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The phone number of your veterinary and the number of your local Emergency Afterhours hospital (If you are unsure if there is a Afterhours vet in your area just ask your vet). If your dog needs to take medication we suggest to keep supply of their medication in the kit (Remember, medications need to be rotated out of your First Aid kit—otherwise they may go bad or become useless).
Bandages (2.5cm and 5cm wide) - you can ask your vet for these as products designed for dogs are more suitable than human products. The Purina PetCare Advice Centre brings together a team with in-depth knowledge, experience and special interests with the skills to advise about health and nutrition, behaviour, training, socialisation, as well as basic first aid for your cat or dog. All trademarks and other intellectual property on this site owned by Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.
Tick if you’re 15 years or over and would like to hear more about Nestle Purina and its brands. Keeping good first aid kits at home, in your car and in the office is really a basic life protection practice. Major innovation in personal healthcare, the E4 Elite is a premium TENS device from Omron and provides quick relief from muscle aches and pains. With one touch operation, a person can easily select one of the 12 automatic therapy modes. This pain relief massager eases away aches and pains brought on by day to day stress and physical activity, helping relieve stiff shoulders, chronic back pain, neuralgia, rheumatism, arthritis or general fatigue. If you spend a lot of your day sitting at work and possibly soaked in stress, you need this home equipment to work you your body at the end of your day.
Promotes blood circulation and helps build immunity by increasing the activities of the white blood cells in the body. Relax and strengthen your body after a hard day's work and all the stress that goes with it..
Helpful in managing many health conditions by strengthening your body system to cope better. To find out about what essentials you need in your first aid kit and how to use them, click on an item.
If a wound is bleeding but is fairly small, a waterproof plaster can be used once the wound has been washed with water and padded dry. If the wound is small or the patient has a foreign object in their eye such as dirt or grit, but is not embedded, you can use an eye pad or small dressing until you get medical advice. To use the eye pad, apply it lightly over the eye and secure it with some bandage around the head using a knot or tape. If you think it’s just a strain and some of the swelling has gone down as a result of the ice pack, apply the crepe bandage for support and secure using tape or safety pins. When applying, the pad should be completely sealed down to stop infections entering the wound and stop blood seeping out.

Sterile gloves are used to protect the patient if the first aider’s hands are dirty and protects the first aider if the patient is bleeding.
Ever gone to find out your dog’s registration details and after hours of searching have found them in with your toaster’s warranty guide? Set digital reminders on your phone or computer that will bring up alarm notifications for annual vaccinations, worming, flea treatments and any other medications. Soda did look extremely cute although so only wore the hat for about 2 minutes before refusing to do any more photos – diva! Welcome to the ultimate website for dog lovers & your online home for life, style and pet friendly living. Join our free mailing list for Giveaways + Deals + Exclusive Content + all the latest updates.
Emergencies often happen unexpectedly, so it’s important to be prepared and take the steps necessary to insure you have the supplies you need in a medical situation. Just as with ourselves, having a well-stocked first aid kit at the ready will help you deal with an emergency. If your dog has an accident, you don't want to waste precious minutes looking for the phone number. Although being prepared is a great idea, remember that if your dog has any illness or injury must you must consult your vet.
Our team of dedicated pet lovers can also provide information about Purina products and services to help you give your pet the best possible care. Nestle Purina may use your personal information in a number of ways for marketing purposes, including email newsletters and online targeted advertising.
Certain health problems also develop suddenly at times, and while full medical attention from health officers must be sought, some first aid attention may prove timely. If you've overlooked it, that's really nothing to celebrate because you just took a chance, which could have proved costly. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the NHS Direct Wales website. If you’re preparing food in the kitchen, use a blue plaster so you will see it if it drops in the food. If the wound is on the arm or leg, cut along the seam of the trousers or the shirt and on a side away from the wound. Throughout the year it’s easy to build up old tablets, powders, lotions and potions for the family, and your pooch is no exception. Specifically during the summer time, when besides getting bit, dogs get allergies and are allergic to things outside.
A simple first-aid kit that’s easily accessible and portable with all the essential items can make all the difference and prove to be indispensable for providing timely medical treatment.

If you've got a question about any aspect of pet care, then ask the Purina PetCare Advice team. Get some first aid protection today for you and your family to ensure that quick intervention, should the need arise. Should you have an emergency on your hands this saves time by allowing you to call the vet for help while attending to your dog. Trouble is these medications go out of date, and using them when they have expired can be ineffective and plain right down dangerous for your dog.
Or maybe they liked the vet but then thought the vet wasn’t that into them and then the whole thing got complicated. However I would check Target, the Container Store or even your local supermarket for something similar.
If your dog gets stung by a bee or bit by fleas you can give your dog Benadryl to help keep inflammation down.
Unfortunately, we often fail to take a proactive view, believing that all will just be well. If the swelling does not go down, it could be a break so you should seek medical advice as an x-ray may be needed. So go through your home medical collection and dispose carefully of anything damaged, or out of date.
Whatever it is, just get your dog to the vet annually to make sure their vaccinations are up to date.
Having a short guide to what your dog eats, where they sleep, how often they exercise, and any important medical info means that practically anyone can step in to care for your pooch when you can’t. You want a few sections so you can separate liquids, sharps etc and a snap lock lid so things won’t tumble out.
Our dog had a run in with ants while we were travelling and gas station Benadryl helped stop the swelling. Store it in a dry place and make sure to replace used or outdated contents on a regular basis. But in all seriousness, this cheat sheet means you can get on with sorting yourself out knowing your dog is cared for – allowing to get home to your pooch sooner.

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