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This Coulomb meter is a probe-type device that permits easy measurement of the amount of electrostatic discharge (ESD), which causes electrostatic damage to electronic devices in their manufacturing, inspection and assembly.
The amount of electrostatic discharge is easily measured by having the Coulomb meter contact the object of measurement (conductor). Capable of measuring the amount of ESD on electronic devices or printed wiring boards surrounded by charged insulators, which is caused by induction charging. The measurement method is based on the actual phenomenon of electrostatic destruction (CDM). Since the unit contacts the object of measurement it is virtually free from errors caused by differences among measurers. The optional AC adapter enables long and continuous usage of the meter in evaluations, experiments, etc.
Use of the separately sold KQ-1400 makes the unit capable of measuring the amount of electrostatic charge (using the Faraday cage method).
This easy-to-handle DC power supply device calculates the capacitance by charging the object of measurement with an arbitrary level of voltage and undertaking measurement with a Coulomb meter. The matching network ensures an effective power transfer and provides for an impedance transformation between the 13.56 MHz RF generator and electrical load by the ion source. The ?-typematching network consists of two capacitors (C1 and C2) with a variable capacity forming together with a coil an oscillatory circuit. The bridge itself is passive but it is feed by an internal or external oscillator, in this bridge it is external. About D, the dissipation factor, a ratio that tells us something about the ratio resistance and reactance. To make full advantage of the shielding I use a Faraday cup, a metal box that is on the guard potential.
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Electrophysiology is generally used to monitor the transport rates of ions across membranes through ion channels, where the rate of transport is measured as an ionic current [units of picoamps (pA)]. Planar lipid bilayers (BLM) are used for functional studies of ion channel proteins using electrophysiological techniques.
Single-channel recordings of ion channels have deepened our understanding of channel function, helping to elucidate mechanisms of membrane transport and cellular physiology. The capacitance test is the practical means of determining the size and quality of an artificial bilayer membrane created during a typical planar lipid bilayer experiment. Recall that a capacitor stores charges of opposite sign within conductive plates on either side of a dielectric medium (also known as an insulator). The lipid is dissolved in chloroform, and so we dry the lipid down under a dry nitrogen stream thoroughly at least 30 minutes after the last traces of solvent are visible. HIMALAYAL provides innovative products that comprise high voltage test equipment, full-set high voltage test instruments, on-site test systems and on-line monitoring systems, and services regarding tests, diagnostics and asset monitoring for clients in power industry.
The CDM is a model of a phenomenon in which a high peak current flows at a high speed when the device itself is charged and its external electrode is grounded. In a classic Wheatstone bridge the current through both arms must be made equal so there is a balance between the two halves.

Yes that is correct and that is usable for non precision house and garden measurements but not for precision. It must be connected coaxial and uses 12V batteries because mains power holds to much noise. The banana to coax looks a bit wierd but the guarding is going all the way down to the banana. This phenomenon arises simply due to the fact that ions carry charges, and potentials, or voltages, [units of millivolts (mV)] can be applied across membanes. Two chambers (cis & trans) are separated by a thin, but non-conducting partition within which a small hole is punched or drilled (Fig. This situation is exactly represented by a phospholipid bilayer membrane (of low dielectric constant), whereupon two oppositely charged layers can build-up on either side.
Lipid solution is applied to the aperture with a paint brush or other means, and the initially observed capacitance is often lower than expected ideally. We help to ensure safety and reliability in the power generation, transmission and distribution. The Coulomb meter performs high-precision measurement of the amount of ESD, which is the integral value of the current.
This bridge was upto 2002 used by Martron a ukas-lab in the UK,  So, that was target market they made this bridges for. Besides some disadvantages like huge, heavy, expensive, slow in use, it has a few very big pro’s. If I measure residu capacitnce at the banana terminals with nothing connected I get a few hunderd fF, at some bridges this is more as 4 pf, But in the faraday cup it is only  57.3 fF with the lid closed.
For example, patch-clamped membranes allow for the study of the ion channel in its native surroundings. Bilayer then begins to spontaneously nucleate, and the capacitance gradually begins to climb.
The accuracy is 0,01% and because the used standards and ratio-transformer it is 0.01% almost for ever. You can make both halves equal in impedance but also different but with a same ratio between the high and low arm.
But there is also a ground and a capacitor plate that has a voltage on it, has a capacitance to an other plate that has a lower voltage. However, BLM electrophysiology provides several distinct advantages, including control of the constituents on either side of the membrane, manipulation of lipid composition, and the ability to study rare or challenging channels inaccessible to patch-clamp methods. Inside an aluminum Faraday cage is the bilayer cell connected to the voltage-clamp amplifer.
Thus the current flows in either direction (depending on the sign of the voltage change with time) and appears in the oscilloscope as square-wave output. So the current through the one half van be 1000x that of the other but because the ratio between top and bottom is the same in both halves the voltage at the measure points is still equal. An interesting analogy can be drawn between biological ion channels and electronic circuits. Ion channels can then be incorporated into the BLM by directly applying the channel protein or fusing liposomes containing the channel of interest.

One major drawback is that BLMs do have large capacitances, since they have wider diameters than excised patches. The instruments are capable of low noise recordings in single-channel mode as well as less sensitive multi-channel recordings. The bilayer cup in the rear has the small ~100- to 200-μm hole, wherein the membrane is formed.
This relationship is nice for bilayer membranes, which are formed in round holes, ranging in diameter from 50 to 200 μm. One-half of the peak-to-peak output is equal to the capacitance [of course after you include all the gain settings and output scaling factors in your particular setup (see Fig 5)]. General Radio is not more among us but the company who took over the bridge division is EIT Labs and the difference is the frontpanel is now  white.
Because the ratioarms are made from a transformer and taps the ratio is fixed and does not change over time.
The detector is very sensitive and has a high Z so the capacitance there towards the surrounding is critical.
The membrane potential is controlled (clamped) and the current is amplified using a voltage-clamp amplifier. These larger capacitances cause for a slow voltage response time due to the known resistor-capacitor- (RC-) filtering effect. After solidifying, we cut the tubing into 10-cm-long bridges, placing them into ~25 ml of 3 M KCl in a sealed 50 ml conical tube. In simple bilayer electrophysiology setups, the membrane capacitance (Cm) is on the order of picofarads (pF) [see capacitance test ].
All that said, each method offers complementary advantages and disadvantages for studying single ion channels.
3) blocks both sound vibrations and electrical noise (like AC power-line hum) from the experiment.
When viewed optically, a thick torus of amorphous lipid surrounds the bilayer formed in the center.
Channel formation is monitored by step-wise increases in the current due to the insertion of individual channels into the membrane. As indicated above, the membrane potential is analogous to a battery in this model electronic circuit. We are using a Fluke 271 function generator [50% symmetric triangle wave, 50 Hz, 500 mV p-p (VhiZ)].
For a so-called 'good' membrane, this torus is much smaller than in a 'bad', poorly formed membrane.

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