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Medicinal SuppliesYou never know what you will run into during an emergency; we have tried to pack as many medicinal supplies as possible while also being reasonable. Personal Hygiene SuppliesMany of the items on this list can be used for other purposes as well; these are great to have just in case you need them.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Your plan may also include a division of responsibilities such as as who will secure the pets, turn off the utilities or load the emergency supplies into the car.
Sesame Street’s website offers videos and activities to educate kids and bring them into the emergency planning process in an upbeat way. Emergency response agencies caution us to be prepared to provide our own food, shelter and water for at least three days in any emergency.
Earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and yes, even zombies, ensure that there is some kind of emergency your family should be prepared to endure. If you've had a good experience with us, please help us spread the word by leaving us a Google review. Personal hygiene during an emergency is also pretty important even though it is easy to say you can live without many of these items. I hope it was helpful to you and you will be able to start your own 72 hour emergency packs for your family.

While zombies roaming the streets may be a far-fetch problem, the reality is that emergencies take many forms.
Begin by discussing the actual types of emergencies your family is at risk for and make a written plan for those. Your plan should include emergency contacts outside the family as well as the work, school and cell phone numbers for everyone in your family.
Include a enough lumber and nails to board up the windows on your ground and basement levels.
Check it every six months, rotating perishables into your pantry and reevaluating the items included. When there is no food to be had, your family will probably be happy with anything the kit offers but packing some of their favorites will help keep morale high in a stressful time. Both types of kits can be life savers if you become stranded by weather, an accident or even a natural disaster that prevents you from getting home. Give each family member 5-10 tickets they can redeem to go back into the house for an item. The basic supplies are the same as a the 72 hour kit but you’ll need them in far larger quantities. Make it your New Year’s Resolution to create an emergency plan and a 72 hour kit as a family.

When I started going through our closets I was amazed at what we had already that was extra or that we weren't using that I was totally fine putting in to my 72 hour pack instead of continuing to store it in our closet. If your area is prone to flooding, then your supplies and plan may differ from a family living in an area at risk for wildfires or earthquakes.
Cinema has taught us that windowless buildings with few entrances (malls, prisons, high schools and grocery stores) are great options. I hope the same goes for you!Feel free to download the entire list of items we packed here.
Portability is important whether you’re escaping the clutches of a zombie horde or just evacuating for a more mundane natural disaster like a hurricane. However, part of what makes long-term preparation so tricky is that it’s difficult or impossible to stockpile some types of foods, medications and medical supplies. Emergency Binder DocumentsThere are many options when it comes to documents to put in to your emergency binder.

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