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Let’s start looking at what happens in the space between the spraying gun and part during the electrostatic powder coating application procedure. As stated earlier, a cloud of charged powder particles and free ions created in the space between the spraying gun and part has some cumulative potential called space charge. Therefore, the configuration of the electric field and its concentration on the edges of Faraday cage areas is not the only problem when coating recessed areas.
Welded or stud welded attachments may cause flat sheet or break metal to distort when baked.
The following criteria defines Linetec's acceptable quality level resulting from faraday cage effect. If recess depth is from 100 - 200% of the width paint will be present, but the substrate may show through in some areas. Recess depths greater than 200% of the width may not have any paint coverage at the bottom of the recess.
The half inch border must be along the long side of the sheet when the dimension is greater than five feet.
Up to date die drawings with accurate marked exposures is critical to a coating applicator. Calculation of a painted exposure, per lineal foot, is calculated using the exposed surfaces indicated on the print. Inadequate ground is the most frequent problem which we encounter in troubleshooting a powder coating system. Grounding is necessary to carry charge away from the application equipment to prevent static discharge or sparks which provide an ignition source and may lead to a dust explosion. Good ground is required to carry away charge which is delivered to the parts by the powder coating or through ionized air. As powder coating builds up on the surface of the part, charge separation begins to occur in the part. A Faraday Cage is an area on the substrate where there is no electrostatic field from an external source.
Powder coating is applied electrostically using either a fluidised bed or electrostic spray guns. The electrostatic application of the powder coating to the part starts with the fluidisation of the powder. Fluidisation is a pneumatic mobilisation process for powder coating by which the powder can be pumped from its container to the powder coating gun. The powder coating supplied to the guns is charged using either the corona (or ion bombardment) or the tribo-electric (friction) charging mechanism.
The charged powder coating moves towards the grounded work piece substrate with the help of the air supplied to the guns. When the powder coating particles nears the substrate, adhesion takes place due to the electrostatic attraction between the charged powder coating particles and the grounded substrate. Your browser has JavaScript turned off.You will experience a more enjoyable time at this Web site if you turn JavaScript on.

CLEAN TECHNOLOGYThe traditional paint processes have undeniable disadvantages towards environment and health.
In Figure 1, the high potential voltage applied to the tip of the gun’s charging electrode creates an electric field (shown by red lines) between the gun and grounded part.
Much like a thunder cloud creating an electric field between itself and the earth(which ultimately leads to lightning development),a cloud of charged powder particles and free ions creates an electric field between itself and a grounded part. First, fewer particles have a chance to go inside the recess since powder particles are strongly “pushed” by the electric field towards the edges of Faraday cage. A sufficient ground path must be provided for all equipment associated with powder coating application, the parts to be coated and any manual operators. Our bodies can collect charge and deliver it in the form of a spark, just as we do in dry winter months when we walk across a carpet and touch a conductor. That is, in the case of a negatively charged powder, positive ions in the part flow toward the powder coated surface and electrons carrying a negative charge flow to ground. Some powder coating booths, for example, may not provide enough air movement to capture the over sprayed powder. S shaped hooks, depending on size, may provide only a single contact point and allow the part to change position. The subtrate is grounded and the powder coating is charged, the powder sticks in a wrap around effect to the substrate. He discovered that if an external static electrical field was applied to an enclosure (cage) formed by a conducting material, the electrical charges within this cage were disturbed in such a way that they cancel the external's field effect inside the cage. Michio Kaku talks about the dark side of technology [Science]What will happen when all planets align? Therefore, in a conventional corona-charging system, the electric field in close vicinity to the part’s surface is comprised of fields created by the gun’s charging electrode and the space charge. Second, free ions generated by the corona discharge will follow field lines toward the edges, quickly saturate the existing coating with extra charge, and lead to very rapid development of back ionization.It has been established earlier that for powder particles to overcome aerodynamic and gravity forces and be deposited on the substrate, there has to be a sufficiently strong electric field to assist in the process.
We would expect that once the edges are coated with a thick layer of powder, other particles would be unable to deposit there, with the only logical place for powder to go being the inside of the recess. V shaped hooks, for example, can offer at least two contact points and hold the part more firmly in place to prevent undercoating with powder.
These areas are difficult to powder coat because adjacent surfaces to the inside of the corner attract the powder.
A great amount of free ions generated by the corona discharge fills the space between the gun and the part.
The combination of these two fields facilitates powder deposition on the grounded substrate, resulting in high transfer efficiencies.Positive effects of the strong electric fields created by conventional corona-charging systems are most pronounced when coating parts with large, flat surfaces at high conveyor speeds.
In Figure 2, it is clear that neither the field created by the gun’s electrode, nor the field of space charge between the gun and the part penetrate inside the Faraday cage.
All automatic powder coating systems must be equipped with spark detection equipment to shut down the spray guns in the event of a discharge. Conductive shoe soles and grounding straps can help prevent shocks from static build up in operators.

Powder coating is a very effective electrical insulator and it will interfere with ground if deposited at contact points.
In addition to the lack of electrostatic field lines, recessed areas receive little powder because of aerodynamic forces. These days we use this phenomenon to protect electronic equipment from lightning strikes and other sources of electrostatic discharges. Some of the ions are captured by powder particles, resulting in the particles being charged. Unfortunately,stronger electric fields of corona-charging systems can have negative effects in some applications. There are many examples of Faraday cage areas which cannot be coated regardless of how long powder is sprayed.In some cases, this happens because of the geometry of the recess and problems with air turbulence, but often times it is due to back ionization. This is especially true if coated hooks or hangers go through the oven and the powder is cured in place. Powder coatings have become the coating technology of choice for consumable goods from toolboxes, bicycles, office furniture, and lawn furniture to widespread markets such as appliance, automotive, polyester out door market, rebar market and pipeline fusion bonded epoxy coatingsThe unique rheological and application characteristics of powder coatings provide superior consistency and uniformity of finish without sags, drips, runs, or bubbles. However, multiple ions remain free and traveling along the electric field lines to the grounded metal part, mixing with powder particles propelled by the air stream. They provide extremely tough, durable films, enhancing the high quality, value-added image of consumer products. In general, the performance properties, such as impact resistance, flexibility, and corrosion resistance, of powder coatings are better than liquid paints.
Therefore, with most of the electric field (from both the gun and space charge) concentrating on the edges of a channel, powder deposition will be greatly enhanced in these areas and the powder coating layer will build up very rapidly. Powder coated parts resist cracking, peeling, and marring during handling and normal service use. The advantage to manufacturers and the consumers is a coated part with a superior quality finish at a reasonable cost.
Liquid paints often contain solvents, which can contribute to air pollution and, in some cases, ozone depletion.
Wet painting processes can generate sludge, which must be disposed of into hazardous waste landfills. The consumer can feel good about buying a powder-coated product, which is ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE. In a fluidised bed, the upper compartment is used for storage and fluidisation of the powder. In the lower compartment, the compressed air needed for fluidisation is regulated.Initially the preheated substrate was brought into the fluidised bed to melt. The compressed air leads over an electrode into the lower compartment of the fluidised bed.

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