys by using the back pocket.
Faraday bags provide effective electromagnetic shielding and communications control for a wide range of wireless transmission and reception devices, such as cell phones (GSM, CDMA, 3G), PDA’s, two-way radios, and blue tooth devices.
The following councils are required to order supplies from your council quartermaster: Bear Creek, Golden Bear, Golden Plains, Grand Rapids, Grand Valley, Greater Edmonton, Illiana, Niagara, NW Washington, Rush Creek, Southern California, and Three Rivers.
For the sleuthing shyster in your life, Escape the Wolf has a new range of gadget cases that are engineered with one primary purpose: to avoid technical surveillance, mobile phone tracking and remote digital exploitation.

As it turns out, these guys have been lurking undercover for just over a month now, but it looks as if they're now on sale to the masses -- civilians included.

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