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To receive email notification of media releases, click the "Subscribe" button and please fill in the form below. Tratos have recently opened a new Faraday cage, based at one of our manufacturing sites in the area of Pieve Santo Stefano, Italy. The Faraday cage is an investment of approximately € 6 million and is the latest one of a long series that the company has made in the last decade and that will continue in the future. Measuring 24m x 16m and standing at 14m high makes Tratos Faraday cage the largest in Europe.
The largest Faraday cage in Europe.The opening ceremony was a successful event with over 100 visitors from all around the world. This major project strengths and certifies the quality of HV cables as the Faraday Cage enables effectively to administer AC resonant tests on site, allowing testing of up to 220 kV of nominal voltage cables, of up to 20 km in length.

When the door is closed, every side of the cage, from top to bottom, is cover by a fine grid or by metal plates. We have already enthralled more than 750,000 spectators with our spectacular physics and science shows. We were delighted to receive our clients including Enel, Terna and members of Tratos approval systems such as IMQ and Dr Jeremy Hodge, chief executive of BASEC. This allows Tratos to produce and test high voltage cables up to 360kV, and in the near future to develop the technology to get to 750KV.
While dramatic music is played, a Tesla transformer placed in front of the cage is turned on. We have performed at company events, conferences and schools in Germany, Europe, in the middle and the far east.

Electric flashes are emitted from both sides of the cage without the person inside feeling anything. 02302-17 856-11 Mobil 0172-597 99 81 Press contact Anneka Esch-van Kan presse at physikanten de Tel. The impact of our activities is regularly acknowledged; most recently in 2012 we were awarded a medal for scientific journalism, presented by the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft.

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