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Since the first festival I went to, it's been pretty clear that I have a serious obsession. There are a few Georgia events that make me proud to reside in Georgia and be part of its sprawling music industry. Imagine Music Festival is going to attempt quite a feat in offering even more than last year! Shambhala Music Festival is nestled in the forests of the Salmo River Ranch in the Salmo River Valley of Southern British Columbia, Canada.
You can set up tents (car parked in free lots) in the Sunshine, Starlight, and Metta Camp spots.
4) Get to know the grounds during the day because it might be more difficult to orient yourself at night.
This was AURA’s first year being held at the Spirit of Suwannee, and I really hope they bring it back next year!  This venue is beautiful, spacious, and the stages are just set up in such a brilliant way.  The music was amazing, the people so fun, and the vibe was unbelievable.  Can’t wait to let my AURA show again next year! You will be walking for miles and dancing for hours, so the last thing you want are blisters or sore feet to put a damper on your time. Since most festivals are normally a three day event, it is SO important to remember to recharge and relax whenever you can. When you are at a music festival, you are surrounded by tons and tons of people (lots of germs are in the air).
Once those festival dates are released, lock down your hotel room, campground or house that you will be renting! If you try to stick to a concrete agenda, you will be disappointed, because nothing ever seems to go as planned at these events (which is a good thing)!
Sticking to the loose plan opens up opportunities to see new artists you’ve never even heard of, lets you explore the grounds by going on rides and checking out all of the trippy art installations! Each music festival only happens once a year, so make the most of it, throw out any negativity or drama, and have the time of your life. Que va a estar caminando a lo largo de kilometros y horas de baile, de modo que la ultima cosa que usted quiere son ampollas o dolor en los pies para poner una mariposa en su tiempo.
Si su telefono no mueren de comprobacion constante el tiempo, a continuacion, hay una buena probabilidad de que mueran solo de tomar muchas fotografias y grabacion de videos. Una vez que se liberan las fechas festival, bloquear la habitacion de un hotel, camping o a la casa que se alquila. Si usted tratar de establecer una agenda concreta, te defraudara, porque nada parece ir segun lo previsto en estos eventos (que es bueno). Cada festival de musica solo ocurre una vez al ano, por lo que la mayor parte de ella, tirar cualquier negatividad o drama, y tener el tiempo de su vida. I have been playing this game where I see if I can take advantage of every drop of happiness at any given festival and have the best time possible.
Other than the stellar lineup (but seriously, this lineup is one of the strongest 2 day festival ones I have seen all year), the festival is going to create an atmosphere of exploration and immersion. There are some neighborhood and streets you can try near the venue…tread lightly though, I saw multiple lots get cleared by tow trucks last year.
Upon arrival, all camping gear has to be dragged over rugged terrain to a check point that can take a long time. From April to October, my calendar is usually jam packed with a variety of life-changing musical experiences. Absolutely NO heels or open toed shoes (unless you want them to get extremely dirty and stepped on)! Try not to go super hard on the first night, because you still have Saturday and Sunday to get through!
Also, the hot sun is beating down on you during the daytime, and dancing and walking around in that heat makes you sweat like crazy. Many festivals have them, and it’s a very special moment if everyone is together enjoying them and taking pictures underneath those gorgeous explosions in the sky. As soon as you make your way into the festival, hit up the porter potties and take a tiny amount that will last you for the entire night! They fill up fast, and you don’t want to be left with festival passes but nowhere to stay.
After going to festivals for the last several years, we’ve learned to always have a loose plan, and it pays off!

De Abril a Octubre, mi calendario es por lo general repleto de una gran variedad de modificar la vida de experiencias musicales.
Absolutamente NO tacones o zapatos abiertos (a menos que usted quiera que es extremadamente sucia y piso).
Si usted sigue echandole un vistazo a su telefono para consultar la hora, la bateria esta destinado a morir. Trate de no salir super duro en la primera noche, porque usted es el Sabado y el domingo a!
Ademas, el calor del sol te acaricia durante el dia, y en los bailes, y caminar por ese calor te hace sudar como loco. Para que se reunan con sus amigos unos dias antes del festival reune a todo el mundo subir aun mas, porque no se puede dejar de hablar de lo que los artistas que estas deseando ver. Muchos festivales, y es un momento muy especial si todos juntos disfrutando y tomando fotos bajo esas preciosas las explosiones en el cielo.
Tan pronto como usted hace su camino a la fiesta de presentacion del festival, de porter un recipiente y tomar una pequena cantidad que le durara para toda la noche!
Que se llenan rapido, y no quiere dejarse con pases para el festival, pero en ningun lugar para alojarse. Despues de ir a los festivales de los ultimos anos, hemos aprendido a tener siempre un plan, y que paga! My best friend and I are looking foward to go to our first music festival this year, since we are old enough now. Here is my blog where you can find inspiration through DIY's, art and my personal fashion style. Not only do we get the opportunity to share with you this band’s list of essential festival gear but we also just get to share them with you!
It was very helpful to have quick and easy transportation to and from the festival in the city. Apparently, during the fest, the area becomes the largest city in the West Kootenay region!
If you want to do car camping, you have to pay a little extra depending on which site you prefer to be in. Bring ear plugs incase your camp site is within ear shot of a stage that bumps until sunrise. Favorites of mine include Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival (this will be my EIGHTH year attending), Hard Summer and Hard Halloween. Also be sure to pack some gel insoles for extra cushion and comfort, and you will be good to go! If your phone dies and you don’t have a camera, how are you supposed to take pictures and get footage of your favorite sets? Use the time off in between days to sleep in, chill out, and reminisce on the previous day with all of your friends.
This all contributes to losing plenty of electrolytes, and replenishing those nutrients is an absolute must. To avoid confusion when communicating with your friends, always include the exact time you are texting them, just in case the text doesn’t go through to them until three hours later. Aside from the fun of making a totem, it helps you find your friends in the crowd if you get separated! Plus, half the fun of the entire weekend is hanging out with your friends by the pool or meeting other festival goers around the campgrounds! Las minas son favoritos de Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival (este sera mi octavo ano asistir), Disco duro Disco Duro Verano y Halloween. Tambien asegurate de llevar algo de gel plantillas de amortiguacion extra y comodidad, y que sera bueno para ir! Si el telefono se muera y que no tiene una camara, ?como se supone que tome fotos y obtener imagenes de sus juegos favoritos?
Utilice el tiempo de entre los dias de dormir en chill out, y recuerde el dia anterior con todos tus amigos. Todo esto contribuye a perder un monton de electrolitos y reposicion de estos nutrientes es una necesidad absoluta. Para evitar la confusion en la comunicacion con sus amigos, siempre incluyen el momento exacto en que se escriben, solo en caso de que el texto no vaya a traves de ellas hasta tres horas mas tarde.

Aparte de la diversion de hacer un totem, que le ayuda a encontrar a sus amigos en la multitud si se separan!
Ademas, la mitad de la diversion de todo el fin de semana es salir por ahi con sus amigos en la piscina o hacer frente a otros espectadores del festival alrededor del campamento. Can you do a DIY on how to make a totem or how you made your light up hula hoop (if you made it)?
For example: last year at Coachella, there was an art installation of a gigantic red robot. We also always bring my LED hoop and hold it up in the air, and our friends find it so quickly – such a lifesaver! Tengo confianza en mi festival consejos y estoy muy entusiasmada para compartirlos con vosotros! Por ejemplo: el ano pasado en Coachella, no era una instalacion de arte de un gigantesco robot rojo. Ademas, siempre traer a mi LED aro y lo mantiene en el aire, y nuestros amigos tan rapidamente, como un salvavidas! They really do a good job explaining the process of getting there and then getting into the festival. At the basic level, you get a shaded camp spot, free early entry, access to express lines, tent, air mattress, and parking pass all for just a couple hundred dollars more than regular GA tickets. If you smoke cigarettes, take a baggie or container with you to collect those never-decomposing butts.
My festie bestie Lewla helped me compile this list, since venturing to festivals together is one of our favorite things to do in life and how we became such good friends.
I’ve seen plenty of people get pretty sick after music festivals, and one way to avoid this is by taking those vitamins!
Mi festie bestie Lewla me ayudo a compilar la lista, ya que aventurarse a festivales juntos es una de las cosas que mas nos gustaba hacer en la vida y como nos convertimos en buenos amigos.
He visto un monton de gente bastante enferma despues festivales de musica, y una forma de evitar esto es tomar las vitaminas! I have the honor of presenting you the list of items necessary to a successful festival tour for Paul and the gang!
I’m definitely interested to see who sticks around to keep the masses moving after 11PM. Presented by a small but formidable Atlanta company, IRIS Presents, IMF 2015 has become a highly anticipated event! Last year, Liquified (a rival company to IRIS), hosted Dada Life at Opera as an unofficial after party.
Si tiene alguna sugerencia que te encanta compartir, dejarlos en los comentarios a continuacion.
Que no hay derecho a 20:30 si que era el tiempo establecido, pues todo el mundo quiere divertirse y vaya a ver el siguiente juego, asi que las cosas seran muy suaves si todo el mundo muestra en el punto.
The two day festival will take place on the same grounds as last year, utilizing both the Masquerade and it’s outdoor event area along with Historic Fourth Ward Park and the Clear Creek Basin. IMF is also offering free yoga classes in the morning for local attendees or anyone staying close to the venue. People who arrive early have to pay a fee but they get prime camp spots, lots of chill time and time to explore the grounds. One of the only complaints I heard last year, was that there was a little of a sound bleed from the two larger stages. Last year, rain on the first evening dampened the events briefly as festival goers were evacuated for a short time. I also noticed the grounds didn’t seem like they were damaged by the rain water combined with thousands of people.
So, even if there’s a chance for rain (very likely…because this is Georgia in August after all), the grounds should hold up!
As of right now, it looks like it will be a lovely 90 degrees for the high and in the upper 60s for the low.

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