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Statistics show how safe shooting ranges are; yet, when someone is injured at a range, you must have first-aid components on hand. These training courses also are a great way to ensure that trained responders take the initiative to build and maintain RR suitable first responder kits. The perfect first aid solution for boating enthusiasts, this exclusive kit features a translucent hard plastic, waterproof container that is small enough to store in the back of a kayak or wear around your neck with the included neck strap.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. First Responder Kits may be found on the firing lines or in the range office and are most often used to satisfy the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) requirement for a first-aid kit. Use of contents means replacing them at a rate that does not compromise the effectiveness of the kit.

The American Red Cross offers comprehensive first-aid training and is likely the most recognized means of obtaining certification. Perfect for promoting boating supply stores, health care facilities, insurance agencies and more!
An increasing number of shooting ranges include a defibrillator in this first responder kit.
Responsibility for kit contents should fall on the kit owners and those employees who are trained and primarily responsible for giving first response treatment. The hinged lid forms an airtight seal, so the container will float if dropped in the water. For shooting ranges, it is recommended that an employee certified in first aid should be on duty at any time the shooting range is open.

Both DARC and B & B equip shooting enthusiasts, firearm trainers and shooting-range employees to effectively manage medical emergencies through proper first-aid techniques.
It comes pre-loaded with 5 adhesive bandages, 3 alcohol wipes, 1 non-stick 2 x 3 inch gauze pad and 1 soap towelette. When the supply is depleted, it can be easily reloaded with more medical supplies or local charts and other information.

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