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I bought a good sturdy waterproof case, 28 inches wide about a foot high a foot deep made by Stanley Tools, a reputable company. For portable harddrives, I wrapped them in anti-static bubble wrap, then inserted them into shipping envelopes, that did not contain bubble wrap.
And you can get a Pelican case instead of the Hand Box from Stanley but pelican cases are expensive. 62 dollars plus tax to protect all my electronic survival equipment which is worth a considerable amount of money. The duct tape strengthens the tin foil in the corners and anywhere that the tin foil might tear.
I still have some bubble packing left over, and if I needed to be mobile I would use it to be sure everyting was packed properly and snugly. Grounding a Faraday box is NOT necessary and in some cases actually may be less than ideal. Thanks for the post, i think this is very practical for folks interested in taking some preventative measures without going overboard. The seal around the opening is maybe not perfect but I did bring the foil right up to the edge. I don't know, its a matter of weighing the practicality of use against the slight chance of minor leakage. It wouldn't be practical for me to wrap everyting in tin foil and seal it, since i want tto play with the stuff inside.
It takes a lot of effort, experience and tech know-how to get a good seal against a barrage of RF.
You even did not read what I posted for you, so do what you want, but stop spreading false informations.
It is not your equipment Bro, you explained quite well as to why, and from here everyone else knows even if the OP does not.
Secure it and leave it, do not make shortcuts in the physics or mechanics field as there are reasons why things work and do not. Plus security is a full time job and there can be no time off, if you are serious enough to sink cash into it. I say, I want to continue to use whats in the box, and when I am not using it, store it neatly away.
I am not ready to go back to the good old days which as we know, look best when looking back from our vantage point. My step dad when I was a kid, had an old tube radio in the basement, that got shortwave and I think AM, and it was fun to play with.

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Himalayal supply High Voltage Shielding Room for power cable, power transformer, high voltage laboratory, instrument transformer manufacturer's factory test, routine test and type test on partial discharge, withstand test and so on. We have no elected government, nor are we likely to have one, so I address you with no greater authority than that with which liberty itself always speaks. Hemming later said he was trying to stop lawyers for Giggs using the courts to oppress and imprison individuals in secret just for retelling gossip on Twitter.
Mr Hemming added: “Is it really good to have a society in which rich people use their money to persecute people of relatively ordinary means, and nobody is willing to say anything about it? I just watched Dominic Grieve (Attorney General) answer questions on this subject in the house of commons. So, it’s no surprise that when the same seeds of revolution occur across Spain the story is relegated to the internet equivalent of the middle pages.
Last year I done a project about rooms on hydraulic construction arms and a few days later something similar appeared on BLDG. The government now spends as much on electronic security and surveillance as it does on traditional formats of security. Examples of faraday cages in use in buildings are surprisingly sparse but one example, and possibly the most appropriate, is the Mi6 Building, Vauxhall, designed by Terry Farrell & Partners. There is no need for the cage material to be totally solid -take for example a microwave - practice is, that the holes should be smaller then the height of waves being excluded.
Although there is an interesting critique of the City, it is the paragraphs on pages 59 and 59, which I draw your attention to. The plans below, propose inhabited space above the road creating a visual bridge between the sides, but as can be seen in the model photographs, this produces a great deal of shade in areas intended to be public, and so may need revision. As stated below, I think light is significant and has scope to be built into the project. Multi-channel olfactometer provides fast-response odour stimulation.It is a sophisticated tool for visualizing and quantifying activity in olfactory sensory neurons and the olfactory bulb for investigating olfactory quality coding. KINARM Labs are versatile research facilities to study sensory, motor and cognitive function.
KINARM End-Point Labs™ provide a simpler, cost effective, graspable robot that can create highly complex mechanical environments. The RF will want to get into everything, but it's far from the OMG EVERY SEMI WILL DIE!!!11! Its kind of funny, you do all the work, spend all the money to get a protection and then decide it will work for you.

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I declare the global social space we are building to be naturally independent of the tyrannies you seek to impose on us.
MP john Hemming named Ryan Giggs as the individual at the centre of the super Injuction row. People on mass, united in their rejection of the state have occupied and protested in the streets, often or setting up camps in city squares. The widespread lack of prosperity in these countries, the disparity in wealth and the little opportunity afforded the youth.
People of a next country empowered and by the news which filters through the channels of communication. Banished from the home page to a section of the website which requires a considerable degree of detective work to locate. It is reported that the whole building is a giant faraday cage blocking all invasive electromagnetic current.
Additions include the submersion of studio space below Bermondsey Walk, creation of production space to the East as well as inclusion of storage and engineer space. The removal of curbs will merge Northern and southern sides creating a shared space between motorists and pedestrians.
Litracon in addition to lighting can provide transformative temporal qualities like the sign below.
Our olfactometer systems allow perfect control of multiple stimuli and stimulus concentration. And, the European states have watched closely the impact news coverage of institutions like Al Jazeera had on disseminating information and fuelling revolutions across the Arab Gulf. Its translucent quality casts amazing silhouettes, and could be an intervention establishing a connection a visual connection between the public and NLM staff. There are no boundaries in cyber-space - or at least, short of cutting the net off, these can be circumvented.
Where the people are discouraged from protesting and the security forces, trained in the use of force employ it of those unarmed. The way to do this is to create an enclosure in which repels electronic fields, and so the concept of a faraday cage comes to mind.

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