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Royce Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet, Custom Printed Leather RFID Blocking Passport Currency Wallet. There has been a surge of new RFID blocking wallets and other products on the market that are designed to block cellular phone or RFID chip signals in order to prevent their transmissions or stored data from being maliciously intercepted, scanned or used to track your location.
Radio frequency identification (RFID) chips hold personal information, which can apparently be stolen by just about anyone with a radio frequency (RF) scanner. I’m no expert in RFID technology or passive data transmission by RF devices, but the whole topic does sort of intrigue me in a conspiracy theory kind of way. Heck yeah!A  In tests with several different cell phones I was not able to call or make any connection to the device once it was put inside the pouch. I have no way to test the effectiveness of the passive RFID shielding, but have extremely high confidence that it will thwart any passive scanning attempts based on what I have seen with the cell phones. It would be cheap and relatively easy to make a similar case out of space blanket material.
I use 3 layer of aluminum foil in the outer bill pocket of my wallet.A  Folded, it blocks all crds in the wallet from being scanned. Easy to test passive RFID, just have someone with an RFID access card for doors at work test it. Be warned by keeping your phone in a Faraday cage will start your phone on a hunt for a network, this in turn boosts it’s signal strength full bore open which in turn will drain your battery.
Just wondering if you could specify exactly what the fabric is you used, or at least what it’s intended use is (by the company that makes it). Neat trick, why don’t you try getting closer to the cell phone towers and tell us all how it worked. Now, keep in mind that there are portable devices like IMSI catchers which can be built for little money and used by anyone and Gossemer, Hailstorm and Stingray devices in use nationwide. Since Cuben Fiber fabric is not particularly easy for the lay person to acquire, I was wondering if the foil was plain aluminum foil or some other kind of metal. Hey Kuku, they do just that to get your credit card info, then off to the store to make purchases. How do Engadget editors feel about Apple's first foray into wearables 12 months later? SBS, SMB, SME, Hyper-V Failover Clusters, Technology, System Builder Tips, views from the I.T. Being aware of the various security risks involved in travelling locally and abroad is very important. RFID chips are very similar to barcodes in the sense that a certain amount of data is contained within them, and then transmitted to a reading device which then processes and utilizes the information.
The main reason someone would want to block or destroy RFID chips would be to maintain privacy.
Companies are getting consumers to blindly accept many RFID tagged products with the promise of convenience; however, most of the devices that contain RFID tags don't really need them. Being able to block or destroy these chips allows people to decide what type of information they are willing to sacrifice for convenience. Transportation payments: Things like New York's EZ Pass, Florida's Sun Pass, and California's Fast Trak are all RFID based toll payment systems. There are many other devices which contain RFID tags; however, the ones listed are the most common and offer the greatest security risk. Or if you would rather spend money on something you could build, head over to Think Geek for their RFID blocking wallet and RFID blocking Passport Holder. The easiest way to kill an RFID, and be sure that it is dead, is to throw it in the microwave for 5 seconds. The second, slightly more convert and less damaging, way to kill an RFID tag is by piercing the chip with a knife or other sharp object.
A COMPANY CALLED DIFRWear is producing something that privacy advocates have been wanting for a long time, RFID blocking wallets. The problem is simple, more and more necessary items like ID cards and passports are being equipped with RFID tags.

If the RFID tags can be read at a range of a few feet by an official reader, a bad guy with a bigger antenna can read the same info from tens of feet.
Because the bad guys can grab the info on the RFID tags silently from a distance, what do you do to protect yourself? Most people close their wallets before putting them in their pockets, so the cages should be more than enough to keep the RFID tags from being read. Since the Faraday cage is basically a thin wire mesh between the leather layers, it doesn’t add any real bulk, stiffness, or expense. Until governments around the world get clued in to how to do RFID right, don’t hold your breath, you have to protect yourself from the bad guys. If you want to know more about subscriptions, both free and paid, the information can be found here. Two recent examples of these types of products that spring to mind are the LOKSAK ShieldSak ($33) and the Nemo EMFX-47 Pouch ($50). They can be found in just about everything these days including passports, ATM cards, credit cards and some of the newer state-issued driver’s license. When I took a device out of the pouch it would search for a network and then be able to receive calls. It’s essentially foil backed with mylar for strength, that would be a great material to use.
I realized that I have an RFID access card for a particular section I go in occasionally for work, I put it in this pouch and it kills the functionality immediately, even when almost touching the reader. Just make a habit of removing the battery of the phones before passing thru the places where you know rfid readers are, as for passport, people carry it daily!
I clicked on the link and their website lists a couple of different fabrics with similar names. In fact it is a laminate of three layers; two sheets of Cuben Fiber with a layer of mylar (foil) film in between. I have been searching all over the internet for this fabric and I just can’t figure out what yours is called or where to get some.
They were kind enough to send me a bunch of samples of their available materials, but they do not have a webpage that lists the individual product they make — in fact the foil backed Cuben Fiber was a complete surprise. In Australia (and I would say in most other countries also) local councils hack your bluetooth so they know who is in the area, where they are, how fast they are traveling and how long they are there for. Originally from Southampton, England, Brian has lived in the US for over 15 years, finally settling in North Carolina. Gave up trying to educate my issuing banks' staff on the danger associated with their RFID implementations. From accounting app support through to highly available solutions for accounting firms we've got it covered. The major difference is that barcodes have to be physically visible to the reading device, which is usually only able to scan them at a distance of a 12 inches or less. They are able to convince people it is an added convenience, but in reality it is a huge security risk. This means that you will have the option to use the tag whenever you want, and prevent others from being able to read it. This means that placing the RFID tag inside of a Faraday cage will prevent the information from being read. Most products that you own that contain RFID tags belong to you, so you have the right to destroy them; however, tampering with a US passport is a federal offense. Doing this will literally melt the chip and antenna making it impossible for the chip to ever be read again.
By doing this the chip will have no way of receiving electricity, or transmitting its signal back to the reader. Since the encryption on just about every one of these items is either deficient, cracked, or simply not there, carrying them puts the holder at a great risk of identity theft. At Defcon, DIFRWear was demonstrating the blocking with a wallet, some tags, and a few different readers.

I just happened to have a sample piece of Cuben Fiber that was foil backed, so that was an obvious choice. I guess since this article is a couple years old they’re probably changed the site or available fabric range. For more than that I’ll have to check back to the site and find the exact product for you. If you walk into any court in Australia, check the screen of your phone as I bet it gets hot after a while.
If you do not know about this technology yet, you should definitely start familiarizing yourself with it, because the number of different devices that utilize these types of tags is growing exponentially. They contain an antenna which is able to have a current induced in it when within range of the RFID reader. The potential for abuse of this technology grows as more and more products and devices are being created with these tags built in. It is now possible for someone, with relatively simple equipment, to walk down a busy sidewalk and pickup the personal information of people carrying RFID tagged devices, without them even knowing.
Luckily there are ways to kill an RFID tag without leaving any evidence, so as long as you are careful, it would be pretty hard to prove that you did anything illegal. This method also leaves visible evidence of intentional damage done to the chip, so it is unsuitable for passports. This technique also leaves minimal signs of damage, so it would probably not be a good idea to use this on a passport. Since the encryption is trivial to crack in most cases, slightly harder in the rest, you can clone passports and identity cards with ease.
That is where DIFRWear comes in, they make wallets and passport holders with Faraday cages built in. He is a technologist and analyst specializing in semiconductors, system and network architecture.
I would like to use a similar lightweight fabric to make a bag to protect my laptop and travel documents. You can also spray glue mylar straight to fabric for stability, if you don’t want the extra padding.
The tag then uses that electricity to power the internal chip, which bounces its data back out through the antenna, where it will be picked up by the reader. Killing an RFID chip this way will also leave visible evidence that it has been tampered with, making it an unsuitable method for killing the RFID tag in passports. This method is suitable for destroying the tags in passports, because there will be no proof that you intentionally destroyed the chip. Happens all the time, now shops are also doing this to see where about in the store you are so they can send an sms to you to promote something.
Doing this to a credit card will probably also screw with the magnetic strip on the back making it un-swipeable.
At DEFCON an RFID tag was scanned at a distance of 69 feet, and that was back in 2005, the possible reading distance now is probably much greater than that. Also your cards and passport, people sit on top of bridges in peak hour traffic and scan all the cards and any device with a chip, you don’t have to be 3-4 feet away you just boost the antenna.
If you don’t believe me watch the news, people are being busted in Australia and the USA all the time for this. But, it never hurts to be a little more cautious when it comes to new technologies and how our personal information can be exposed through them.

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