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An electroscope under a metal cage will not be affected by a charging Van de Graaff generator, even if the generator is close enough that sparks jump to the cage.
A metal ball is charged using a Van de Graaff generator and then lowered into a metal pail.
The Static GENECON is a unique demonstration instrument designed to allow teachers and students to conduct a variety of electrostatic experiments. We have a small cage (dia=17cm, height=10cm) with an average mesh opening size of about 8x8mm. When using the Radio Shack Realistic radio with the small cage, it might be better to lay the radio on its side (with antenna side up) rather than lay it on its back.
In other words, if inside a closed Gauss surface no electrical charges are present, the net electrical field flux across this surface is zero.

In real life, alternate electric fields, in particular at high frequencies, can partially penetrate inside non-perfectly closed surfaces. When placed outside the metal cage, it will show the generator's effects, even if at 1 m away.
Let us invert the reasoning: the electrical charges outside the closed surface create a zero flux across this surface.
So, it can happen that the cell phone inside a metal sieve would ring, but in a perfect metal box - it should not. When the cylinder is connected to a Van de Graff generator, the pith balls hanging inside move slightly. As a result, the fields which have sources outside the surface can not induce charges inside Faraday's cage - the radio receiver or a cell phone are mute inside the box.

Moving the ball around the inside of the pail, even touching the inside surface has no effect on the potential shown by the electroscope leaf. After the ball has been lifted, the inner surfaces of the pail and ball are found completely free of charge, which can be checked with the help of another electroscope.

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