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A confused jumble of paranoid ramblings, politically incorrect diatribes, worthless photographs, amateur slideshows, and disturbing videos.
Michelle Malkin has been covering the debacle where FEMA staged a press conference with their own employees posing as reporters.
If you want to create your own FEMA seal, click on the extended entry for a sample FEMA logo, a FEMA logo with the text removed, directions for creating your own circular text for the logo using Photoshop Elements, and a handy Acronym Generator. If you want to change their latin slogan, you may find this English to Latin translator handy.

FEMA claims their slogan "PACE AC BELLO MERITA" translates as "Service in Peace and War", but that's not what I get when I translate it.
3 Now making sure the type layer is selected do Control J to create a copy, click back on the original type layer and click on the eye to close it.
It covers it a lot more clearly, showing it all in a clever little step by step presentation. You can of course select the first smile; control C, space, Control V until the right edge is reached.

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