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SEMTech Solutions stocks virtually all components, electronics and parts for SEM repair on the AMRAY SEM product line. Our maintenance and repair service plans are economical, extensive, and designed to fit your needs. SEMTech Solution is committed to providing you with the highest quality reconditioned SEMs at the most competitive price. From our UK office we provide sales and technical support for the complete range of cameras. The first live imaging high resolution TEM CCD camera system was developed in 1992, since then we have become a leading worldwide supplier. We design lenses specifically for TEM applications with outstanding resolution and sensitivity compared to alternative suppliers, this makes our optical solution a serious alternative to fibre optic systems. The content of this website (content being images, text, sound and video files, programs and scripts) of this website is copyright © Deben UK Limited unless specifically mentioned.
The MC-ICP-MS, a Neptune Plus from Thermo Fisher Scientific, is one of the latest generation of high-performance analytical instruments, and a revolutionary player in fields of geochemistry, geochronology, cosmochemistry, climate change and environmental monitoring, among others. This instrument uses an inductively coupled plasma, generated by argon at a temperature > 8000oC, as the ion source. Funded by Singapore MOE and NRF, this facility will support a variety of cutting-edge research in low-temperature geochemistry, and climate and environmental change, through high-precision isotope analyses, with an emphasis on isotopes of U, Th, Sr, Nd, Pb and Hg.

18319 Universal Specimen Holder for Philips XL30Our familiar universal holder with a threaded stud for later Philips SEM stages. After an initial inspection, each machine is cleaned, reconditioned as required and tested. This includes a standard 3 month warranty, as well as offering after warranty service contracts, which cover the complete system (options not included.) STS currently has over 100 SEMs under contract and maintains complete parts for the AMRAY product line. We recommend this option to make sure the system is operating to full specifications and that all users are properly trained. This is achieved by using low noise cameras with modern CCD and CMOS sensors with fast progressive scan readouts.
For exceptional reliability our systems do not require beam blanking or water cooling, have no bellows or sliding o-rings. It is highly efficient to ionize sample aerosols, and significantly simplifies sample preparation, while dramatically improves the ionization efficiency. Low Profile Jaws can be substituted for the standard jaws on new holders with no change in price.
Each SEM can be demonstrated in our showroom to assure you are purchasing the right SEM for your application. After this, we then add additional features as needed so that your SEM will provide years of service to you.

Samples are held in place by 3 spring-grade Beryllium Copper clips and tapered brass flat bars on an aluminum base.
Electronics and software complement the camera characteristics and are tuned to provide the most efficient TEM image acquisition.
Upon entering lens systems in a flight tube, ions can be accelerated and focused in an electrostatic field under a pressure of < 10-7 mbar. The ion beams are then guided through a magnetic sector, and separated according to their mass. The major benefit of this sample holder for EBL applications is that the Faraday cup and standards can be set at the same focal plane as the sample, thereby maximizing EBL performance.
The mass spectrometer is equipped with nine Faraday cups (eight are movable) and two SEMs for simultaneous isotope collection.
Each SEM is coupled with an RPQ energy filter to improve abundance sensitivity, which is necessary for high-precision measurements of trace isotopes.

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