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This basic first aid kit from Coghlan’s is contained in its own zippered, compartmentalized nylon soft pack.
Fiberglass Safety Equipment Cabinet Features HIGH STRENGTH TO WEIGHT RATIO - Fiberglass will maintain up to 25 times the strength of steel per pound. Fiberglass Safety Equipment Cabinet Features DIELECTRIC - Fiberglass is non-conductive, RF transparent, and helps to insulate against electromagnetic fields, making Fiberglass the obvious choice for electrical and electronic equipment storage cabinets. Fiberglass Safety Equipment Cabinet Features ENVIRONMENTALLY TUFF - A popular choice where exposure to harsh environments is a concern, Fiberglass provides resistance to ultra violent light, extreme temperatures, salt air, and a variety of chemicals including most acids. About Michael EldridgeMichael Eldridge is the Founder and CEO of Safety Glasses USA, one of the web's largest providers of safety glasses and goggles.

A Cultural Icon Has ArrivedAfter many years of requests by our customers to carry the coveted Ray-Ban line, we are excited to announce that Ray-Ban sunglasses are finally here! It is popular with young folk going to summer camps, and any untrained users who will be doing only fairly basic patching up of people. As part of an alliance of businesses providing financial support to a healthy planet, we commit 1% of gross sales to environmental initiatives. Where weight is a factor, fiberglass is an excellent substitute for metal, wood, or concrete utility cabinets.
Fiberglass Safety Equipment Cabinet Features CORROSION - Fiberglass is non-corrosive and has a much longer life expectancy when compared to a variety of construction materials.

He's a US Marine Veteran who's particularly passionate about protective eyewear and helping people learn about vision safety. In highly corrosive environments Fiberglass is the preferred choice over metal, wood, or plastic utility cabinets.
In his spare time he enjoys target shooting, fishing, camping with his family and watching Detroit Tigers baseball.

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