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The battery assembly, protective circuitry, solar charge controller, power inverter, wiring, AC-powered battery charger, extension cable, and accessories are housed inside a waterresistant, dustproof, and crushproof hard case.
Rechargeable, 12.8-volt, 35 amp-hour, Dry Cell battery pack that stores 450 watt-hours of energy, and that will tolerate at least 500 discharge-charge cycles at continuous 50% depth of discharge. Depuis juin 2010, les EHS qui le souhaitent peuvent disposer d'un jardin potager (bio) avec eau d'irrigation. In the face of the present unprecedented increase in artificial microwave radiation in the environment, there is a vital need to obtain up to date information as a basis for a comprehensive assessment of the impact of this radiation on people's health.
For it to be credible and representative it is essential for it to be circulated widely in Europe and worldwide so that we can amass the maximum statistical data. Designed originally in a printed version by Dr Roger Santini, it has been updated so that people who live close to relay antennas can give the full details of their experience.
Nach automatisierter Verarbeitung, werden die Statistiken anonymisiert an Wissenschaftler und staatliche Stellen zu Analyse und Veröffentlichung weitergeleitet.
It also interferes with all other frequencies in its vicinity, thus causing a fluctuation in the vibrational pattern of space-time.
With the use of low-energy CFL bulbs that has been imposed recently, everybody's heating bill will be going up!

Our experience shows that to absorb radiation effectively the mesh has to be less than 2mm (as in the metallic mesh used for food protection).
Stand-alone, self contained solar power system consists of main generator unit and (2) - 30 watt solar panels (60 watts of energy). The battery can be charged directly from the solar panel using the solar charge controller and custom connector-extension cable, or from the included smart, 10-amp, 100-240VAC-powered charger. It is versatile with so many uses - everyday, emergency back-up during man-made or natural disasters, or for a remote vacation location.
No need to connect to household wiring, just plug the solar panels into the solar power generator unit and you’re ready to go. 12-volt DC power is accessible via 2 female cigarette lighter sockets that are implanted into the sidewalls of the hard case, and that is protected against over-current by the internal circuitry of the solar charge controller. 120-volt AC power is provided by a power inverter and that is protected against over-current internally. If the system is to be stored for a prolonged length of time, simply place one solar panel in a window or on the porch or patio so that it can get a little sun and in this way your unit will be ready at a moment’s notice. Nearly a decade of advanced research, design and engineering have delivered to the market the most advanced solar charge controller in the world.

This microprocessor controlled charge controller is extremely compact, light-weight and durable. Through its highly advanced microprocessor system constantly monitors and regulates the voltage and current from the solar panels to the battery.
Be prepared.We have combined the latest in Solar Panel Technology connected to an powerful efficient deep cycle dry cell battery and have developed the perfect Solar Power Generator for Apartments, RV's and small homes.
It ensures that the battery is maintained at its optimal charge and prevents it from over-charging and over-discharging. Additionally it prevents the back-feed of electricity into the solar panel from the battery during hours of darkness. This controller is capable of handling virtually all 12 V solar panels in the market, with the maximum input capacity of up 24 Volts and 10 Amp.

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