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Many ion beam systems use electron sources in conjunction with the ion source to neutralize ion charge build up at the target and to minimize spreading of the ion beam due to the space charge of the ions.
A well established and successful field of diagnostic research is the generation of x-rays and their application for radiography. Electrons are also present in the vacuum chamber from ionization gauges and from secondary electron emission from surface scattering of the the ion beam with components in the vacuum system.
During this inelastic collision, the ion's charge and most of it's kinetic energy is transferred to the gas atom (Charge Exchange) leaving the resultant ion with much less kinetic energy than the original primary ion. Accordingly, conventional instruments are often not sufficient to manipulate or analyse essential details of the experiment. The latter context is also a motivation to investigate the generation of intense proton beams.
A very well cooled CCD should be able to detect very low energies with single photon incidence.

The FC-1 is designed to accurately measure the primary positive ion beam current from an ion source by using a magnetic field to filter out electrons which could otherwise enter the cup. By biasing the collector to a positive potential much less than the potential required to repel the incoming primary ion beam, the low energy charge exchanged ions can be rejected at the collector and repelled to the grounded wall of the Faraday cup chamber. One of the mission relevant branches of research is therefore to develop diagnostics for experiments at extreme temperatures, high densities, or in general high energy density. However, as a variety of radiation and particles are generated, several diagnostics are developed or improved to fit experimental needs The following table shows a selection of projects. The upper edge is dependent on the CCD material and its electronic stopping power: If the photon is too energetic, it will eventually penetrate the sensor.
The low energy ion contribution to the total primary ion beam current is generally very small, but varies with background gas pressure and distance of the Faraday cup to the ion source and could introduce a significant error to the true primary ion beam current.
For ion beams, the Faraday cup collector is slightly positively biased to suppress secondary electron emission and also to reject low energy ions resultant from charge exchange collisions with the primary ion beam and background gas atoms.

The beam current is measured with an electrometer connected to a 50 ohm BNC vacuum feedthrough.
A shield skirt at the base of the Faraday cup prevents electron or ion current not entering through the cup aperture from being measured by the electrometer and to prevent sputtering of ceramics which isolate the collector from ground. The Faraday cup is also available separately, with UHV compatible coax cable for applications which require remote beam current measurements.

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