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It's very likely you woke up this morning in a Faraday cage, made your breakfast in another one, and drove one to work. The concept of a Faraday cage is logically attributed to Michael Faraday, a 19th century pioneer in the field of electromagnetic energy. The important concept to remember is that a Faraday cage acts as a shield against the effects of electromagnetic energy.
Few consumers of electronic products would ever ask the sales clerk for a Faraday cage, but designers and engineers understand the importance of electromagnetic shielding very well. The concept of a faraday cage is often used in science fiction as a way to defeat some kind of weapon or power.
It is a metallic enclosure and it anticipates the entry or escape of an electromagnetic area.

I'd like to ask where is it possible to find a truck with an F-shield to make, forwarding from Europe to Russia? If I suspend a water tight container in the middle of a 10x10x10 foot diving well using non conductive rope will that afford protection from all kinds of EMP?
Would grounding a painted aluminum screen with fiberglass screen mesh enclosure suffice as a Faraday cage? By using a brass screen, you can make an enclosure in which you cannot send or receive calls, yet you can actually see into it or out of it. I can remember thinking that the lightning was so close we were sure to be electrocuted any second and I was absolutely terrified. It's basically used as a kind of buzz word, since people have heard of it, but probably don't know what it is.

Fluorescent bulbs will glow when near a Tesla coil but when placed in the Faraday cage the fields will be shielded and the bulb will not glow.
When, as it says in the article, in reality cars and microwaves and many other enclosures are faraday cages.

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