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But then again, I don't look for things like that and try to make connections where there are none. I do however, agree that some of these companies operate solely in their own interest and couldn't give a flip about us in general. I'm working on a thread, an ATS "Magnum Opus" if you will, that will deal with this to an extent.
As criticism of TIA grew in late 2002, the pyramid logo was removed from the official IAO webpage and replaced with a new logo. Please review this link as it will show you where the Bicephalous (or two headed eagle) entered 'modern' culture. Hell if the illuminati control channel 10 i dont think the world has much to worry about, its lagged behind in the ratings for years.

Can I ask what an abalone shell has to do with the 'All seeing Eye' or the Illuminati controlling your local television station? The Shell logo is the sunrise as is the Australian Army logo which motto is something like rise to the challenge etc. Well, wikipedia isn't generally considered to be anything other than a jumping off point for actual research. If so, might you provide us with the professional capacity the pseudonym "mmmeat" is used by you? The Shell logo is a scallop or abalone shell and has nothing what so ever to do with the sun hence the name S-H-E-L-L oil.
The comparison of the eagle on the Great Seal to a Bicephalous eagle is rather disengenious. You supported the notion that the DARPA logo was fabricated and did not represent an actual government office.

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Survivors of the December storms, tornadoes and flooding in Mississippi are encouraged to keep their recovery process .

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