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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. On October 8th, 2012, magician David Blaine performed a seemingly life-threatening stunt subjecting himself to a whopping one million volts of electricity while wearing a 20-pound chain metal suit.
The public was shocked by the performance, a demonstration that seems to defy the basic laws of science. In the video of Blaine’s performance shown above, the magician is wearing a Faraday Cage – a type of suit made of a conductive material invented in 1836 by English scientist, Michael Faraday. So while Blaine’s performance looks pretty dangerous, his Faraday Cage (which, theoretically, has no voltage limit) prevents the electric current from reaching his body, making it not quite the superhuman feat it appears. Elevators simulate a Faraday cage effect, leading to a loss of signal and "dead zones" for users of cellular phones & radios which require electromagnetic external signals. The shielding inside of coaxial television cable wire & USB cables protect the internal conductors from external electrical noise and prevents the RF signals from leaking out. Plastic bags impregnated with metal are included with highway electronic toll collection devices which are to allow motorists to place them in the bag so that a toll charge is not registered or a device will not register a charge while being shipped to a customer's home after ordering in a delivery truck. Even MRI machine scan rooms are designed as Faraday cages to prevent external radio frequency signals from being added to data collected from the patient, which would affect the resulting image.
Shopping bags lined with aluminum foil have even been found by police in arresting shoplifters who steal RF-tagged items; the bags acting as Faraday cages. In the caption for the piture included with this article, it states, "the public was shocked by the performance, a demonstration that seems to define the basic laws of science." I think the word you should have used here in place of define is "defy". The physics of the Faraday cage fully protects David from the electric discharges, but I'd have to ask about the chemistry of the experiment. By wearing a Faraday cage-type suit, the danger to him is extremely small, especially when many electrical linemen routinely working on Kazakhstan's 1.15 million volt Ekibastuz-Kokshetau electrical line wear such a suit with regularity. The room was ventilated of harmful ozone and nitrogen dioxide created by electricity ionized air.
Arbor Scientific is a leading provider of Physics and Physical Science teaching equipment tested and approved by educators recognized for their expertise. Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht's "Faraday Cage" dress is electrifying—in more ways than one.
Student and designer Cecilia Valentine has an innovative way to wear fur- while it is still alive. I’d rather they made a Kilt version along with a chainmail jockstrap where you shoot lightning bolts off your willie! Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
The question is simple: Am I as safe from Lightning while operating a Backhoe as I am while sitting in a car?
I am not planning on using this machine during storms, but up here they come about in a matter of minutes. It seems to me that if you planted the bucket in the ground it would give a nice fat metal path for the electricity to follow that's much lower resistance than your body. If the backhoe in question happens to have a fully enclosed cab, I'm of the opinion that you would be as safe inside of it, as you would be in an automobile. Professional crane operators quickly skedaddle out of the chair when lightning approaches, and I daresay multi million dollar cranes have better electrical protection than your backhoe.
Likewise, for the OP, I think he'd be safer in an enclosed backhoe cab than in the open, but would be better off seeking better shelter.
Also, it is a common misconception that electricity only follows the path of least resistance. In the specific case of a backhoe, lightning could easily hit the metal, arc to the person in the seat, arc back to another piece of metal, and then follow the metal into the ground. Fact: Most cars are safe from lightning, but it is the metal roof and metal sides that protect you, NOT the rubber tires. It should also be mentioned that it is possible for lightning to come through the car window. I thinnk if an electrical discharge is coming towards you, the closer some nice conductive metal, the more likely it would be to be diverted.

The basic principle for protection of an installation against the risk of lightning strikes is to prevent the disturbing energy from reaching sensitive equipment. Two protection systems are used to eliminate or limit overvoltages: they are known as the building protection system (for the outside of buildings) and the electrical installation protection system (for the inside of buildings).
The role of the building protection system is to protect it against direct lightning strokes.
When the lightning current flows in a conductor, if potential differences appear between it and the frames connected to earth that are located in the vicinity, the latter can cause destructive flashovers. As a consequence, the building protection system does not protect the electrical installation: it is therefore compulsory to provide for an electrical installation protection system.
50% of the lightning current discharged by the building protection system rises back into the earthing networks of the electrical installation (see Fig. The procedure to protect the electrical and electronic systems of a building is as follows.
Identify the electrical and electronic systems and their respective points of entry into the building.
Assess the risk of lightning strike according to the geographic location, type of power supply, lightning strike density, etc.
Install an additional SPD in each subdistribution board located in the vicinity of sensitive equipment (see Fig.
Surge Protection Devices (SPD) are used for electric power supply networks, telephone networks, and communication and automatic control buses.
The Surge Protection Device (SPD) is a component of the electrical installation protection system.This device is connected in parallel on the power supply circuit of the loads that it has to protect (see Fig. PrincipleSPD is designed to limit transient overvoltages of atmospheric origin and divert current waves to earth, so as to limit the amplitude of this overvoltage to a value that is not hazardous for the electrical installation and electric switchgear and controlgear.
The Type 1 SPD is recommended in the specific case of service-sector and industrial buildings, protected by a lightning protection system or a meshed cage.It protects electrical installations against direct lightning strokes. Very different devices, from both a technological and usage viewpoint, are designated by this term.
Sometimes constantly the thunder roared and lightning fell on the sensor, shaking the temple to its foundations, lighting up the pyramidal summit with silver and blue fireballs that rolled and shoved towards the Holy of Holies. It is this Holy of Holies that reproduced on a smaller scale, and in a totally different way, the ark of the covenant of Moses. But first and foremost, it is found in megalithic sites like Avebury, with the West Kennet Long Barrow. This is where accomplished the final stage of initiation into the mysteries of Isis, the outpouring of lightning. This is what happened to Jesus. Mary has given birth to him, but his real mother is Isis, who gave him the light. For instance, the Ark of the Covenant was a capacitor capable of generating lethal rays of lightning but also glimmers of enlightenment. And other great builders, instead of lightning, have captured vril, the electromagnetic energy and more, which is all around us. Their temples functioned as Faraday cages, capable of protecting the faithful from any harmful radiation, and of amplifying the beneficial energy of the place. Dating back to Atlantis, this architectural knowledge was implemented in the dolmens and long barrows in Europe. By a singular jump through time, the sacred building will reappear in the 11th century CE with the builders of cathedrals and crypts – real awakening machines. However, an understanding of the laws of electricity will show that Blaine was not working against these basic principles, but was using them in order to perform his trick successfully!
The suit functions as a shield that blocks external static and non-static electric fields which causes the electric charges within the Cage’s conductive material to redistribute themselves and thus cancel the field’s effects in the cage interior. Nevertheless, showing this video to your physics classes will have even the bravest students on the edge of their seats – until you explain the principles behind it! Their suits prevent electrical current from flowing through their bodies and the suits have theoretically no voltage limit.
Comprising metal plates, 600 rings of chain mail, "plasma ball" epaulets, and a spiky grilled helmet, the Hellraiser-esque garment is capable of conducting close to a million volts of electricity.

With dark roads and passing vehicles to contend with, a blinking red light on your tail is rarely enough. To me, my rationale says it would be just like a Faraday Cage [ever been to the Boston Museum of Science?] and if struck the lightning would hit some of the conductible material first and not my head.
I would certainly get out of the backhoe and to safety, but I'd like to know the science behind it first.
My understanding of the car acting as a faraday cage is that this wouldn't work without any metal in the roof. Remember, convertibles, motorcycles, bicycles, open-shelled outdoor recreational vehicles and cars with fiberglass shells offer no protection from lightning. In the two cases I have read about, one woman was knitting in the passenger seat and lighting melted the tip of one of her knitting needles, and in the other case the lightning went through the front window of a parked van (no one was in it at the time). They are used to protect special structures: rocket launching areas, military applications and protection of high-voltage overhead lines (see Fig. Installed in each electrical switchboard, it prevents the spread of overvoltages in the electrical installations and protects the loads. This current must always be greater than the prospective short-circuit current at the point of installation. It is found in Asia, America, Egypt, and throughout the Middle East ; in ancient Europe with Greek and Latin temples, and medieval Europe with the Gothic and Romanesque churches and cathedrals. The candidate, rather impressed by the risk and the conditioning, when he was waiting for the famous baptism by fire from heaven, what thoughts crossed his mind ? If he survives, he will be invested many psychic powers, the famous lost powers that make men equal to gods.
It seems that Blaine has had excellent advice from his handlers who apparently have had some basic Physics! Wipprecht gave a demonstration of her creation at Maker Faire in May, wearing the dress herself since the models she usually works with turned her down. However, I am not an expert by any means so if I am setting myself up for a Darwin Award then I'd like to know. Do they just not mention this because so few people drive convertibles, or is the lighting still most likely to hit the metal parts of the car and bypass humans?
Judging from the pictures, the lightning went through the windshield near the bottom of it (maybe a foot or so up from the bottom edge) then arced to the steering column, and from there made its way down through the dashboard. Moreover, the flow of current through the down-conductors generates induced overvoltages in the electrical installation. There are also SPDs adaptable to power sockets, but these devices have a low discharge capacity. These are called lightning rods, but this is not to do an analogy with our lightning rods, that divert lightning from towers or steeples to send it back to the ground. The lightning rod of Gilgamesh never did that. As the Holy of Holies, we’ll find lodges of light in one form or another in all the ancient temples worldwide.
Standing stalwartly between a pair of Tesla coils, electricity arcing around her to the strains of In the Hall of the Mountain King by ArcAttack, Wipprecht remained safe in the confines of her homemade Faraday cage, which distributed the electrical charge around its exterior while shielding the contents within. The main bolt could follow the metal into the ground, but a tiny bolt could arc off to the side.
This type of lightning protection system is used for highly exposed buildings housing very sensitive installations such as computer rooms. Even if it carries only 1 percent of the lightning bolt's total energy, it still has more than enough energy in it to kill you.
The voltage protection level chosen must be below the overvoltage withstand capability of the loads.
In the event of lightning strokes, the voltage across the terminals of the SPD generally remains less than Up.

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