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Our email newsletter comes to your inbox every week with Film Forum's upcoming films and events. But beyond the astonishing numbers about timber blown down in hurricane force winds, and temperatures at the peak of the firestorm touching 2,000 degrees, the fire stands out for another reason. A central figure in the narrative of how the west was won, Wyatt Earp and his story became an American legend.
The Klondike Gold Rush in Canada's Yukon Territory saw 100,000 people make the treacherous journey in search of riches. The worldwide migration by eager gold-seekers turned California into a land of opportunity and fierce competition.

President Theodore Roosevelt was caught in the middle of the first major battle for wilderness preservation in Yosemite National Park. Doch daran denken die Fitness-Trainerin Linda Litzke und ihr gutaussehender jedoch etwas dummlicher Kollege Chad Feldheimer naturlich nicht im Traum, als sie zufallige eine CD mit dem offensichtlich brisanten Manuskript in einer der Umkleidekabine ihres Studios finden.
As a nation, the United States had never tried to organize a large force to fight a wildfire.
Over the course of a weekend, 3 million acres were burned -- an area equal to the size of Connecticut.
Ausgerechnet die Liebesaffaren des Beamten Harry Pfarrer behindern ihren Erpressungsversuch.

Schon bald ist den Amateur-Erpressern eine ganze Horde diverser Geheimdienste auf den Fersen.

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