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So, the LOKSAK SHIELDSAK Phone appears to indeed work as advertised, at least against cell phone tower radio waves.
DefenseReview (DR) recently ran across one of these great new little products at NDIA SOFIC 2014, the new SHIELDSAK fabric Faraday cage anti-RF (Radio Frequency) protective bag family.
Just stick your sensitive materials inside the bag, and they become instantly invisible to any RF hacking threat. It contains a proprietary blend and matrix of metal fibers (a metal matrix, if you will) that creates the flexible fabric Faraday cage effect to block RF radio waves. As of this writing, we’ve already conducted a simple call test with a smartphone that we placed inside it.

Once inside the SHIELDSAK, any item containing an ID chip, like a passport or credit card, can’t be scanned.
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without receiving permission and providing proper credit and appropriate links. But, think about this, how much is your personal identity, financial and operational security worth to you?
No ringing–and we had the ringer turned up all the way so we could hear it, if it did.
It’s essentially anti-RF camouflage for your electronic devices and sensitive materials.

We repeated the test twice (after doing a quick test call to make sure the phone was receiving calls normally) just to be sure.
Think of it as your very own little flexible Faraday fabric fortress of radio frequency solitude against all those evil, diabolical hacking, tracking and thieving baddies out there.

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