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The Aesthetix reputation for state-of-the-art analog stages is continued in the Pandora, which features a current-sourced differential vacuum tube amplifier (12AX7) being fed from the DAC. Romulus builds upon the Pandora’s unique feature set and performance by adding a dedicated Red Book CD transport, also running from the low jitter master clock. An optional high resolution relay-based volume control may be added to either Pandora or Romulus, allowing them to directly drive a power amplifier, ideal for many systems. CD clock source is ultra high quality crystal oscillator located at the DAC chip, for lowest possible jitter. SAVE ON NEW AND REFURBISHED CASH REGISTERS , COPIERS, FAX MACHINES, PRINTERS ETC DON'T SEE A PRODUCT ON OUR SITE? Our quality foam mounted racks are constructed using a tough outer flight case and a 19" inner sleeve 'suspended' by a protective, shock-absorbing foam surround.
We select from the most suitable energy absorbent foams, from soft open cell polyester through to more rigid closed cell Ether and Plastazote, ensuring your valuable items remain cushioned and isolated from impact during transit and handling. 3Da€™s protective inner 19" sleeve typically comprises of high grade Birch plywood but can be constructed of steel, for example, for safely shipping a signal-blocking Faraday cage.
Single Leg design or Double Leg to allow support rails to be fitted.To reduce any build-up of warm air within the inner 19 inch sleeve we can also fit fans and ventilation grilles to keep your sensitive electrical equipment cool.
3Da€™s team have over three decadesa€™ experience of designing and constructing foam mounted rack cases, as such we can build your flight case to any required depth with fully removable front and rear lid. Each of our foam mounted flight cases can be manufactured with 7mm, 10mm or 13mm panels and finished in a range of durable Standard Colours or customised to match your corporate colour scheme.

We also offer to have your company logo stencilled or silk screened on to your flight case for a sleek, fully professional finish.
If you would like more information on the possibilities our flight case racks allow, call our friendly and helpful experts now on 01733 269026 or drop us an email and say [Mouse over to reveal]. When the door is closed, every side of the cage, from top to bottom, is cover by a fine grid or by metal plates. We have already enthralled more than 750,000 spectators with our spectacular physics and science shows. They join our Saturn Series, recognized around the world for outstanding performance, build quality, and user interface. Completely enclosed in its own faraday cage, it is electrically, mechanically and magnetically isolated from the rest of the DAC. This special volume control operates partially in the digital domain (for small 1dB steps) and partially in the analog domain (6dB large steps), assuring uncompromising performance.
In addition, to improve the suspension to suit your specific requirements, we carefully tailor the thickness of the foam and the amount of surface area in contact with the case and inner rack sleeve to deliver optimal protection. Each of our foam mounted rack cases is equipped with heavy duty mounting rails at the front and rear. For ease of manoeuvrability we can also equip large flight case racks with industrial castors. While dramatic music is played, a Tesla transformer placed in front of the cage is turned on.

We have performed at company events, conferences and schools in Germany, Europe, in the middle and the far east. High quality construction techniques include an all-aluminum chassis, stainless steel faraday cage to isolate digital sections, multiple power transformers in a stainless steel enclosure, and multiple regulation stages.
Following the first differential amplifier, the audio signal is fed to the output stage, another differential amplifier based on the 6DJ8 vacuum tube.
Two separate transformers and three regulation stages are added to further isolate the transport mechanism from the DAC power supplies. Electric flashes are emitted from both sides of the cage without the person inside feeling anything.
02302-17 856-11 Mobil 0172-597 99 81 Press contact Anneka Esch-van Kan presse at physikanten de Tel. These components raise the bar for all digital products and are the ideal match for our Janus and Calypso preamps, and Atlas power amplifiers.
Both Pandora and Romulus feature Rel-Cap polypropylene coupling capacitors and Roederstein metal film resistors. The impact of our activities is regularly acknowledged; most recently in 2012 we were awarded a medal for scientific journalism, presented by the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft.

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