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Hard Pack, 183 Pieces, 1 CountRapid Care First Aid Kit Contains 183 pieces in an organized, blue nylon soft pack. A student at the Royal College of Arts in London thought that today’s first aid kits could use an update.
The design of the kit also allows for it to take you through treatment of the injury step by step. This updated version of the classic first aid kit could make treating injuries much simpler. Designed to be used for common injuries; cuts, sprains, minor burns, insect bites, or splinters. Instead of opening up a first aid kit and sorting through what you think you need for the situation, Gabriele Meldaikyte’s version unfolds to reveal all the tools a person needs for immediate injury treatment.

Just by looking at it you can tell that it is unlike any other first aid kit you have ever seen. Each injury-specific compartment gives you all the things you need to address the issue and gives instructions on how to use it. Not only does it provide the right tools and clear instructions on how to treat specific injuries, but it allows someone to operate the whole kit with only one hand. The sections of the kit don’t just have all the tools you need to treat cuts, scrapes, and burns, it also shows you how to treat them. Each compartment also comes with color-coded pictograms that offer at-a-glance direction the whole way. There are also times when there isn’t someone around to help a person bandage up their wound.

This first aid kit gives someone the ability to treat themselves without having to use their injured hand. Instead of searching through your first aid kit for what you think you need, this kit has everything organized and tells you what you need. There are special tools built into the kit that allow someone to do everything with one hand.
A spooled bandage dispenser lets you wrap up the injury in a hurry and it can be sliced short with a built in blade.

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