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What would happen to the hospitals and the people that need medical aid, or the food supplies?
Did you even bother to reas the article?No but because you asked, I did go back and look it over.
I think the point is to surprise Iran with a EMP attack before Israel goes in with their conventional weapons to finish the job and get out of there. Would a old galvanized milk box we use to use in the old days when the milk man would deliver milk to people's homes protect let's say ? I seen people on Youtube testing things out like galvanized trash cans, amo boxes to put electronics in. I guess the best thing to do for a car is to go to a junk yard and buy a extra car computer and electronic ignition module and put it in a Faraday box or cage. It is so difficult to harden electronics to EMP that the Soviets put tube based electronics in their fighter aircraft, as tubes are less vulnerable.
As a backup plan, the Israelis should also make neutron bombs, that kill every living thing but generally do not harm buildings or other objects. The same thing that would happen to the hospitals and people in need of medical aid and food supplies if Iran nuked Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.
I guess what makes the EMP discussion political is the fact that employing EMP means using nukes which is the most political decision of all time. Was it last month that the power grid in India failed for three fourths of their vast population? FWIW I needed to replace some vacuum tubes in my 1947 radio phonograph which had belonged to my grandfather.
Seems the old-timey radios are still popular in the Motherland.Probably because they double as space heaters. I wonder how many times Ringo deliberately sabotaged this scene just so the director would order another take and he could get back in that hot position with his co-starlet.
Where are they going to get the power once their gennies run out of gas if EMP simply kills everything and we’re all going to die?
Yes, Iran has impressive national resources, no doubt, but too bad its run by Islamic nutcases that keep the rest of us from ever wanting to go there and enjoy their nation or even do business with them.
Aside from Iranian women not wearing burqas, on the ski slopes, most wear ski jackets, pants & hats. Of course, anyone that is the recipient of a successful first nuclear shot, would be devastated. Across the country, some people are reporting new utility meters are making them feel ill because of the radiofrequency radiation they emit when transmitting usage data.
Skeptics cite studies that show no ill health effects, and point out that the vast majority of consumers suffer no symptoms and challenge anyone who believes these devices pose a threat to also refrain from using wireless Internet, microwave ovens and cell phones. In Saugerties, the planned installation of 1,800 new water meters in the Glasco Water District became controversial after several residents began warning their neighbors the new meters were unsafe. County Legislator Bob Aiello says he doesn’t have a new “smart” electrical meter, but his neighbor, Doreen Peone, does. Peone says her doctor has been receptive to information she provided him about smart meter-related health problems, though he did not attribute her health problems to electromagnetic radiation. Several Woodstock residents helped install a makeshift aluminum foil Faraday cage around Peone’s electric meter two weeks ago to mitigate the effects of the radiation. Peone believes others are suffering meter-related illness but may not even realize it and that the new water meters will compound these problems.
Fellow Barclay Heights residents, Donna Greco and husband Paul Jameson, also complain of health effects from their electrical meter. Greco doesn’t have any aluminum foil around her meter, though she has considered using an instrument to read the radiation from the meter.
Only a fraction of the material published in each week's Saugerties Times makes it to our website. Those DoD studies you cited last time around were all around weaponizing VLF which is radically different than UHF.

I’d also say that it seems pretty stupid to me to deploy millions of meters that have not been tested in terms of the effects they have. I can’t disagree with you that the medical industry exposes us to higher levels of radiation. Wireless smart meters will ultimately contribute to the looming health curse of the 21st century. Wikipedia notes, “Quackwatch lists the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) as a questionable organization, and its certifying board, the American Board of Environmental Medicine as a dubious certifying board. Quackwatch, if you are without a clue, will curse anything that works, any group for a good cause and convince you the only things on the planet that are good is flouride, vaccines, and other forms of… death. It’s great you want to trash people who are only looking out for the rights of you and your kids… but at the same time write nonsense like be safe and happy? You are confusing water meters that are on for only seconds per year with electrical meters that are constantly transmitting.
In my experience, anyway, the same people who latch onto the (smart-meters, these-chemicals-in-your-food-are-actually-toxic, you name it) bandwagons are the same ones I have to point at Snopes three times a day to refute the nonsense they spew.
Derek, people have shown you plenty of evidence and you have belittled everything they have shown you.
EMP causes non-lethal gamma energy to react with the magnetic field and produces a powerful electromagnetic shock wave that can destroy electronic devices, especially those used in Iran’s nuclear plants. Do we really want a squadron of green, super-strong mujahidoon leaping towards Israel, This is an even more dire threat now that a Muslim character has been added to the Green Lantern. From 1958-62 the USA did numerous high altitude nuclear tests (Trinity and Beyond) and while some shots over Johnston island did impact electrical circuits from Hawaii to New Zealand, there was no permanent damage. I do not believe that Israel believes that a multiple EMP attack would finish the job in Iran.
It's the power grid, the infrastructure, and sensitive electronics that would be thrown back into the 19th until it can be brought back up. It has been recognized by the International Ski Federation (FIS) since 1996 for holding international competitions, which are held here every season. Responses to those points vary, but it generally boils down to a question of choice—people can control their exposure to devices, but not to a mandatory piece of equipment attached to their home by a municipality or utility. Though nobody reported a negative experience with the new water meters, several said new electric meters made them feel ill and believe water meters pose similar risks because they also transmit data remotely, though not as often. After hearing concerns about the new water meters from constituents, he inspected Peone’s electrical meter together with his wife Christine.
She says that several individuals from Woodstock are currently offering to read the radiation from anyone’s smart meter for a fee of $50, but she doesn’t wish to spend that much. To read all about local government, schools, people of interest, arts and entertainment, classifieds and the region’s best calendar, subscribe today for just $30 a year. I thought I might add though that aluminum foil really possesses no serious shielding properties. If someone does their research and understands the issue, it is ‘they are paranoid’ might I suggest you do some research yourself? I find it incredibly disconcerting that so many people think these citizens should just allow this device to be installed on their property. This suggests people should either opt out or go along with whatever the local government does. But holding the public hostage to folks who don’t understand science is the wrong way to go about things. The shock wave would knock out Iran’s power grid and communications systems for transport and financial services, leading to economic collapse.
It would be a multi prong attack with EMPs and conventional weapons perhaps in the same few hours. Otherwise any wire, long or short, or wire like conductor in the EMP cone will develop a serious potential in it. Otherwise any wire, long or short, or wire like conductor in the EMP cone will develop a serious potential in it.For the Iranian nuclear program which is reportedly well below ground, EMP field strengths will be significantly attenuated by the ground.

Does your home have radon gas in the basement – that will do you in faster than the meters will. Anything that interferes with the natural biological structure of living things is a threat to human life and all living things. It’s easy to track you when you leave your homes, or bunkers, the police are constantly monitoring your vehicle movements with their license identification equipment, and via ezpass should you try to leave the area. What about making your voice heard, informing your neighbors, seeking support for an alternative?
Build your own competing water service, or dig a well, or have your water trucked in from the outside into a tank. The Israelis would be concerned specifically with what happens to the Iranian nuclear program rather than what happens to Iran in general. Or how about plastic bottles, still using those, or using a cell phone, or driving a car, or crossing Partition Street in the village, breathing in fumes from new rugs. The only thing being said good about them is the company who sells them and wants you to believe that are safe. Is that someone following you, our an innocent bystander on the corner, are they following you, are your doctor’s records really secure???
If people have serious concerns about these devices, then they have every right as property owners not to allow them installed on their properties.
Without too much difficulty, the Iranians could safeguard their nuclear program against an EMP. Yes…there are many other kinds of dangers that lurk around us on a daily basis but I rather like the idea of feeling safe in the privacy of my own home. Some ornamental plants do not survive longer than a few days when placed within 2 meters of a smart meter.
If external comm's lines from the tunnel complexes are fiber, the principal EMP risk will then be via power lines coming from topside power plants.
Tens of thousands of people worldwide have become sick since smart meters were installed in their homes. Should someone, including people who can hack my meter, be able to monitor my every move so they can come in and steal people’s kids? Why are people so willing to give up their rights and chastise others who stand up for theirs?
World renowned scientists are warning of the dangers of the harmful effects of ever increasing electromagnetic smog, the invisible silent killer that is becoming impossible to avoid in heavily populated areas of most of the modern world. I suggest you find out more about these before you judge those who know what’s really going on. Is it so bad that people do their research, when people are hacking baby monitors and swearing at kids from remote locations… knowing who and when someone is home? Freeride possibilities in Iran include the slopes of Damavand (5671m), Iran’s highest peak and the second highest volcano in the northern hemisphere. From either the base camp (3040m) or camp 3 (4250m) you can ride all the way down to the roadside at 2200m, a vertical drop of 2000m. Everyone will ultimately be adversely affected by the escalating culture of smart meter madness, and indeed the increasing trivial use of wireless technology. Think for 2 seconds on that, if you can… Other people are dumb enough to use cell phones, cordless phones… does that mean people who want to have the choice not radiated in their own home by default use these devices just because other people are to dumb to do their homework? Government is taking away choice… I thought you liked freedom, if not, then go to a dictator country, they are already where you want your country to be!

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