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If the emergency occurs near your home while you are there, check for damage using a flashlight.
Most of Canadian home heating systems are electric powered so when the power goes out no heat for the homes.
You can install a non electric heater for back up like a wood stove or a gas stove that is certified by the Canadian Standards Association.
Keep an emergency survival kit to last you at least three days including non perishable food and water, emergency lights and flashlights, spare batteries, fuel stove and fuel, blankets and warm clothes, battery powered radio and batteries. In the event of a power outage, check to see if your neighbor's power is out as well, if it's not hen check the circuit breakers. Home generators can be potentially hazardous if the proper precautions are not taken into consideration. Heed the warnings, Local weather offices of the federal Atmospheric Environment Service issue warning's of winter weather conditions for blizzards, heavy snow etc.
Cold Wave: A rapid fall in temperature in a short period, requiring greater than normal protective measures. Winds: The cause of blizzard conditions, drifting, reduced visibility and wind-chill effects. Pre winter check list to ensure you don't get abundant on the road by your car, ignition system, battery, lights, cooling system, fuel system, lubrication, exhaust system, heater, breaks, wipers, defroster, snow tires, chains, antifreeze, winter oil.
In late fall, frost settles into the ground and the sand under playground equipment becomes hard and makes falls from equipment more dangerous.

Educate your children about snowmobile laws, legislation and safe play on frozen lakes & rivers. Always wear a CSA approved helmet and wrist protection when skating, skiing, and snowboarding. Storm surges can happen quickly without any warning, allowing not a lot of time for preparation, Residents, particularly those living in low-lying areas near the coastline, should take precautions and measures to be prepared for storm surges. 9-1-1 is an emergency reporting phone number provided and operated by communities to contact local Police, Fire and Ambulance. To assist emergency responders, make sure the street address numbers on the outside of your residence are clearly visible from the roadwaya€”day or night. A very inexpensive way to prepare is to locate a Mormon cannery or storehouse in your area.
Thankfully, I live like Mitzi very rural lots of farm acreage lots of white tail, cotton tails.
1Timothy 1:17Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be Honour and glory for ever and ever. Father does however expect you to do what you can for yourself what you cannot do he will step in and help.
To help protect yourself and others around you in an emergency situation, responding responsibly requires good common sense. If you do a lot of winter driving in isolated regions, you might consider having Citizen's Band radio.

Along with food, water, medications and medical supplies, include a change of clothes (with rainwear), a battery-powered radio and flashlight with extra batteries, personal identification and copies of any important personal and family documents.
Instead, call the non-emergency phone number for Police, Fire and Ambulance which is 705-675-9171 or simply dial '0' to speak to your local phone operator. If so, make sure you carefully investigate your house and land for any potential dangers of flooding or other risks. It is important that you also know about the emergency plan for nearby schools, offices, day care and other places where family members work or play. In an emergency, it will be important to know where your family is and to be able to reach them. Since I cook from scratch, we will probably eat pretty much as normal, unless ya'll all show up at our place. Rain catchment systems you can store thousands of gallons of rainwater for free once set up without digging a well.
Here in the desert water would be a very precious thing to have and possibly trade with, if things were bad enough.

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