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While standing on an insulated stool, charge yourself up with a Van de Graaff generator (or use a pom-pom).
Confetti (Styrofoam peanuts) flies off the ball of an electrostatic generator due to electrostatic repulsion of like charges. A variation on the idea of initially uncharged objects being attracted by charged objects involves having a metal ball bounce back and forth between plates connected to ground and sphere of Van de Graff generator. This device can be used with a high voltage power supply and overhead projector to show field between various electrodes (electric field version of iron filings sprinkled on a magnet).
Anechoic Chambers has brought us to the forefront of Shielded and Anechoic Chamber technology. Very briefly we present a method of making a very sensitive scalar wave detector so that direct measurement and quantization can be established.
First, we regard one oscillation (one wavelength) of the scalar potential wave as a longitudinal photon.
For convenience we represent normal linearized vacuum (spacetime) as a horizontal or longitudinal vector (Figure 4), implying the direction of motion of the wave in the laboratory frame. As can be seen, in a linear, unrotated or uncurved spacetime a pure scalar wave has no vertical component projected upon the laboratory frame vector, so it is not detectable by normal detectors.
To detect the scalar wave, of course we could bend it so that it has a projected vertical component in the laboratory frame (Figure 5). A better way is to bend or curve spacetime itself in a small region, so that a longitudinal wave that passes through that region now possesses a vertical component with respect to that region (Figure 6).

With this detector we can select the frequency desired, and detect any passing scalar waves of that frequency. In the EM spectrum, the infrared and the ultraviolet have a special relationship to each other.
The scalar EM energy, since it operates in the Kaluza hyperspace surrounding every point in ordinary space, may be considered to be composed of pure spin. To make use of the IR and UV interference source zones, Constable covered his camara lens with a special filter (18A), which is opaque to the visible light spectrum and transparent to the IR and UV spectrum.
Under nighttime conditions, sometimes the particular lens and film combination will phaselock between IR and UV for incident scalar EM energy.
It’s a big, multi-layered, prodigious, global crime already in the full way for a long time! The whole manufacturing system at Global EMC is to produce the best possible product at the best price. Note that this photon contains a substructure, which may be deliberately determined (when artificially made) or randomized (when naturally made in the idealized case). By horizontal position in our diagram, we imply a linear, uncurved spacetime and a non-rotated frame. Hertzian waves will be grounded in this shield, while scalar waves will readily penetrate it undiminished. The ultraviolet is exactly twice the frequency of the infrared, if the two zones are properly chosen.

If the field is varying, a short wavelength signal will penetrate the openings in the cage. There are several theories to explain why it rotates including reaction from charges leaving tip and repulsion from charges in space around tip.
First, we utilize a magnetic pole to provide the infolded energy (potential) to bend or curve spacetime.
To reach good sensitivity, we need a pole strength connected with a magnetic field strength of 40,000 Gauss or higher. The wire runs out of the Faraday cage through an insulated port to a resonant tuning circuit, which is sharply tunable over the range of frequencies we are interested in.
We utilize a small superconducting magnet, which can reach field strengths of from 40,000 to 80,000 Gauss.
A preamp amplifies the output of the tuner, and in turn feeds the input of an oscilloscope or other detector.
I then told it to my good friend, Joe Gambill, and Joe applied and adapted it to the unusual photography which he performs.

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