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The Faraday Cafe in Vancouver got its name from the Faraday Cage, a material shield around the bar’s interior that was built by the designers to block all electromagnetic signals.
With the project the owners want to investigate how we can adequately reflect on our relationship with the pervasive and quickly rising wireless technology.
Yihaodian, China’s biggest e-commerce site, is planning to launch 1,000 virtual stores all around the country.
Ding Dong is a new location-based app that enables its users to set up private communication based on their current location. Well, the terminal has been getting a facelift, which - among other things - includes decorative stainless-steel panels along the wall behind the ticket counters. The office's WiFi router - a brand-new D-Link DIR-815, dual-band 802.11n - is just on the other side of the pictured wall, and twenty feet or so to the right.
I know this a a long time later but we have tested Ruckus Wireless Access Points that will penetrate a Steel shed at over 100 metres distance from the Access Point.
I wouldn't use this unless your client really really really wants to have a fix and they have no chance in just getting an ethernet cable through the wall.
As mentioned by the others, you might be able to get something done through the power outlets or by having the signal communicate with a device located at a place such that there are no steel panels in the way of the signal.

It sounds crazy, but placing the router at another floor than the one you are on would have the signal travel through the ceiling or floor instead of through the panels. Who knows it might be much more worth it to fix the actual problem instead of working around it. I should have mentioned - I asked about adding on to the network right after I got shot down on connecting the printer directly to the shared computer.
How to get stable WIFI connection between phone and router when thousands of irrelevant phones are around? For bachelors and bachelorettes, is 8 hearts or 10 hearts considered "maxed-out friendship levels"?
Thomas and architecture office Hughes Condon Marler have designed a coffee bar in Vancouver that disconnects you from all wireless networks once you’re inside.
By creating a place without any digital connections the owners of the Faraday Cafe hope to restore non-digital, social interaction between people.
It was made as part of an artist residency through Hughes Condon Marler Architects and hosted at The Chinatown Experiment, a storefront in Vancouver that houses pop-up projects. Well, Simon Jaramillo, owner of The Reformatory Caffeine LAB, would literally be nothing, seeing as the coffee bean industry has been his family’s profession for around 110 years.

Contrary to the QR code technology that was used by other companies around the world as well as Yihaodian itself, this project is solely based on the Augmented Reality (AR) technology and is called Unlimited Yihaodian. The V-Pole (that’s ‘V’ for Vancouver, of course) a utility pole design that combines LED street lighting, a wireless Internet access point, multi-frequency telecommunications antennas for multiple carriers, and, coolest of all, inductive charging for electric vehicles….
But you might perhaps be able to either extend the WiFi signal or getting the WiFi zone closer (or rather more reachable) by the ticket printer.
Or perhaps you can put it somewhere such that it travels through walls where there are no panels, if there are any such walls.
No immediate follow-up is planed yet, says Thomas, but he believes that there’s room for permanent bars or clubs that keep wireless signals out. Hailing from Colombia, the fourth generation bean farmer decided to up sticks to Australia and start up a coffee shop. Moving the router so it can reach through a door opening is one way of doing it, but it's still tricky and you'll have to monitor to see if it's an option.

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