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Anyone who has looked at the screen of a high-frequency spectrum analyzer fitted with an antenna probe can verify just how cluttered the airwaves are in practically any environment. Yet everyone expects there electronic devices to operate flawlessly, regardless of the surrounding chatter.Fortunately, a number of companies have been coming up with new solutions to help designers deal with the problem.
Using a press-fit pin provides a pressure contact with the printed circuit board, eliminating the need for wave soldering, and the products are qualified at leading 10GBASE-T PHY vendors, which enables system designers to eliminate extensive qualifications and accelerates time-to-market for their products.When designing an electronic enclosure, engineers must be certain that all gaps, seams and openings are properly shielded.

As chip speeds and operational frequencies increase, even the smallest gaps can allow unwanted electromagnetic and radio frequency interference to escape into the surrounding environment. For such instances, Select Fabricators has recently unveiled two new Select-A-Shield RF isolation pouches with a redesigned window-touchscreen and USB connectivity.
They can be used to isolate wireless devices and view data without sending or receiving signals, thereby enhancing data security for mobile forensic applications.Select Fabricators Select-A-Shield RF isolation pouchesThe patent-pending window touch pouches offer high RF shielding performance of –80 dB at 1 GHz and large, nonglare touch screens made from double-layer conductive mesh to accommodates a wide variety of mobile devices.

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