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Over the past few months, I have heard the Red Cross in Southern Oregon providing ‘advice’ to radio listeners on one or more radio stations. However, having read about the recent track records of FEMA and the Red Cross in regard to large disasters in the U.S.
Nonetheless, when it comes to large-scale disaster, the media’s list of FEMA failure stories related to hurricane Katrina is long and very concerning, especially considering that Katrina may actually be a ‘small-scale’ event in scope compared to a national Grid-Down event, or the predicted big earthquake (9+Richter Scale) that is due on the west coast of the U.S. Very few people truly understand and can comprehend what the fallout from a disaster of that magnitude would be like.
What concerns me is that, neither FEMA or the Red Cross are educating people properly in the needed preparedness strategies and tactics for an earthquake of the predicted magnitude.
Such inadequate advice on disaster preparedness assures there will be exponentially more casualties than need be, and that should concern all Americans. Understanding what exactly would happen is critical in determining your own survival solution in a catastrophic event such as the predicted (9+ Richter Scale) earthquake along the Cascadia fault.
When hurricane Sandy hit the New York area 7-years later, many of the same problems happened yet again!
From my chair, FEMA is ill equipped to provide any meaningful advice to others when they continue to have great difficulty in dealing with their own in-house preparedness for events that are small compared to a 9+ earthquake over a large area. Instead of trying to justify their existence and advising Americans to keep just enough supplies to keep someone alive until their ‘best-case’ disaster relief materializes, these organizations could do a stellar job by just being honest with citizens by telling them the truth (‘you may be on your own for many weeks or months; make your own preparations accordingly’).
Both organizations should start telling Americans that they need at least a few weeks with of supplies (I recommend 6 months for each person in the household) and supportive equipment.

The predicted earthquake off Oregon-California (Cascadia fault) will produce a disaster on a very large-scale, possibly involving most of the west-coast of the U.S., and certainly many times worse than Katrina and Sandy together!
A 72-hour kit might be enough to get you back home, depending upon where you are when things get ugly, and how many bridges are out. But here’s what really puzzles me: On one of the local AM radio stations, I heard a young lady speaking for the Red Cross, providing advice related to the predicted massive west-coast 9+ earthquake, which they fully acknowledge. So with their so-called ‘preparedness advice’ you might avoid a car accident or avoid a bump on the head only to end-up dehydrating, starving, freezing or suffering from an acute medical condition due to a lack of medication because you had relied upon that advice and a 72-hour supply kit to last for many weeks! If you have read about just some of the disaster failures by FEMA and the RED CROSS cited herein (the links), it’s clear that Americans need to look-out for ourselves in cases of large-scale disasters. East Peoria, Ill., December 6, 2013 -- FEMA Applicant Service Program Specialist, Carol Cassell, speaks to a local residents at a Disaster Recovery Center. In the radio announcement, they are providing preparedness information about the predicted 9+ earthquake that occurs off the Northern California-Oregon coast every 300-350 years, and is expected to hit anytime now.
I believe that the related timeframe for any such relief effort may require many weeks or months. And even fewer people understand how to prepare and protect themselves and their families in such an event. And their lack of leadership in this regard is being cloned by smaller government agencies who look to FEMA and the Red Cross for disaster preparedness guidance. This means at least all of the basics; water, food, first aid, clothing, backup shelter such as tents, medicines that anyone requires on a regular bases, supportive equipment and fuel.

In metropolitan areas, it’s likely you will have to abandon your vehicle and head for home on foot, and this might take several days or more in the post-disaster chaos. And that advice was just so obtuse I had to write this article… the totality of the advice in the announcement in regard to a 9+ earthquake was to: “pull off the side of the road if you feel the ground moving”, “make sure there are no pictures hanging over your bed”, etc. I’m not suggesting these organizations are useless; they are no doubt effective in localized emergencies and with other projects. The strategy that is needed, which is not being proffered by FEMA or Red Cross, is to create an in-depth level of preparedness at the household level; Americans need to be in a position to fend for themselves for many weeks as a minimum! I suspect this may be the case because these organizations aren’t sure what to do themselves in a magnitude 9 or 10 earthquake, so as a default, they advise a ridiculous 72-hours-worth of supplies (the basics for a very short-term event, where disaster relief is close at hand).
If you can, get set-up to be on your own for many weeks; six-months-worth of supplies is best.
In any large-scale disaster, the last thing you want or need is to suddenly run-out of the essentials for basic survival! But that’s exactly what you have when you rely on the failed disaster survival strategies and advice currently being proffered by these government organizations.

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