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ABOUT USEstablished by Experienced Ambulance Service Personnel with the aim of improving the standard for health, safety and first aid training for industry and the public across all of Ireland.
Large First Aid Kits Factories in China #492837889 Large First Aid Kits China Suppliers, Wholesale Price Factory Direct Accept Mixed Orders of Customized Products, Custom-made Logo Imprinted. If you are working with materials that have a greater hazard, you also need to stock the recognized first aid materials for that hazard.

First aid kits contain the most commonly used items to treat scrapes, bumps, cuts, sprains, headaches etc. Contents:one combined pad, one eye pad, two emergency blankets, one long adhesive strip, two triangular bandages, 10 band aid strips, four soap wipes, two elastic bandage rolls, four cleaning wipes, one CPR shield, pair of scissors, pair of tweezers, one adhesive tape roll, two knuckle-size adhesive plasters, three butterfly adhesive plasters, three 6x7cm adhesive island dressing, two 6x10cm adhesive island dressing, two 6x7cm semi-permeable dressings, two x 6x10cm semi-permeable dressings, two conforming bandage rolls, first aid notes. Promotional First Aid Kits are great accessories for any home, business, sports group or car.

Promotional First Aid Kits are a durable quality promotional product that will be used frequently, and your brand will be constantly remembered.

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