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Zero Dark Thirty is the Oscar-nominated story of the CIA agent responsible for finding and killing Osama bin Laden. Both films acknowledge the effectiveness of violence, but question if the ends justify the means.
We’d almost certainly have failed to kill bin Laden without the information we acquired through torture. Both films showcase the cost of violence – that to meet the violence of the mob or terrorists with violence changes us. Gangster Squad‘s message is dangerous, and from a Christian perspective flat-out wrong.
From Edward Scissorhands (1990) to Ed Wood (1994) to Pirates of the Caribbean (ongoing) to Sweeney Todd (2007) and many more, Depp has earned his status for his depiction of some of the most intricate and imaginative roles ever played on the big screen. Whether it is for his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, the Mad Hatter, John Dillinger, George Jung, or his voiceover for a reptile in Rango, Depp has won over all hearts cross-generationally.

Comparing the endings of two films that released (to wider audiences, anyway) against each other this weekend makes for a fascinating comparison, especially since both films are asking the same question. Gangster Squad is the fun-but-forgettable story of how a small squad of vigilante-cops drove mobster Micky Cohen out of Los Angeles.
And thanks to the Gangster Squad (at least in the film), Los Angeles has been largely without organized crime since the 1950s. Though her decade-long quest to kill bin Laden has ended successfully, it’s unclear whether her win is truly a victory in her own soul.
Jesus warned in no uncertain terms the deadly effects violence has on our souls (Matthew 5:21-26, for instance).
Not because of Osama chase at all but because of the depth and story of the main character played by Jessica Chasten. The Gangster Squad faces escalating violence that results in civilian casualties and the death of Officer Keeler (Giovanni Ribisi), the conscience of the team.

And his own example demonstrates that we must trust God to bring about redemption in the face of violence, not fall to the same violence our enemies wage on us. Gangster Squad, on the other hand, wants to pacify our fears by baptizing our violence in righteousness. Both Maya and the Squad come to resemble what they’re fighting to a disturbing degree. And while it’s certainly easier (and more fun) to listen to the Squad, our choice should be a no-brainer.

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