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First Aid Kits For Lifeboat, View first aid kit, All-K or OEM Product Details from Ningbo Zhenhai All-K Marine Co., Ltd.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The First-Aid Facts Book from Certified Safety is a 20-page booklet that provides basic first-aid facts. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about exclusive offers and new products! No matter where you are(home,office,car)the all purpose kits provide you a broad range of first aid products!

Low Risk - means a workplace where workers are not exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or illness such as offices, shops or libraries. High Risk - means a workplace where workers are exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or illness and would require first aid. Following a successful management buyout on 27th March 2012, Bound Tree Medical Europe Ltd become a fully independent company from our former US parent company Bound Tree Medical, LLC.
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Potential work-related injuries and illnesses requiring first aid would be minor in nature.

Examples of workplaces that may be considererd high risk are: manufacturing plants, construction, mining, trades, warehousing and food manufacturing. I would highly recommend LFA First Response, and will definitely be purchasing more product from LFA as the need arises. Any feedback from staff has always been positive and we are very pleased to be working in partnership with LFA for the benefit of the WA Community.

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